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The Perfect Table

It is a bit early to be offering decorating tips for the holidays.  It’s summer, and really, who wants to think of just the right plates for serving up those picture perfect holiday meals?  But unfortunately, I really need a new set of dishes.  I just broke another one this morning in the set I bought nearly 20 years ago.  So naturally, I went to the interwebs.

I learned two valuable lessons in the process today.  And of course, I had to share:

  1. Scout out the dog’s location when carrying your breakfast plate to the table.
  2. Never shop for dishes just after you realize that your pants are too tight.

Because if you do, you, like me, will end up buying these:

Photo:  Potterybarn.com

Photo: Potterybarn.com

I’m pretty sure these dishes are just the thing to lighten up those holiday grocery bills.  I wonder if they have matching wine glasses.


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