Of Bards and Bains

You probably won’t be surprised to know that I am enjoying the news these past few days.  Some of it anyway.  I am fascinated by Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital.  I may even start to watch business news, CNBC.  And pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal.


But tonight I tuned in to find out the scoop.  The latest.  The Dirt.   And I heard a lot.

Mostly, the sound I heard was me screaming, though.  Because in one of those efforts to present “both sides of the story,”  MSNBC interviewed David Corn, the reporter who broke Mitt’s “When did he leave Bain Capital, and when did he know it” story.  But, to keep the semblance of balance between the two sides, they also interviewed a total DWEEBE Republican by the name of Rick Tyler.

Rick worked for Newt Gingrich and was involved in Newt’s opposition research which took on Mitt’s record as head of Bain Capital.  Now?  Well, Rick has his talking points, and he’s going through them.  On national TV.  Whether he really understands them or not.  And whether or not he can even read them correctly.  Sadly, I got the distinct impression that there is quite a bit that Rick doesn’t understand.  [We can start with the fact that during the GOP primaries he worked for a guy that everybody hated and hadn’t a snowball’s chance to win the nomination.]

OK, my problem?  Rick kept insisting that all this talk about Bain Capital is:

A lot to do about nothing.” 

He said it with an air of intellectual superiority, as if he knew something that we did not. 

Ummmm.  He did not.  He did not even know what we all know to be the correct name of that there Shakespeare play.

Remember, this guy is a Republican spokesman.  Shouldn’t speaking be kinda his thing?  By definition, shouldn’t he be able to quote from the Bible, from Machiavelli, from Shakespeare?  Isn’t that what spokespeople do?

Now, I like to give folks the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps Rick misspoke.  Nope.  Because he said it repeatedly.

Here’s the link to the segment:  #48179609  [Sorry, no YouTube.  This is the link to the piece — the offending language appears about 5 mins into the story.]

After the third time he announced that, for the world to pay attention to the whole Bain Capital “when did I leave and when did I know I was gone” thing was, “a lot to do about nothing,” well, the only thing I could hear was the sound of myself screaming at the TV.  Sorry.  Stupidity makes me shout.

At this moment in time, I don’t know what this Bain Capital story will amount to.   Personally, I think it is very serious, because no matter which way you look at it, you really can’t say that it is Much Ado About Nothing.” One way or another, Mitt Romney lied.  Either he left in 1999 and lied to the State of Massachusetts about his residency when he was running for governor, or he left in 2002 and lied about the fact that he wasn’t in charge when all those nasty layoffs happened.

According to my mother, lies come back and bite you in the butt.

Maybe this time, even if you’re a Republican, those teeth are going to hurt.


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52 responses to “Of Bards and Bains

  1. Mitt Romney LIED??? Why that’s as preposterous as saying that the weather is very changeable in New England! Or saying that Romney changes his political positions as frequently as the weather changes in New England! Just totally outlandish talk here! (listen to Mitt long enough, and you’ll hear lots of it!)

    This is just classic Romney all the way, saying one thing when it was to his advantage in the past, and saying the opposite now, when it’s no longer to his advantage.

    Like testifying at a hearing in 2002 that he worked for Bain, to deflect those annoying questions about whether he had sufficient residency status in Massachusetts to run for governor – and now saying that he left Bain in 1999 to distance himself from that nasty bankruptcy and mass layoff that happened to a company that Bain managed and ran into the ground, while still making a profit, even after destroying the company.

    Of course, both of Romney’s stories about when he left Bain can’t both be true, so yes, as shocking as this may seem, Mitt IS lying, and I think that he lied in June of 2002 when he testified that he was still working for Bain, when in fact, he was spending ALL his time working for the 2002 US Olympic Committee in Utah.

    But no matter how Romney and the rest of the GOP try to spin this latest lie in a long line of Romney whoppers, this one may do some real damage and help to erase “Mr. Etch A Sketch” right out of the race for the White House.


    • That would be great — except who would replace him? Anybody know what the rules are? Surely there are some.

      Are we left with Rick Santorum (No. 2), Ron Paul (the only candidate who has not suspended his campaign)? Do they start fresh?

      This is “curiouser and curiouser,” or as Mr. Tyler would say “curlier and curlier.”


      • Lol @ Tyler and “curlier and curlier.” I am very tempted to make a Clarence Thomas – Anita Hill joke here, but for once, I’ll take the high road. 😉

        The best thing might be for Romney to not be charged with any criminal wrong doing (GOP would call it a witch hunt, and energize their base with rabid talk of Obama’s abuse of power for political gain) but instead, for the Obama campaign to just keep dogging Romney to death about how obvious it is that he’s been caught lying during a sworn testimony, and finally blow away his credibility with a majority of American voters. Stay tuned, cause in any case, this could be fun! I’m looking forward to those upcoming presidential debates… Hehehe! 🙂


  2. Everything’s good that ends good. That’s what I always say.


  3. It sounds like Mitt Romney is having a Midsummer Night’s Dream if he thinks that no more explanation to the Amercian people is required.


  4. Awful! I bet after the cameras stopped rolling, he also said that it’s a “mute” point.


  5. I’ve found MSNBC to be a rich lode of people paid to talk who do it poorly, and Reps have no monopoly on it, by any means. I’ve said a bit about this in my own language posts. See “beyond pale”, for instance in my last such rant:


    • I actually think that a big part of the problem is that news folks no longer interview the news-makers; they interview the news reporters. So you have reporters noodling things over and over again. This particular interview had David Corn, one of the reporters who broke the story and who did have quite a bit of insight into the story (obviously) and the GOP dweeb who had nothing to add to the discussion. All in the guise of “balance.” Sometimes there just isn’t any balance.

      Thanks for your comment Mudge. I am off to read your post. Thanks for the link.


  6. I am having a hard time listening to politicians and their spin machines because of all the lies. “If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” ― Virginia Woolf


  7. Can you please transport those teeth to my country! 🙂 We do really need them here for some of the liars.


  8. Personally, I find news about Mitt is boring, and he’s more boring than that.


    • Oh, but this story is fascinating. When did he leave and when did he know it. The possibilities are endless. What will be interesting is if this sticks, what happens next. Does that leave the GOP with Rick Santorum?


      • I see what you are saying, but it’s been a long time since a president election bored me this much. Maybe Mitt should surprise the world and make someone the first-ever, consecutive VP nominee with two different candidates.


        • Only if he wants to be the laughing stock of America for many years to come.

          My husband just handed me a colum by Frank Bruni — is that what he says, too? I have yet to read it.

          Mitt is inherently boring. And rich. And dishonest.


  9. Or funnier and funnier Ron Paul, the only other in the race going into the convention becomes the Republican nominee.

    Funny if Mittens lied to the SEC it is actually a really big lie and he could be charged (criminally) for it.


  10. You would think something will happen from this, but I don’t. it’s a whole lot of nothing about something or nothing. I’m joking, please don’t scream. It’s a big effin’ deal, but financial shenanigans are complicated, which is why we haven’t stormed Wall Street with pitchforks and torches. If Mitt had diddled a goat then maybe people would say “Hmmm..maybe not the best choice?” but probably still vote for him.


    • Speaker7 you are right. If only there was evidence that Mitt had diddled a goat, well then we’d have him. (Perhaps that’s why the Mormons are so reclusive in their religious ceremonies.)

      You never make me scream. Well, sometimes. But not today!


  11. Oh, I hope they do. I hope those teeth hurt big.


    • Nice to see your smiling, um, eyes again!

      I think that this issue is too big to avoid those snapping teeth. And they might just belong to Jaws!


  12. When anyone in the political arena tells little ole us there is nothing to be concerned about..you better be concerned, very concerned. They actually think they dumbed us all down to the point of accepting a pat on the head and a “don’t you worry your pretty little heard about Mitt and his title as CFO..it’s nothing.” I DON’T THINK SO.


  13. bigsheepcommunications

    See what happens when you don’t make public education a high priority?


    • You mean when education becomes unimportant spokespeople become stupid? Or illiterate? Or they simply misquote stuff?

      Sorry for my tardy reply. I’ve been traveling back from Maine. It is a long f’ing way.


  14. “Much to do about nothing” sounds like a list of really pointless tasks.


  15. John Erickson

    If you’ve ever followed Jeff Foxworthy (it’s called Advanced Sociology around here), He once made the comment that “people subtract 50 IQ points when they hear a Southern accent”. Well, nowadays, you can pretty much drop those 50 IQ points when you see the little “(R)” symbol next to a person’s name. If it helps, think of “R” as “retarded”.
    And just to show I’m fair, on the rare occasions when the Dems pull dumb-sh*t stuff, you can think of the “(D)” standing for dumb. Or dumb-sh*t. Depends on how stupid the gaffe is.
    (Independents are easy. “(I)” is for Idiot. With all due respect to our favourite Idiot who Speakeths, at least when he’s in town. 😉 )
    Oh, and here’s a suggestion. Watch the BBC News on BBC America. You may hear the same stupid stuff, but it sounds so much less insulting with a British accent. 😀


    • Actually I often do listen to BBC America. I spent 5 years in Europe and much of my news was from the U.K. And you’re right about those accents.

      Now I will give you the “R”, but I will disagree with the “D” — There are too many different things going on in the Democratic party for everyone to be under one letter.

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry I am late in responding. (I’ve been on the road.)


  16. This probably really IS “a lot to do about nothing.” Find me one politician who has never lied. Just one.

    They all lie and in that respect Mitt is no different than Obama or any other president/presidential candidate.


    • Oh, TwinDaddy,
      Mitt has been saying that his “biznez” credential show that he can do better. But he lied and wants to have it both ways. Remember, it was not the crime but the cover up that got Nixon. Will Mitt goes the same way?

      Everybody tells little lies. Mitt has some big ones to explain.

      There is a huge difference.


      • Huh. See, I would think sending weapons to Mexican drug cartels would be an even bigger crime and cover up than lying about some business misadventures.

        But what do I know?


        • THAT WAS A BUSH PROGRAM. Sort of like when Kennedy inherited the Bay of Pigs from Eisenhower.


          • Oh? And Obama was forced to keep running it?


            • TwinDaddy, sorry to drop this on you and then disappear. I’ve been traveling for two days. My recollection is that this was a Bush program that Obama closed down when he learned about it. There are still consequences, of course.

              We should both look a bit deeper and see what we come up with!


              • From what I understand it wasn’t shut down until it was discovered. Then he used his “executive power” to prohibit congress from asking about it. Why would he do that if he’s got nothing to hide?

                All politicians are liars. All of them. It doesn’t matter if they are way out on the left or way out on the right. They lie.


        • And, Romney is a one trick pony. All he has to say he would do better than Obama is his business experience. Which, to my mind, involves breaking up companies into entities that lined his pockets and that sent jobs overseas.


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