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20 responses to “Perfect!

  1. That’s the best thing I have seen all day. I needed that laugh!

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  2. If only we could sit him in the sun…and have him melt away.

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  3. The only difference I see is that Creamsicles are sweet … da trumpeter is the farthest thing from sweet I can imagine! 😀

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  4. This analogy seems accurate, except that nobody has yet been able to lick him.

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  5. Hee hee. Love the comparison.


  6. …and it’s bad for your health.

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  7. Deb

    Every fond memory I have of the Creamsicle is now hopelessly ruined forever… 😦

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  8. Susan from Boston

    LOVE this!

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  9. I too like Creamsicles!

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  10. Oh, nooo. Not the Creamsicle. It was once a favorite.

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