It’s Spreading!

Just the other day, I told you about the epidemic of folks waking up dead in Texas.  But it’s spreading.  Yes, last night I learned that it is also happening in North Carolina.  A swing state where President Obama won by 14,177 votes.

Rachel Maddow told me just last night that a group of folks had sent the NC Elections Board a list of 30,000 voters in NC (of 6 million voters) who the group claims are dead.

Yes, a group called “The Voter Integrity Project,” a group that is following in the footsteps of the folks in Texas who started this epidemic, “True the Vote”  found its way to North Carolina.  You will, of course, find it shocking that these groups are affiliated with the Tea Party.

And according to Rachel Maddow, this is also happening in Ohio. where the group claims that over 700,000 should be stripped off the voting lists because those folks are dead.  The group is also playing this game in California, Illinois and Arizona.

Here is the link (sorry I cannot figure out how to embed an MSNBC video)

Now back to North Carolina.  This list forced the Election Board, using due diligence, to use up manpower to check into this claim.  Before the election.  They have revealed 0 dead people on the list of 30,000 provided by The Voter Integrity Project.

They are doing it in part to strike it lucky, and in part to use up valuable Election Board resources that might be better used.

But I have a theory.  And this combines two of my faux talents — lawyer and medical person.

You see, in 2004 I volunteered to help with voter fraud allegations at the polls here in Virginia.  To help folks who call up and say they were prevented from voting, or they were intimidated or told that the election is next Tuesday for Democrats not today.  Things like that.  And boy oh boy did I get an earful.

But by far, the most impressive maneuver of the Virginia GOP was to outlaw the color yellow.  Yes, it’s true.  I actually saw the legislative language.  No fliers printed on yellow paper may be given out at polling stations in the state of Virginia.

Now you say, “Elyse, Why does this matter?”  And I’ll tell you.

In Spanish-speaking communities, it has been traditional for the Democrats to print illustrations of the straight Democratic Ticket on yellow paper.  Spanish speakers came to depend on them.  They also came to vote overwhelmingly for those Democratic tickets.  So the Republicans outlawed yellow fliers at polling stations.   [Fortunately, the Dems were smarter.  They got a law passed specifically permitting fliers printed on Goldenrod-colored paper.

And in 2006 when I was at my polling station handing out fliers, well, we’d all forgotten.  But about 15 minutes after the polls opened, all of our fliers were taken away because they were printed on plain old yellow.

My theory?  These folks on these Tea Party lists all suffer from Yellow Fever.

*     *     *

The GOP can’t win because of its ideas or its candidates.  But they can — AND WILL — cheat.


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39 responses to “It’s Spreading!

  1. So…..what? No rights for the dead? Let em vote.


  2. Imagine if all this creative power in the GOP could be used for good, not evil…


  3. cooper

    Don’t kid yourself…both sides cheat…it’s just that the republicans are dumb enough to keep getting caught at it….


    • Ok. Both sides do it. But there are degrees. All lies sure not equal

      So give me an example of when Democrats have tried to cheat to this level. A reference to a reputable website that shows where Democrats tried to keep MILLIONS of folks across the country from voting. I don’t think you will be able to find any such evidence, but I will do a whole post on it if you do.

      And the GOP has hundreds of millions of $ with which to cheat.


      • cooper

        Well there is always Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s condoning the use of Mustard Gas in WW1 which maimed millions on all sides. I’m sure that kept a few folks from voting. And if any one person was really a problem they’d just get a ride home from Teddy Kennedy.


        • Cooper, I can’t find anything on your claim against Wilson on the internet, nor with my husband, the history buff. I may have to take this to a higher authority — John Erickson.

          As far as Ted Kennedy is concerned, I don’t see the connection between a horrible (and possibly criminal) action on his part and voter suppression and/or cheating in elections. Ted did some stupid and one terrible things in his life, but he really championed real people and he didn’t have to. Because he was born to wealth and privilege — even more so than Mitt.

          So basically your answer leads me to think that you can’t cite any modern action by Democrats to cheat and prevent folks from voting.


          • cooper

            There are a lot of ‘net entries listing dirty voter tricks by the Democrats, but their sources – obvious right-wing pundits – are dubious at best. Look, I know the Republicans have the market on paranoia and foul play, starting with their poster-child Dick Nixon. I have little faith left that men and women on either side of the aisle, even the few that have half a brain and start with good intentions, can avoid corruption. I can’t see how anyone with integrity would stay in politics, knowing the system is bankrupt and the possibility of changing “the machine” is near nil. No one person, or even two or three, has that kind of juice. Until both sides stop the name calling and finger pointing and do the job they are elected to do, instead of placating big business and the special interests, and start honestly working together with a shared direction, I have little hope that any substantial positive change can come out of DC.


            • I would argue that there have been and even are folks who have kept their integrity. The crimes and misdemeanors were once petty. Now they are enormous. And it is a culture created by Ronald Reagan. It wasn’t always like that.

              I have been and am still working on a post to highlight the difference between what things were like in the 1980s and what they are like now. Then there were Giants. Now there are ideologues who are destroying the institutions.

              There will always be some corruption. But I think that the corruption of the GOP, instituted into the very fabric of our society over the last 30 years (since Reagan) is the fundamental problem.

              It used to be a back and forth and the results benefited everyone. Now it’s jousting.

              Thanks for the discussion, Cooper.


  4. These high stake games just surpass the candidate and become a contest between the two top parties.


    • I just issued Cooper a challenge to find instances in the news where the Dems are doing things like attempting to disenfranchise millions.

      I truly think that the GOP wins the cheating contest hands down.


  5. Desperate people take desperate measures…now we have proof. Yesterday I was listening to a local talk radio station…why I torture myself, I don’t know. This is what I heard..”we don’t have to worry about the ID law stopping anyone here in PA, the people it effects are too lazy to come out and vote any way.” Dam near hit a poll on that one!


  6. Even if the courts overturn the Texas purge, some of the people who’ve gotten letters will be left with the impression that there’s something wrong with their registration and will be less likely to vote.

    I hope the blatant sleaziness of these tactics cause them to backfire. I doubt that will happen, though.


  7. Speaking of disgusting things from the right, did you hear Peggy Noonan fired another volley at Mittens? And Tommy Thompson from Wisconsin has disavowed himself of Romney support?
    I think Mitt better go view a showing of “Titanic”, so he can sympathize with the captain….


    • Yes, I heard about dear Peggy. She’s a twat, isn’t she. She’s right, though.
      And so are the other Republicans who are distancing themselves. This is going to have a devastating impact on the GOP elections down the tickets.


  8. I watched that segment last night and was horrified. Horrified first that these idiots were able to actually get attention from media, then that they were able to force the state to pay attention, then that they were able to pass themselves off as ‘non-partisan’ and ‘non-profit’ WHAT?????

    This is so ugly.


  9. In the old days, the cemeteries in Chicago always had the right to vote.


    • Well, you have a point. But again, those are small potatoes. This tactic is used to gum up the system and keep the election boards from doing other jobs that need doing before the election — checking whether the machines work properly for example.

      Thanks for your comment, Rumbley!


      • I know. I was trying to kid a little. It is really sad when people try to deny others the right to vote. I wonder if these are the same people who get upset that military personnel who never get their absentee ballots.


        • Rumbley, I just found this in my spam folder. Sorry!

          It’s really horrible when you are away and don’t get your absentee ballot — it happened to me in 2000 so I couldn’t vote. And George W won. I have always felt responsible!


  10. Worst part of things like this is that the same tactics will at some point be used on the other side.

    And that is quite possibly the best campaign commercial ever!!!


    • They’ve been used to a small degree by both sides always. The HUGE level though is new, though. And I believe it is race/ethnic based. I don’t think that was the case before. Hopefully it won’t be the case again.


      • Yes. I think this is the biggest example since Equal rights in 66. but I got a kick out of Republicans bitching about Dems using the same congressional manipulation tactics they used under Bush.
        Until my stomach turned.

        (hope the above is clear…)


  11. bigsheepcommunications

    As an undead resident of North Carolina, I was happy to see the rep from the state elections board emphasize that the 2 duties of the board are to make sure people who are not properly registered don’t vote AND to make sure that properly registered people DO have every opportunity to vote. I am also happy to remain undead (which may be due to the fact that I’m registered as an independent).


  12. Interesting all the hub-bub about the voting rolls from the right (who is right, just ask them). 😉 Meanwhile, if I were the betting type, I would bet that there are more cases of fraud involving the Boards of Elections than with vote identification.


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