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Baby Sophia Update!

Back in the middle of September, I asked for your help in this post:  Good Karma Needed.  Sophia, the granddaughter of my friend, colleague and right arm Yenny, had been diagnosed with meningitis shortly after birth.  That is not a nice diagnosis.

Lots of you responded with “Likes” and good wishes in comments.  Thank you.

And it worked!  Because today Sophia is at home with her mom and grandma Yenny.  A beautiful, happy, healthy little baby girl.


It turns out, Sophia got a false-positive reading of meningitis.  She never had it, but it took over a week to be sure.  Sophia was given antibiotics for 14 days, because once you start antibiotics you must keep taking the full course — whether you are a child or an adult — you can’t stop mid-course or antibiotic resistance can develop.  Sophia was released showing no ill effects whatsoever.

Thank you all for your good thoughts.  I am often impressed by the big hearts of my blogging buddies, and you guys really came through this time.  Now it’s my turn; I’m sending good karma your way.


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