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Good Karma Needed!

Calling good Karma!

A beautiful girl, don’t you think?

This is Sophia.  She is the brand new granddaughter of my friend, colleague and right arm at work, Yenny.  Sophia was born on Wednesday, and her mom, Jessika, had an infection.  That infection was transmitted to Sophia during birth.  Today Sophia was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.  That’s not good.

I’m just sending you this to ask you to send good Karma, prayers, happy, healthy thoughts to Sophia.

The prognosis is pretty good, even though meningitis is really nasty, especially so in a newborn.  But the doctors immediately put her on antibiotics and they are taking good care of her.  They seem to be doing everything right.  Folks in my office immediately rallied to reassure Yenny (and by extension, Jessika and their extended family).  Still, it will be a long couple of weeks for Sophia’s family.

Anyway, I just wanted to have you all thinking good thoughts in Sophia’s direction.  No baby deserves this.  Especially a baby with such a loving grandma.















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