Damn Straight

I just read that the Washington, DC, metropolitan area is tops!  As in Numero Uno.  Better than second and third place winners, Denver and Chicago.  We are the Champions!


In what category?  Swearing at work.

Shit, yeah!

Who says Washington can’t do anything right?


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41 responses to “Damn Straight

  1. “62% of respondents say they curse at work.” You know that number only includes the people who admitted to cursing at work. That’s to say nothing of the people who didn’t admit to cursing at work and the ones who mutter under their breath.


  2. Ha! Hilarious. Definitely has to do with politics/government. Swear to god (no pun intended) that I cussed like a sailor when I worked for a politician (a conservative, “family values” politician, mind you). We all did. We had a wing of offices (Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, i.e. me, Deputy AG, AG and Executive Assistant) that was away from all the other attorneys and paralegals. We kept the hallway closed off and CUSSED OUR BRAINS OUT EVERY DAY.

    When I changed careers, it was a culture shock to work in an office where coworkers didn’t behave like they were in a fraternity.


    • It absolutely has to do with politics and government. It also has to do with traffic around here which is truly impossible. No matter where you want to go, you have to curse a blue mile to get there.

      And I’m pretty sure that being in the Senate is a fraternity, Angie. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  3. Well, that should get folk opening up the company manual. I feel like I’ve come away with some knowledge today. Sure hope I’m one of those who’ve got a good escape route. I don’t wanna have to fight. Very informative video.


    • Totsy, I think your comment got put with the wrong post — this clearly isn’t related to my swearing study!

      But as to the company manual, yeah, that would get me to read it — but only on the way out — thinking “what the hell kind of place is this?” as I go!


  4. Somebody commissioned this study. Someone carried out this study. Someone quantified the results of this study.

    What the fuck?


    • Most of my professional life, I examine studies. I have found that even those that seem useless have value. All those studies of the genetic structure of various moths and insects? They yield simple, step by step procedures for examining human genes and how they may react to different medicines and other methods of curing terrible diseases. They are important. Don’t put them down.

      This study? It is total shit.


  5. As a dweller in the Denver Metroplex, I am pleased that we scored so high. I’ll work on trying to get us into first place, a task I will dearly love, because I have the worst fuckin’ potty mouth. 🙂


  6. I think we need to start such a distingushed award category down here too : ). I wonder if it was hard for the judges to compare regional swearing.


  7. well, gosh darn it and golly gee whiz! I thought we’d have that in the bag!


  8. Holy shitballs. Damned strong work…


  9. That is f%#@%!ing fabulous! Good for you! 🙂


  10. John Erickson

    Hey, if you had told them, Chicago WOULD have tried harder. They’re just busy trying to kill each other, and thus be #1 murder capitol of the US. We’re like that – if it’s noisy and/or unpleasant, we like to be #1. Busiest airport in the US (and no way of getting out of it), gang shooting capitol, we’ve even tried being rudeness, but we’re just too lovable compared to those NYC jerks! 😉 😀


    • Nah, Chicago is the murder capital this year. Damn it John, give us something!


      • John Erickson

        Okay, we’ll give you “Worst Government Money Can Buy”. Or how about “Fewest Votes Per Voter”? I’d give you “Most Miserable Humidity In August”, but I think we might give you a run for your money this year! 😀


  11. I might have to apply for a position down there..I’d fit right the fuck in!


  12. That is so fucking awesome. Seriously that is some good shit.


  13. I think the other cities didn’t realize there was a competition being held, or they would have tried fucking harder.


  14. That is because the Pentagon is there and so all those uniformed uptight upright not so right in the head stars on the should bars on the arms sticks in the……

    Plus all those bureaucrats

    Plus all those worthless elected officials

    Plus all those strippers to entertain them, bartenders to serve them

    Well you get the picture

    By the way I love the Military just happen to know they swear and curse a great deal.

    Congrats on the win though.


    • Thanks, Val. Yes, there is a shitload of people here supporting not just the military and the bureaucrats and they need to swear too.

      But you forgot the other big group here — lawyers. Based on my husband’s example, the swear all the god damn time.


  15. OK – #1 in worthless part-time residents, #1 in traffic congestion, #1 in lobbying offices … ok … what else? Don’t leave in suspense because inquiring minds want to know.


  16. bigsheepcommunications

    You must be so very proud!


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