TB and Rick Scott in Perdition

My fake medical career started while I worked on the issue of Tuberculosis, so this issue is near to my heart. But until I read Val’s piece, I was unaware that there are folks in power here in our country who are willing to (1) just let folks die; (2) risk the spread of a deadly contagious disease; and (3) endanger everyone. Ignorance and stupidity are costly.

QBG_Tilted Tiara

Yet another example of malfeasance by Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the rest of the motley crew. Of course, at this stage of the game who of us aren’t surprised, it seems corruption and misconduct is the name of the game in the Sunshine State. The venality of Gov. Rick Scott is only exceeded by his on-going thumbing of his nose for federal law and the safety of others. Honestly, as a Texan I thought no Governor could be worse than the that other Rick, yes I do mean Rick Perry. However, Rick Scott truly has my own Rick beaten hands-down, in fact Rick Scott could beat Rick Perry for downright snake in the grass mean, crooked and degenerate with one hand tied behind his back.

What am I going on about you ask? Is this the Voter Suppression Rick Scott has pursued with such glee? Or the suppression of Doctors by the…

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18 responses to “TB and Rick Scott in Perdition

  1. I just don’t get it. Yeah, sure, there are always people who sponge the system and don’t give back, but is that any reason to not address health. It seems that people will simply believe what they want to believe whether it’s factual or not.


  2. No worries, John. I’m sort of on vacation, myself. Sorry to hear you were without that blood of our existence, the internet. My house in VA was without power for 6 days (no water which is the worst), so I understand. I did not feel neglected.

    Were you referring to Val of QBG Tilted Tiara? (http://valentinelogar.com/)? That’s where I found this. I hadn’t heard of this situation before Val’s post, which I reblogged.

    Glad you’re back up and running!


    • John Erickson

      No, I was referring to Melissa who publishes as WriteChic. (Yeah, the old mental hard drive works in fits and spurts.) Frank won’t answer me, ’cause the little wienie is scared of her! 😉
      Yeah, it was rough without the Net, ’cause I get a lot of my news and all my military info off sites and Email, so I was having some withdrawal issues. But the situation provided it’s own entertainment – we were one of 4 houses that kept power, while the neighborhood sweltered with 100+ degree temps (that wasn’t the funny part), because we were on the same circuit as a big company’s sewerage pumping plant. Yep – we owed our power to … well … poop! 😀


  3. John Erickson

    Yes, I’ve heard of the idiocy of Rick Scott, thanks to an impressive and scary lady (right, Frank? 😉 ), whose blog title I don’t have on this computer. (What IS her blog, Frank? Help a brother out! 😀 )
    Thanks for passing the info on. And no, I wasn’t ignoring you, I didn’t have net for over two weeks, compliments of power outages at the ISP. I’m still trying to catch up!


  4. cooper

    I was unaware that there are folks in power here in our country who are willing to (1) just let folks die;

    Have you forgotten George Bush and Dick Cheney so quickly?????


  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the Republican Governors as “thumbing their noses” at federal law. The United States are hardly “united” any more.


    • I read something yesterday that said that while we’ve all been focusing on what Grover Norquist’s pledge has done to the federal level, it’s terrifying what it has done to state and local coffers.

      The GOP is so damn short sighted.


  6. This is mind boggling. Don’t they realize that if an epidemic causes large numbers of people to die it will decrease the amount of taxes they can collect? You would think, for that reasaon alone, they would pretend to have an interest in protecting people’s health.


    • They think it is a poor people’s disease. The truly poor don’t pay. (Neither do the truly rich but that’s a different story.) This is another “class warfare” game that they play. Telling the middle class: “Move along. Nothing to look at. Move along.”


  7. Interesting! My 20-month old daughter was somehow exposed to TB when we lived in Florida in 1992. Lost our home to Hurricane Andrew and moved to the Pacific Northwest. When I took kid to new pediatrician, he wanted to do a TB test on her just because we came from FL. Shocking to find she tested positive! Everyone she had been in close contact with was tested, but no others were positive. I contacted FL public health and told them of her day care, but it also had been destroyed in the hurricane. So I often wonder how many others were exposed and what happened. Wondered why testing isnt mandatory in school. My daughter had 6 months of preventative treatment and is fine. BTW – we were not poor nor black. Disease doesn’t care what color your skin is or how much $$ you make.


    • I’m so glad your story has a happy outcome. TB spreads most rapidly in confined areas, which is why it is so rampant in prisons. Daycare facilities, nursing homes, schools, the list of places where casual contact can transmit it is lengthy.

      You’re right, diseases don’t care. But doctors do, and folks with no medical care are so often poor.


  8. Only if you or anyone you know or care about wants to go to Florida in the next few years …

    But because it’s you, Frank, you can skim!


  9. Do I really have to read something about Gov. Scott?


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