A Royal Flush

It’s hard to think of Switzerland without thinking about money.

After all, that’s where I personally hide my ill-gotten gains; isn’t it where you stored yours?  Zurich is flush with cash — but it’s nothing to Geneva, home to private banking with a twist.


Above is a picture of my favorite Geneva hotel.  Oh, no, I never stayed there.  But it is conveniently located on the waterfront in Geneva, and it has the most delightful bathrooms in the lobby.   It’s like hitting the jackpot of potties.

But in all of the times I slipped in there to use the facilities, I never once got any money there.  After the article I just read, I gotta say, I was gypped.  Cheated. Scammed.

Maybe I should have gone to a restaurant for my pitt stop.

Because three different restaurants in the financial district of Geneva had their toilets stopped up with €500 notes, each of which is worth about $600.  Yup.  It’s true.

Geneva toilets flush with cash

It seems that they were flushed down a toilet and, well, what came up would make Jed Clampett happy.

Me?  I would have loved to get something back for my years of running to the bathroom.  I didn’t.  So I’m pissed.



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26 responses to “A Royal Flush

  1. That is a gorgeous hotel … well, at least via your pic because I haven’t seen it in person. None the less, you should be pissed … time for a beheading?

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  2. In all the years I have been unclogging toilets at our place, the cause of the stoppage has never, not once, been of a monetary nature. Obviously I’ve been inviting the wrong bottoms to use my thrones.

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  3. Someone is using L500 notes for toilet paper? Holy crap! Wishing you better luck on the next Potty-Lotto. 🙂

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  4. Well… it is fitting that you’re pissed. 😉


  5. Well, that’s never happened in the toilet at the local pizza place. I must be pooping in the wrong places.

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  6. 😳 A shocked emoji is the only reply I can think of!

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  7. The article was in the British papers, in case you want anyone to verify the story. As for me, I keep my ill-gotten gains under the mattress.

    Oops. I shouldn’t have told everyone that, should I?

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  8. Perhaps the nice thing about this for the restaurants is that it was easy to pay the plumber.

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  9. You know what was the article’s best line about the banknotes blocking the toilets? This: “there was no immediate reason to think it was dirty money”.

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  10. One of my proudest moments was leaving some of my…ummm…DNA in a toilet in the Bellagio in Vegas. No, I couldn’t afford to stay there, but pooping there…I mean, leaving some DNA there was free! Now I feel like shit, because you have outdone me once again. I’ve never been to Europe, let alone used the facilities in such a fine and fancy establishment.

    Even though I’ve never been to Europe, I do have a Swiss bank account where I stashed my millions years ago. Unfortunately, I lost my ATM card, and I forgot my super-secret PIN, so I am unable to access my cash. It’s quite possible that someone found my card and guessed my PIN, and the thief is mocking me by stuffing my hard-earned cash in toilets.

    Fuck my life.

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    • I’m sure that’s what happened to your secret account. We on the other hand were ordered to close ours not long after we came back from living there. Not enough money in it. 🙁


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