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Second Annual No Bitchin’ Day

Last year at this time while up in Maine, I was desperately trying to find something to blog about.  But since mostly I grumble on my blog, well, it was challenging.  So I proclaimed June 30, 2011 to be FiftyFourAndAHalf’s First Annual No Bitchin Day.

This year I am back up in Maine, and while I have bitched a bit while up here, well I haven’t at all today.  So today I proclaim today, July 3, 2012 as Second Annual No Bitchin Day.  And I will share with you my piece of heaven.

John, Jacob and I come to Maine as often as possible.  John and I spent part of our honeymoon here.  We’d move up here permanently in a heartbeat if we could find work.

I mentioned that dream while visiting an old boss at a law firm where I used to work. Gary promptly told me, “Elyse, down the hall is a former  governor of Maine.  He’s here because he can’t find a job in Maine.”


So we come here as often as we can and spend money instead of earning it.  It works.

So here is why it is the most restful place in the world.  Even in spite of these facts:

  •  the sun gets up at about 4 a.m.
  • the lobstermen, like roosters, start their engines with the sun’s first rays
  • my dog, Cooper thinks that getting up with the sun and the lobstermen is a swell idea and tries to get us up then, too.

And in spite of the fact that wireless means I still have to work, I love it here.  I am content.  And I’ll share it with you.

Rainbow over the cove.

If only the rainbow had ended here, we could stay!

Full Moon over the cove

Come on up!

If you do, maybe I can get a job with the Maine Tourist Board!


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