Property Rights

As you can probably tell, I don’t normally struggle with making my opinion known.  But the last few days I’ve been so overwhelmed by the crap that the GOP is spewing that, well, I went into “outrage overload.”  It’s an epidemic amongst thinking Americans everywhere.

But after reading Eleanor Tomczyk of How The Hell Did I End Up Here, I was reminded of someone I knew slightly when I worked at a law school in my younger days.

Mark was member of the “Lawyers for Christ” group while at law school, and was known as a deeply devout, incredibly pleasant guy.  We weren’t close friends, but he was a nice guy.

Well, Mark is now a Federal Judge!  It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  I mean when folks you know make good?

One night when Mark was in DC, I was invited to a dinner of some of his law school classmates who were also friends of mine.  I came away in shock.  Because this good man who had been the bible studies leader at law school, the number one Christian sharing his beliefs and values, well, Mark had changed.

“I went back home and studied my soul, studied my bible,” Mark said.  “And I came away knowing that Christianity, in fact, all the beliefs Jesus preached on, well, they’re based on property rightsIn fact, Jesus preached property rights.”


Yes, Mark, the man who had believed that Jesus preached love, preached helping the poor, preached paying Caesar what is Caesar’s now had, well, a different line of thinking.  One that was way more compatible with his expanding wallet, waistband and increasing prominence as a fat-cat GOP member.

Holy Shit. 

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Or should I say “Holy Bullshit”?

Stephen Colbert on Jesus and Our Christian Nation

“If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus is just as selfish as we are or we’ve got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition. And then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”  – Stephen Colbert

Mark, Federal Judge Mark, that is, went with Stephen’s first option – choosing to believe that Jesus was just as selfish.

Me, I believe that Jesus would be a liberal Democrat.  Because the difference in the parties can be summed up one way:

Democrats believe in helping the poor;

Republicans believe in helping themselves.

*     *     *     *     *

Thanks to Eleanor Tomczyk of How The Hell Did I End Up Here for reminding me of this conversation and for her incredibly eloquent post on this subject:  A Warning to Mittens and the Gang.  Eleanor included Colbert’s comment, which I must say, I think of often.


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45 responses to “Property Rights

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the Colbert quote — I had forgotten how much I loved it!

    I’m glad that you are here to write these wonderful posts — I wish I could be as eloquent. Maybe I could be, but, during this part of the election cycle (VPs, conventions, debates, and elections), I become so absorbed in the Politisphere that I lose sight of things like creativity, house cleaning, etc. The internet, Twitter, and 24/7 news channels has just made it all that much worse for me.

    If there is any doubt that Jesus would be a liberal, just ask yourself this: who did he dine with? Tax-collectors, hookers, the outcasts… none of whom are welcomed in the conservative Republican party. I’m sure he had dinner with a few gays too, but, since one can’t use the word ‘gay’ in the bible, I’m sure that story was edited out.

    Lawyers for Christ? Oh my. All I can think of is a bunch of lawyers, sitting around, discussing tactics to get Jesus released, and keep him from being crucified…


    • One of the things that conservatives miss/are blind to is just what you said — that Jesus had an inclusive following. In fact, I’ve always thought that that was kind of the point. An early Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” Nowhere were fat cats mentioned for Jesus, and by analogy, they aren’t mentioned on the statue of Liberty, either.

      Thanks for your kind words. I get so upset about this stuff. So angry. I understand that we have some serious fiscal problems? Why do so few recall that they were caused by these same Republicans who want to get in and screw us all again?

      It makes me crazy.


  2. They are getting rained on, sorry


    • If only it would wash them away. I read earlier that Pat Robertson now believes that praying made it change course to spare the GOP. What about New Orleans, you un-Christian man? Oh these folks make me crazy.

      Thanks for your comments — I knew what you meant!


  3. Oh My, I could not agree more and am getting so sick of all the lies and bullshit! Wonder if they think it is a sign that there is getting rained on. Really, who wants to even listen; we are focused on the storm and the harm it can do to people not to a stupid self serving bunch of idiots.


  4. I think the whole notion that church is part of the national discourse in politics is problematic given the founding principle of the separation of church and state. Politicians can and do have their church afflilations, but just like their sexual proclivities, those faith systems should NOT be part of their political platform.


    • You’re absolutely right. It can shape their policy, but it should not impact your rights or mine. I am particularly miffed at various churches, who get tax exempt status on the basis of being religious institutions, but who are sticking their fingers, noses and whole selves into politics where they do not belong. Yes, I am pointing at you, Catholic Church!


  5. I am going to jump over and read at Eleanor,but in the mean time. Nearly four years ago I wrote a much longer piece somewhere else called Jesus was a socialist. I wrote it in response to all the nonsense of calling the current president a socialist and the utter lack of understanding in what a socialist is. I used King James to prove that were Jesus alive today, he likely would have been a Utopian Socialist, whereas President Obama is a Centrist Democrat and barely center, more center right. Though the piece was written nearly 4 years ago it is still getting hits, and people are still telling me how crazy (and wrong) I am. In the early days one person told me if Jesus were alive today he would slap me (I loved that one).

    What is shocking is the people who remain loyal to a party that are not loyal to them and do not represent their interests. If this nation were not on the precipice I would find it fascinating.


    • Val, I’d love to read that piece. Send a link (or better still, post it here)! I promise not to slap you — I’ll leave that to Jesus. I am still stunned that someone would have actually said that. Talk about projecting!

      I think I commented on the last half of your statement in the comment to the Chris Matthews piece. I wish I knew why folks voted against their interests. I wish I knew why we have not progressed past villagers with torches and pitchforks. Sigh.


  6. Elyse. I was so touched that my blog inspired you and thanks so much for featuring it on your blog page. You’re the best!


    • Credit where credit is due, Eleanor. Yours was so well done! Besides, you keep making me think and that’s what the best bloggers do, isn’t it? And you are actually the best!


  7. John Erickson

    For anyone interested, here’s a preliminary copy of the GOP platform, quickly pulled after being accidentally made public:
    Lots of rhetoric, few specifics. Enjoy – if possible.


    • Oh dear. I’ve just eaten, John.

      I did click on it. It is 12 pages long, which is about right, because it takes a bit more thought to put together something comprehensive that, you know, says something. Something that maybe you’ll be held accountable for.

      Oh these folks make me so mad. Thanks for the links/nightmares John. I will work all the harder for Obama now.


  8. Do they even hear the sound of their own ridiculous statements? If these ‘supposed’ intelligent politicians actually believe the heinous and backward comments they spew, then we are in worse trouble than I fear we already are. We’ve got to find smart women and replace every idiot man holding an office. I may write your name into a slot or two.


    • Thanks, Renee, but “If nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve …”

      But seriously, I think that it’s half and half. Half of them believe this nonsense; the other half seeks to capitalize on it. I go back and forth between which I think is worse.

      We do need more women in office. We also need more men who get women’s issues — because they aren’t only women’s issues. Birth Control? Hello? They think this is a women’s issue only? Not if you are the guy who gets someone pregnant. Not if you don’t want 12 kids but have a frisky nature. Not if you want to be able to feed the children you plan to have. Oy.

      Glad you’re back, Renee. I’m looking forward to seeing what you wrote!


  9. John Erickson

    I’m not sure which I like more, Colbert lampooning GOP beliefs, or the idiots among the GOP who thinks his persona is real! Both Stewart and Colbert are covering the GOP convention this week – it should be a riotous week. 😀
    And Cooper – you don’t happen to know a Tim Vermande living in Indy? I was gonna fire off a diatribe, based on Tim’s (my BIL) studies, but you not only beat me to it, you used the same points! (Yeah, I know, facts are the same, regardless of who puts them out. I’m still impressed – and jealous! 😉 )


  10. Jesus? The long haired hippee holligan in sandles taking crazy kindness mumbo jumbo…yea, they have no clue who he is and if he did show up at one of their events I’m sure he would tazzered.


  11. cooper

    If it weren’t for religion, this discussion would not be taking place. Notice I wrote “religion” and not “spirituality”. It’s an argument based on religious dogma, which is based on the King James version (becuase it was comissioned by a KING) of the bible, from which the Old testament is based on the Hebrew Rabbinic Bible and the New testament is based on a whole host (pun intended) of Greek documents. Documentation preceeding these versions is best left to those who have a deeper knowledge of biblical history than I do (which is just about everybody).
    The point is….religious dogma, and i’m including all faiths here, is highly suspect to begin with and is the chief cause of war, hate, exclusion and insanity. The story of Jesus is a wonderful one and there is much to be learned from it. It’s only when we humans start “interpreting” to meet a specific agenda that things turn a but squiffy.
    Sorry for the regurgitation…’tis the (political) season to spew….


    • You are venting, not spewing. The difference, of course, is that I agree with what you’ve said!

      I especially agree with what you’ve said about religious dogma resulting in “war, hate, exclusion and insanity.” Our country was founded to get away from persecution — away from the insanity of fanatics ruling primarily Europe. So now we have our own home grown version. Yay progress!

      John Erickson has a question for you — which I ask in case you only read the little Word Press bubbles.

      Thoughtful comment, Cooper. Thanks!


  12. It’s amazing how people can twist their beliefs to conform with their wants. It’s also amazing how many people read the same book (The Bible) and come away with totally varying interpretations as to what it all means. I’ve lost faith in humanity….


    • Hi TwinDaddy, I’ve missed you.

      Don’t lose faith totally. But we need to pay attention to what we are doing. We need to put our faith back into education and into critical thinking. Does this make sense? How does it happen? What is the evidence.

      Humans can think and they can do great things. We just aren’t any more. And of course, you know where I point my finger about that one.


      • I don’t have faith in much of anything anymore. I’m constantly disappointed by damn near everyone. I’m at a loss to explain why people do the things they do and most of the things people do just don’t make sense. I mean, how do you study and worship Jesus and get to the point where you think he was preaching property rights? That’s just one example of the idiocy we have to deal with in the world today. It’s disheartening.


        • Well, yeah it is. But the fact that WE can still see it is heartening. The idiots may have taken the village, but they haven’t convinced everyone yet. There is still hope!


  13. Love this. The Colbert quote is my new favorite. Thanks for giving it to me – you couldn’t have given me a better gift today!


  14. That’s a fantastic quote by Colbert.


  15. I remember the line from somewhere “Man made god in his image, and man, returning the favor, made god in his”.

    This is a perfect example of that.


    • I guess we all see what we believe. So you’re right. This is a perfect example of clueless folks twisting the truth to suit their own selfishness.


  16. bigsheepcommunications

    … and then there’s the judge in TX who says that if Obama is re-elected, he’ll hand over U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. They both scare me!


  17. Ugh. They do realize that if Jesus were around now, he would be demonstrating outside the GOP convention not inside talking about the free market being awesome.


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