This is as good an excuse as any


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13 responses to “This is as good an excuse as any

  1. This was too dull to sit through in it’s entirety. I’m going to just go with he’s a dick.

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  2. It really doesn’t matter what the cause is. He is a bad person, and he is not competent or qualified for the job. Whether it is dementia or something else is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

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  3. Somehow I would rather believe that the American people accidentally voted for someone with undisclosed dementia/Alzheimer’s than that they voted for someone who is just pure evil on many levels.

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  4. He’s just an ASS. The older his ego gets, the more of an ASS he becomes. `

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  5. Trump had a full physical and he was “A-OK.” I assume testing to be president includes psychological questions that would cover things like dementia. I don’t think he has any illness we could blame all this on. He’s a self-serving, greedy, sicko sociopath who takes great pleasure in seeing just how much attention he can get and how far he can push us. Period.


  6. The video might cause him to suffer a stroke.

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  7. Er, yes. There appears in many respects to be an el-problemo which I personally have thought about. He might well be in the early throes of dementia besides the fact that he is a personality disorder. But his type of behavior does point to something that is amiss. The world is watching and laughing. But that is ok. In the US some folks are laughing. I don’t find anything amusing at this point in a tainted and declining political situation.

    What in the hell will the GOP and other top officials going to do about this situation. And I am not writing this lightly. I consider this administration deeply troubling. Everything seems helter-skelter and only focused on T’s defense of Russian involvement. The other distressing factor is his constant belittling and demeaning the media. Without the media we’d be in a mell of a hess.

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    • There are so many possibilities with him, aren’t there? Probably a multi-factored combo. I think that this film would really irritate him more than most. Let it go viral!

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