In the Pink

Sometimes, I find it nearly impossible to shine, and so I just can’t help myself.  At those time I feel the need to do something a little odd, a little nutty and a lot stupid.

Apparently, that is just how the Republican-led government of my adopted state, Virginia, feels.  Because yesterday they decided that one handgun is, well, just not enough for one person, so they repealed that terrible limit, and now, we Virginians can get all the handguns we deserve.  After all, we Virginians have more than one hand, so we need more than one gun.

The limit on guns had been on the law books for 19 years.  It was repealed by a group of state senators who got elected by vowing to increase the number of jobs in the state.  Silly me, I didn’t realize they meant jobs in hospital emergency rooms and morgues.  But hey, jobs is jobs.

But the worst thing about it is I found this out the very day I found my own personal dream firearm:

The Pink Hope 22

Yes, today I learned that the Susan G. Koman foundation was selling “The Pink Hope 22.”  They were “Shooting for the Cure.”  Well, that news, combined with the news that I could now get a matched pair, well, it really made my day.

But then all hope shattered.  Crumbled.  Was blown away.  You see, apparently the Susan G. Koman foundation was all fired up about guns for quite a while.  But not now.  These days, they’ve become so damn politically correct, over this whole decision to let poor women get breast cancer, that they are no longer selling what I personally think is the perfect symbol of an organization devoted to protecting health – a pink hand gun.

I’m so bummed, I need a hug.


Apparently, two of my blogging buddies knew this day would be coming.  The Island Traveler and Arindam of Being Arindam nominated me for the Hope Unites Globally or HUG Award.  Thanks Guys!

I’m not sure that I really qualify for this award, because it is for people (not necessarily blogs) that promote hope, love, peace, equality and unity for all people.  Me, I’m mostly in it for the snark.

Nevertheless, I have it proudly on my blog and am passing it on to three folks who have been wonderfully supporting of my writing, even before my days as an Award Winning Blogger …

Delajus at Higher and Higher

Jamie at Sleep Deprived and Insane

Lisa at Eat Plants, said the Cow


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72 responses to “In the Pink

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  2. I didn’t realize that you were around here, too! But I may have to admit you have a point. The traffic in NoVA makes me want to shoot, until I realize that that will only result in MORE gridlock.

    Thanks for catching up with my posts this morning!


  3. Clearly he was drunk because I got that award too.
    As far as the guns go….as a Virginian myself I understand the logic. More jobs means more people, more traffic, more frustration…..hence…..we need more firearms. Duh! Come on Elyse, get with it.


  4. Another good read. Love the way your brain works, woman. Many big hugs going your way 🙂


  5. Thanks Sandy. Can’t I get arrested for that one?


  6. I nominated you for the Glitter E. Yaynus award!! I know it will go well with all your other awards!


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  8. First, I think just like you, the pink gun is awesome and so I share your every sentiments on it. Second, congratulations to you for the “HUG” award, not only is it a reflection for how your blog has inspired a many, and how it motivated people to be better, it also sums up why there’s no perfect person to have it than you, So I celebrate you today, for making a difference in this world. Wishing all the best…


  9. A pink hand gun! Oh, I love it. I want one. I want several. Wait, let me think this through. I need one for my happy days, so I’ll be able to fire it in exuberance — at the sky of course. I need one for my depressed days, so I can fire it at my head. Don’t worry. I’m a lousy shot. I need one for my rotten work days so I can fire it in every direction. I need one for my purse, one for my glove box, one for that little place in between the seats where I’m supposed to keep CDs, one for every room of the house so I don’t get caught unawares and one to put away for the future. Yeah, ’cause I’ll need an extra to hold in my hands in my casket, just in case you really can take it with you. If so, look out dead relatives! I’m comin’ and I’m comin’ armed — in pink.


    • Somehow, I suspect you might be exaggerating a bit. I’m not sure you need two in your car. Well, maybe one hidden in the trunk in case someone stuffs you in there.

      And I am very glad that you’re a bad shot. Uhghghghg


  10. Elyse, where would we be without snark? Thank you for providing this public service. 🙂


  11. Congratulations on your award! Now as for the gun… Keep up the witty posts, we like reading them!


  12. Congratulations on your award. I’ve never understood the need for handguns, but then, as my girlfriend told me (whose husband is an local enforcement officer), “A shotgun won’t fit into my purse.” Go figure.


    • Thanks, Barb.

      I think that there are some folks who probably should carry a handgun — and the wife of a police officer is probably one of them. Because there are crazies out there. I just think that much of the time the good folks with guns think before they shoot, and that means that the possibility exists that: (1) they’ll be too late; (2) they’ll shoot the wrong person or themselves; or (3) the bad guy can get the gun away from them. But then I don’t carry a switchblade for fear I’ll cut my fingers off, either. So perhaps I am just not good with weapons. I think I’m gonna stick with words!


  13. Nice work on writing this post in a satirically humorous way.

    It’s just very strange when a charity supposedly dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, turns out to be a source for a right wing political agenda. The move to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood was disturbing, but coming out with pink Koman guns is just disturbingly weird. I just had no idea… At least there was enough outrage that Koman was forced to back off on both denying poor women treatment for breast cancer, and the pink “Koman for the Cure” guns, but until now, who knew? Not me…


    • There have been signs for a while that this organization was not pure heart (or breast). The first should have been that they kept suing other charities who used “cure” in their names, as if that was a SGK only goal. Ummmm, I think folks have been trying to “cure” diseases for a couple of years before SGK. The Planned Parenthood thing may have been a blessing in disguise for those of us wanting to use our charitable donations more wisely. The American Cancer Society, does work on breast AND OTHER cancers. Breast cancer is a terrible burden, but so are the others.


  14. Congrats on doing good, Elyse.
    I never get in arguments with people about guns, because if there are two people in a room, and one has a gun, he always wins. Even if he is wrong.


  15. You are very brave tackling real issues that become so emotional for many. I always remind my extended family that while we differ on a few big issues (politics, religion, social issues) we still agree on more things than disagree. It is a wild and wacky world. I am happy to say that my state if helping stand up publicly for my beliefs…after all my signature is posted on the web on a recall ballot. But I am kind of a hippie and believe in making love not war. Being that i have a hard time being angry. Life is just too ridiculous.


    • I’m not sure about “brave” — maybe foolhardy! I think I just got especially annoyed at the “Elect me and I’ll create JOBS” folks who have ignored that whole issue so that they can pass their stupid hot-button issue agenda. That makes me mad. I am 1 year too young to be a hippie, I fear!


  16. Susan G. Komen is not what I thought it was. I will never give money to them again.


  17. Twindaddy, I can’t reply again to your message by hitting reply, so I am just doing a separate comment.

    Obviously you and I have different perspectives on this point. But we also agree on much of it.

    I especially agree that the majority of gun owners are not idiots, are good citizens, and are perfectly within their rights to own guns. My decision (and yours) not to, well, that is up to me (and you).

    And I agree that the Constitution does contain the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms, which as you said was to enable us to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Sadly, unlike more modern laws and agreements, there is no legislative history to explain just what that encompassed. Nor could they have imagined in 1787 automatic weapons and other technological advances. Would they have thought that everyone having a stinger would be a good idea? It doesn’t specifically guarantee the right of people to have cannons, for example. Is that included? How about one’s own personal armed militia? You see, the devil is ALWAYS in the details.

    Plus, the Constitution was INTENTIONALLY not written in stone, and the main body has a provision for amending that document when necessary. There are 27 of them, including the 2nd. Some of these were pretty important, like the one that emancipated the slaves (remember that slaves were originally counted as 2/3 of a person), the right for women to vote, PROHIBITION, which was later repealed.

    Now I have never quite figured out how to amend the 2nd amendment, so I won’t even go there. And frankly, there are many other issues that I think are more important than making a quixotic attempt to change the 2nd Amendment. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

    You and I seem to agree that guns should be regulated, but available. Reasonable gun laws are necessary in the U.S. and folks are afraid to try to make the laws we have reasonable, or at least consistent from state to state. Many states, including the one I live in, are going in the opposite direction — making them easier to obtain, easier to carry, and more plentiful. An organization that claims to be health-care oriented offers one in PINK. I don’t like that. People simply need to start being sensible.

    Thanks for the discussion, TwinDaddy!


    • And when I originally read this post, the 2nd Amendment or a discussion about it never entered my mind. Good explanation Elyse.


    • I don’t know how the 2nd amendment could be modified, either. I was unaware that there was a place in this country that you could just walk up, say you want a gun, and that they would give it to you with no questions asked.

      THAT is ridiculous. I however, feel that banning them would also be ridiculous, if not impossible. There are so many millions of guns out there it would be impossible to disarm every citizen were firearms to be banned. Also, we would most likely face a prohibition-style revolution were a ban to come to fruition. So some ground needs to be found in the middle.

      I used to sell guns for a living. In the state of Kentucky you must pass a background check. Even if you pass a background check I still had the autonomy to decline selling you a gun if I wasn’t comfortable doing so. Say for instance you were intoxicated, I could refuse to sell to you. You could rant and rave, but no manager could override me lest he/she is willing to deal with the consequences of doing so, which would mean you’d be facing some sort of charge and be looking for a new job. And that was just for hunting rifles. There’s a waiting period for handguns and even more stringent rules and guidelines.

      Anyhow, gun control seems to be one of many topics that no one can seem to agree on. In my very humble opinion, however, it should definitely be a challenge to obtain one. A challenge consisting of background checks, safety training, and even a psych eval to let us all know you’re not schizophrenic. They don’t put cops on the street without firearm training so we shouldn’t be putting citizens out on the street without training either. At the very least that would ensure that legal firearms are being distributed to mostly responsible citizens.

      Surely the NRA wouldn’t have a problem with that *cough* *choke*.


      • We are clearly both right. I don’t have a problem with reasonable gun ownership. Perhaps I need to move to Kentucky, because Virginia is totally screwy.

        Thanks for a really good discussion. And I am going to get off my soap box NOW!


  18. I am so offended by this post. Your line of thinking will set women back at least 12 years to when we couldn’t find a decent KitchenAid mixer in any colors except white and eggshell. How can we women express ourselves in shades of neutral? How?


    • Angie, as always I am AMAZED at how your mind works.

      But you know, you’re right. We NEED the colors. And not just pink. I want to be able to change the color of my handgun to match my outfit, kind of like one of those watches with the different colored/patterned disks for the watch face. (For anyone younger than Angie, a watch was a means of telling time before the advent of cell phones.)


  19. winsomebella

    Congrats. And keep the snarks coming 🙂


  20. Hi,
    Congrats on the award.
    You just have to love that pink handgun, I have never seen anything
    like it. 🙂


    • Actually, I think it kind of looks like a toy. I am surprised they were ever available for sale, now that I think of it. Remember a few years ago regulations were promulgated to make sure it was clear if a person had a toy gun rather than a real one. This was, in my opinion, a wise precaution, following the accidental shooting by policeof some kids with realistic-looking toy guns.

      Thanks as always, Mags!


  21. Another great post, Elyse! Your Award Wall is impressive, too. Congrats!


  22. Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. Bullets don’t care if there’s a permit involved or not.


    • I agree completely, D&O. I’m not a fan of legal or illegal guns. Illegal guns are, well, illegal. I’ve ranted on legal guns on this blog twice: and
      Death and injury are the results of gun ownership. Why we as a country “permit” them speaks volumes about who we are as a people. And the fact that my adopted state of VA keeps making them more and more readily available makes my blood boil.


      • The right to bear arms is provided by our constitution as a way for citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government, at least that’s what it was originally provisioned for by our founding fathers.

        Gun control is a highly opinionated and hotly-debated topic, but even were guns outlawed they would still find their way into the hands of those who would have them. The best we can do is to keep them legal and regulate them as best we can.

        Additionally, the fact that American citizens are armed has been the largest deterrent to our country being invaded by other countries.


  23. Congratulations on the HUG Award and you so deftly managed to combine it with a snarky commentary on having mulitiple handguns in fashionable colors. Having a pink hand gun is really a great way to express your rage and your femininity at the same time.


  24. Well, in my experience it’s not the people who legally carry firearms that you have to worry about….just sayin’


    • I’m not so sure of that. I think that a gun in the hand of an idiot is dangerous: (

      And in VA it IS legal to get guns at gun shows, without background checks, no psych evaluation. Those guns are then used in crimes up and down the East Coast. The shooter at VA Tech purchased his guns legally. That worked out well.

      Sorry, but I would never use a gun — so I will never own one. Not even a pink one.


      • Well, that’s stupid. Why wouldn’t they do a background check on anybody trying to buy a firearm?

        As to a gun in the hand of an idiot being dangerous; I would contend that ANY idiot is dangerous. Anyone hellbent on causing harm to others will find a way, with a gun or no.

        I wasn’t suggesting that you should use a gun – I never have and likely never will – but I know plenty of people who carry and they are truly no threat to society. They have been thoroughly checked and have been properly trained on how to handle their firearms safely. The fact that Virginia doesn’t require any of these things is baffling to say the least.


        • It is stupid. I have no idea why some folks think background checks for criminal and psychiatric problems is a bad idea. You have to get a license to prove you can operate a motor vehicle, why not a gun.

          It is one of those hot button items.

          And I agree that there are lots of responsible gun owners who would not hurt anyone. But the statistics on the number of people who kill themselves when there is a gun in the house is a frightening number.

          Thanks for your comments and the discussion. I do appreciate it.


      • I don’t know what those statistics are, but I would again surmise that anyone hellbent on killing themselves would find some ulterior way to do it.


        • Sadly, I do a lot of work on suicide, so I really do know the dangers. But I also know where to find the facts. And the facts are on my side. This is not the only issue in the whole debate of gun rights or gun ownership, but it is an important one. And one anyone considering purchasing a gun should check out.

          From a New England Journal of Medicine piece. It is from 2008 (

          “But the Supreme Court’s finding of a Second Amendment right to have a handgun in the home does not mean that it is a wise decision to own a gun or to keep it easily accessible. Deciding whether to own a gun entails balancing potential benefits and risks. One of the risks for which the empirical evidence is strongest,1 and the risk whose death toll is greatest, is that of completed suicide.

          In 2005, the most recent year for which mortality data are available, suicide was the second-leading cause of death among Americans 40 years of age or younger. Among Americans of all ages, more than half of all suicides are gun suicides. In 2005, an average of 46 Americans per day committed suicide with a firearm, accounting for 53% of all completed suicides. Gun suicide during this period accounted for 40% more deaths than gun homicide.

          Why might the availability of firearms increase the risk of suicide in the United States? First, many suicidal acts — one third to four fifths of all suicide attempts, according to studies — are impulsive. Among people who made near-lethal suicide attempts, for example, 24% took less than 5 minutes between the decision to kill themselves and the actual attempt, and 70% took less than 1 hour.”


      • Those are certainly some powerful statistics, but statistics can be interpreted in different ways by different folks. I’m definitely not as familiar with these facts as your are, but I’ve had some experience with suicide as a very close friend of mine had her brother commit suicide with a gun he purchased the day before.

        I still feel that anyone hellbent on doing it, impulsive or no, is going to find a way. There are many other means of committing suicide with household products in the home such as medicine, knives, ropes, or even walking in front of a moving vehicle.

        As for my own experience, I had someone try to commit suicide by locking herself in the bathroom and consuming an entire bottle of Benadryl while I tried to breakdown the door to stop her. So when I say that when someone is dead set on committing suicide that they’ll find a way, I speak from experience.

        If I had to guess at an explanation for the gun usage statistics in regards to suicide I would venture to say a gun is the quickest and most painless way to go. I just don’t believe that were every gun on the planet to just disappear that suicide attempt statistics would be altered dramatically. People would still be attempting to end their lives.

        I believe that while guns are dangerous in the wrong hands and that they do need to be regulated, the core issue isn’t guns themselves. The core issue is the people that use them. A gun is just a tool. If that tool isn’t available then another tool will be found.

        I support your ideas on background checks and psych evals for potential gun owners. It really should be a priority to ensure that only responsible people own guns, just as it is a priority to ensure only qualified pilots fly airplanes. It just makes sense.

        It appears we’re at an impasse in our debate. I certainly understand your point of view and where you’re coming from, but I don’t feel that numbers ever tell an entire story. Thank you for the polite and frank discussion. I love your blog and enjoy reading your witty posts and will certainly continue to do so.


        • Actually, I was thinking that we should sit down and figure this out and present it to the country. We have probably had the most non-confrontational discussion of guns and regulation that has happened in decades!

          Thanks again. (And it is Elyse, in spite of the red gravitar)


      • You’re assuming people would even listen. Level-headed people don’t matter any more. Only extremists way out on the left or way out on the right. But, sure, I’ll try anything (within reason) once.


        • I agree. Extremists rule these days. They used to be necessary so that we would end up with policy in the middle. It makes me feel very old!

          I don’t think that anyone can read our exchange without mind altering drugs though — the various entries are not in order! It’s kind of funny. Sometimes I could reply and sometimes I could NOT. OH well.

          I am really glad we had our exchange. You have given me a lot to think about and did so in a constructive way. You helped me see the gray areas, rather than just the black and white. Thanks so much!


  25. Nothing says “Curing Cancer” like a gun.


  26. Red

    Congrats on the award! Just think of how many more holes you can shoot in it now!


    • Well, I could shoot lots of holes if I could only get a pink gun. But sadly, they won’t sell them any more. I am tearing up at the injustice of it all …


  27. I won’t think Komen is serious about shooting for the cure until I can get a matched set of fully automatic AR-15s.
    Congrats on the award! Rock on, Elyse!


    • Thanks, Guap!

      Susan G. Komen actually did do a “Shoot for the Cure,” but I don’t think they used automatics (semi or full). You’re right. They just aren’t serious about this “cure” thing.


  28. Elyse! I’m honoured! AND surprised! Thank you!!!!! XXOO

    And thank YOU for supporting MY writing, and for reading all my pieces, and for making me feel good about what I write. I’m glad we met.

    This HUG award is sooo nice and shiney and happy – I love what it’s about! 🙂


  29. Congratulations. You do bring on the smiles. Thank you.


  30. Wow … what an emotional roller coaster, but low and behold your friends came through! “Hope Unites Globally” sounds like a human ideal – and one that a large segment of humans unfortunately act against. Good post Elsye!


    • Thanks for telling me this comment was likely to be in SPAM. It was! And now it is not. Of course for some reason, Word Press has given me a whole new icon, even while my own is up there in the log in spot.

      My blogging buddies always do come through!


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