Oh, Now I Get It!

It’s  getting really confusing.

Here’s my problem:

If it is God’s will that  a woman gets pregnant when she’s raped, how do these lady parts that shut down and prevent pregnancy fit in?

You see why I’m confused now, don’t you?

But naturally, Bloggers have saved the day.

Yup, they answered my question.  Illustrated the situation.  And now you too will understand it all.  You’re welcome.

Here is a guide posted on one of my favorite blogs, DailyKos.com  (that’s where I learn all kinds of fascinating things).  I just had to share this illustration so you won’t be confused either.  It was originally posted there by Connecticutie but updated by brainwrap today in light of Richard Mourdock’s comment at last night’s debate.

Understand it now?  Good.  I knew you would.

*     *     *

Full disclosure here.

I am not pro-abortion.  I have never had an abortion, and I recall how when I was young and single that I grappled with the question:  “If I get pregnant, what will I do?”  It was never a question that needed an actionable answer.  I was lucky.  Many others weren’t.

You know, I don’t know or know of anyone who is, actually, pro-abortion, come to think of it.  And you know what?  I think that the moniker “pro-choice” is a poor one.  It’s part of the problem.  It sounds too much like a casual decision.  And of course, it is anything but.  I think that the poor name choice demeans the difficult decision that women, either alone or with their partner or their parent or a caring friend, must grapple with.  Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Paul Ryan and the rest of the jokers in the GOP shouldn’t be in on this very personal crisis resolution.

We should call it something else.  But I’ve been  unable to come up with a better name, either.  Maybe that’s why we got stuck with the one we got.

Nevertheless, we fought the battle over abortion 40 years ago.  Forty Fucking Years Ago.  And people who knew that it was better to have it safe and regulated as opposed to done in back alleys under unsanitary conditions at the cost of many women’s lives, well they/we won it.  It happened just over a decade after the first contraceptives were approved for use in the United States.

And of course, the GOP is against contraception, too.

A Romney presidency will basically guarantee that the folks who don’t really understand how human biology works will control all the things we women need to control our reproductive health.  Which, of  course, significantly impacts our economic health as well.

[Hey!  Maybe this is the GOP jobs plan — keep women barefoot and pregnant and out of the workplace!]

Many of these Republicans don’t even quite understand how basic human biology works, but they are willing to legislate it nevertheless.  They don’t actually know when in the, ummm, process, conception occurs and/or how contraception actually occurs.  They don’t understand that oral contraceptives do not prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg but rather prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb. 

So that fertilized egg?  If the GOP has its way, that egg becomes more important than the mother.  Yup.  That’s what the “Personhood” Amendment does.  The one VP Candidate Paul Ryan sponsored along with Senate Candidate Todd Akin.  It gives property rights to fertilized eggs.  Human ones, that is.  They haven’t made any inroads in giving chicken eggs the keys to the henhouse. Yet.

A Romney presidency will guarantee Supreme Court appointments will overturn Roe v. Wade.  Everybody knows that.

And Obama victory will prevent that.  A Democratic Senate will prevent that, too.

But there is more.

In the last 2 years while the GOP has controlled the U.S. House of Representatives, they have passed 55 bills outlawing abortion.  They have passed 0 jobs bills.  Yeah, that’s a ZERO.  A big goose egg (ahem).  And of course, they campaigned on JOBS, JOBS, JOBs! in 2010.  That’s the promise that gave them the House of Representatives.  And then they blocked all bills that would have helped create jobs.

We really need to get rid of these crazies.  We need to get rid of the nutcases, the fanatics that want to control our bodies, eliminate our liberties, stop on our freedoms and who then wrap it in the flag and sing The Star Spangled Banner.

Well, Damn it, that’s my flag too, and my national anthem.  Keep your crazy ass hands off of them both.


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64 responses to “Oh, Now I Get It!

  1. This is unbelievable, “…just relax and enjoy it.” ????? Mr Williams should spend some time in a Texas prison, see how much he enjoys his “inevitable” rape! I haven’t got alot of time for the politicians here in Britain but if they came out with some of these comments they would be publicly crucified and ousted from office in disgrace.


    • Only ONE of them is unbelievable, Danny? I think that the whole kit and caboodle of them are totally unbelievable!

      But you may have hit upon the perfect remedy for these men who don’t understand biology and who want to legislation what we may and may not do with our bodies (and what some men can and cannot do with our bodies).

      Their understanding of rape might just be increased with a week or so in prison. Good thinking.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the follow!


  2. But what happens if a woman gets pregnant in an illegitimate rape by a dishonest rapist in a scheduled rape session when she did not rape as easily as others?


  3. I’m endangering my job by even being here right now, since I’m supposed to be at a meeting with my boss in less than 10 minutes, but after speed reading your post, which I think is truly excellent, I have to comment.

    In spite of the frequent and repeatedly indecent and obscene public exposure by right wing Republican congressmen of their ignorant and disgustingly offensive views on rape, and their continued assault on a woman’s right to decide what is right for her own body… ever since the first Romney/Obama debate, Romney has been GAINING support from women voters.

    Why? Because approx 10% of the American socalled “undecided” voters have been paying absolutely NO attention to what Romney has said and done for the last year, or to the repeated outrages by members of the Republican party described in your post…

    Until they watched that first debate, and then they believed Romney when he gave his most skilled demonstration ever, of his ability to lie and misrepresent himself, this time as a moderate Republican, instead of the “severely conservative” Republican governor of Mass that he claimed to be, less than a year ago, when he was trying to impress the GOP right wing base.

    Which is why posts like yours here, are all the more vitally important, Elyse.


    • Yes, I think that Obama did real serious damage in Denver.

      The folks who don’t pay attention deserve what they might get. Sadly we don’t.

      Don’t lose your job over a post, though Chris, even mine! You never know what’s coming!


      • Job is not lost… I’m now trying to forget what Obama did in Denver, and I think that no less than Thomas Jefferson said something about how “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve…” And I say that’s a sword that definitely cuts both ways. Sigh!

        I am now a man in desperate need of comedy, and I’m going to either find it or create my own… Either way, there will be laughter – because sometimes there HAS to be laughter, and this is one of those times for me!


        • Hope you managed to find some, Chris!


          • Oh yeah, both comedy and laughter was found and enjoyed. My wife and I went out to dinner last night, and in the soft and warm glow of candle light, I listened to the sweet music of her laughter, as I tickled her sense of humor with playful quips not the same as the ones she’s heard before, but variations of the same theme that has worked so well with her for so many years.

            She did the same for me with her own talented and experienced ability to make me laugh, and life was good again for both of us, as once again we proved that the couple who can laugh together, tends to annoy the couple sitting next to them in a restaurant. Lol 🙂


  4. cooper

    I was thinking of opening an Emergency Rape center…you know, for those Saturday nights when an honest, legitimate rape is nowhere to be had. Of course the center will be festooned with crosses and bibles to celebrate all those Godly gifts….


  5. I wonder the rapist vote for which political party in your country (I believe they have the rights to do so)!


    • Oh, I am sure that those rapists not currently in jail will be voting for the GOP. Hell, they keep claiming to be the “Family Values” folks, and some guys need all the help they can get in starting those families.

      Oy vey.


  6. GOF

    I find it extraordinary that comments like this are still being made in the 21st century by political hopefuls.
    Thanks for your enlightened summary. I hope for all America that, in your words; “We’re gonna win. I am not even going to consider the alternative.”


  7. AMEN, Sister! When people learn the difference between “pro-abortion” and “pro-choice” the issue might finally be put to rest. Since, clearly, a Supreme Court ruling isn’t enough to satisfy the militant Christian activists.

    It’s time to turn the focus from the rape victim and potential embryo and point it at the rapist!


  8. Perhaps, instead of saying we are pro-choice, we should say we are pro-freedom. After all, the other side is anti-freedom unless of course they happen to get one of their assistants or illicit lovers pregnant, then suddenly all options are on the table.


  9. Oh my god, is it weird for me to confess my love for you? This was brilliant. I’m going to print out the chart, laminate it and keep it in my purse so I’ll know what to do when I encounter a rapist. The thing that I don’t get is that somebody actually votes for these jack-offs. Like how does that happen?


    • You can go ahead and idolize me. It happens all the time!

      Isn’t the graphic, ummmm, graphic? I only pilfer the best stuff. The creators suggested posting it and sharing it. So go for it!

      As to why anybody votes for idiots, I would like to dissect the brains of some of the Tea Partiers to see if there is actual brain matter inside their thick skulls.


  10. I love visual aids for learning, they really have an impact. Ok, now that I’m scared to death of the possibility that any of those a-holes could be making decisions on behalf of me or my daughter, it’s time to hit the streets and spread the word.
    FYI: My insurance co. will not cover birth control for my daughter, yet their CEO just received a 35 million dollar bonus. Something is seriously wrong.


    • Now Tops. Your daughter should be keeping that aspirin between her knees. Then she wouldn’t need birth control pills.

      I am a little bit worried but Gaining some confidence that Obama will win and we will hold the Senate. But I am working to make sure we win.


  11. I couldn’t push the like button, but I really wish there was an “Arrrrrggggg” button. Was everyone of these morons cutting health class in middle school and high school?


    • Apparently they were. Either that or they were kept out of those discussions for religious reasons. You know, the religion that says you don’t need to know a damn thing.


  12. Recent goofballs from Missouri and Indiana unfortunately represent the views of a lot of people – now that’s even scarier. Fortunately, their are Republicans who distant themselves from them or those who already hold an office. All in all, the Christian Right has always terrified me, thus always vote against them.


    • I agree there ARE reasonable republicans. But they have not been able to lead their own party away from the crazies. So I am all for getting rid of the lot of them, and starting with a new, non-crazy in the 2014 round. They need to learn that letting the crazies win is a losing strategy.


  13. bigsheepcommunications



  14. Clinton

    I really hate it when religion is used as a hammer.


  15. I can’t decide whether Mourdock or Akin is worse. Mourdock’s comment sounds worse, but at least he’s honest in basically saying “these are my religious beliefs and I want to impose them on everyone”.


    • And Mr. Mourdock (and Mr. Akin) is welcome to his religious belief. But I think you’re with me on not wanting him (or anybody else) to impose their religious beliefs on me. You wanna preach, guys? get yourself to church.


      • Oh, absolutely. It’s just that most people seem to find Mourdock’s remarks worse than Akin’s, while I think that at least Mourdock was somewhat honest. But they’re still both horrible.


        • Yes, I agree. But I still don’t want either of these guys involved in decisions about my life or the healthcare decisions of anyone. And you never hear them discussing whether vasectomies should be covered or if God permits fucking around with men’s bodies.


  16. If those ultra-conservative fuckwits gain power, the US will be set back generations–socially, economically, intellectually, militarily… It breaks my heart to think that it is even a risk, nevermind a possibility!


  17. I was taught by a wise Grandfather. “Nothing useful to say. Say nothing.” Rape is a crime. I believe I have no right to tell any woman how to think and what to do. These people who speak of rape with ease are foolish. I have three daughters and 6 sisters. Poor woman who had to live with great pain and memory. Would have a hard decision to make. Sometime I wonder why our so call educated leaders open mouth and show their lack of human skills. Thank you for the blog.


    • Thank you, Johncoyote for visiting.

      I agree that these folks show an astonishing lack of humanity, to pretend that rape is inconsequential, to think that it is like getting stuck in traffic, to feel nothing for the pain that the victims feel. Perhaps empathy needs to be the quality we look for most in our candidates. (Yeah, I’m sure that will happen.)


  18. Yes. To all of it.
    I shudder to think of what happens if the GOP wins control of either house, or the White House.

    Sadly, many state houses have also gone further and further towards demonizing women who want control over their bodies.
    I don’t understand how this is even possible. And I’m getting very anti-religious.


    • Guap, you’re right about the state houses — hell I live in crazy legislature central here in Virginia. I am advocating a straight ticket — because the crazies usually start there. And their power to require ultrasounds, for example, is underestimated!


  19. You know, if anybody came up with a theory that a guy who has fathered too many kids needs a vasectomy, the GOP would pound said person into the ground like a tent stake. If somebody suggested that someone being investigated for tax fraud have his moneys distributed to various homeless shelter, said person would have his tongue pulled out and tied around his neck in a flawless Windsor. Yet these pinheads from the GOP, who would’ve flunked (I believe) 5th grade Health class at my school growing up, are trying to force their views onto others.
    And people wonder why I’m embarrassed to reveal I was, once upon a time, an honest-to-God fire-breathing conservative!
    So, since I’m scouting out places to live in Hamilton, Ontario (in case Romney wins, God forbid), how many bedrooms will you need, Elyse? 😀


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