How To Get Gun Control Legislation Enacted

It was a Sunday night in, I think, 1982, and I arrived home from my late night walk with Goliath at the U.S. Capitol grounds.  We’d had a lovely walk, on the always safe grounds.

US Capitol

US Capitol at night. Image Credit:


When I got home, my roommate Keily met me at the door.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I responded, thinking she was weird.

“They just reported on the 10 O’Clock News that a bomb went off at the Capitol.”

“Oh!” I responded, and sat down to watch the news.

If I had heard or seen anything, I would have reported it. But in fact, there was nothing unusual about my walk that night.  Nothing at all.

Tuesday morning, I headed to the Rayburn House Office Building bright and early to attend a hearing.  I was stopped by the guard on my way in.  My briefcase and my purse were searched.

36 Hours Later.

Stupidly, I cracked a joke to a security guard who was suddenly actually guarding security.

“Now why did you have to say that?” he said. “Now I really have to look.”

As the days went on, more and more security was added.  No longer could I be at two places at once.  I (and half of the other twenty-somethings in DC) had long been leaving my briefcase in one hearing with a tape recorder running while my body attended a second one.  That became a thing of the past.

Within a very short time, security increased by leaps and bounds.  Metal detectors were installed; the life of a low-level lobbyist became more of a pain in the ass than it had been.

Our Congressional Representatives and our Senators were protected, though.  For a long time, I thought that was fine.

Until mass shootings became common.  And until those very same Congressmen and Senators refused to act to protect people in the US from the danger of random gunfire.  Until fealty to the National Rifle Association (the NRA) and keeping their jobs — became more important than the safety of regular people.  More important than protecting students in their schools, shoppers in their stores, workers in their offices.

So here’s my idea:

Let’s take down those metal detectors.  Stop paying for them to have security guards at every door.

The real world is a dangerous place.  And the folks who refuse to make it less so, should not hide behind shields the rest of us don’t have.

*     *     *

 I am not advocating violence against Congress or against anybody.  I oppose violence — and I am strongly in favor of sensible gun control laws.  But until the folks who make the laws — or in this case, DON’T make the laws — have the same concerns as the rest of us, well, nothing is going to happen.

And in fact, in the 1960s, Governor Ronald Reagan actually repealed open carry laws when Black Panthers led by Huey Newton made the legislators a wee bit nervous.








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51 responses to “How To Get Gun Control Legislation Enacted

  1. Well argued. Before Obamacare, when Congress was fighting against any sort of universal health care coverage, someone proposed we simply offer the entire country the coverage our congressional representatives had. Hmmm. Funny how it looks different when their proclaimed principles are applied to them.

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  2. I think this is a wonderful idea. Of course two sane ideas were just shot down in the Senate. If the Senate can decline sane ideas, like closing the loophole of the gun show and refusing to sell guns to people on the terrorist watch list, well then nothing is going to change.

    I think we are hopeless.

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    • Yes. I read about that vote. But hopefully that will be usable in the next election to oust some assholes. Still enacting same laws would be better. But with this Congress? Not a snowball’s chance … Pathetic.

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  3. As someone who has two children working in federal buildings in DC, I would never advocate for taking away security. It’s not just the lawmakers the security guards are protecting. However, I agree that something must be done. While people should be able to own guns for hunting and security, there is no reason anyone needs automatic or semi-automatic weapons. And for the whiners who think that their rights are being violated if they have to go through an extensive background check to own a gun – grow up! No one is saying you can’t have your gun – we are just asking for more diligence to make sure guns don’t end up on the hands of crazy people.

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    • Ok. I don’t want anything happening to your kids. Really. I don’t want anything happening to anyone. But I do think that the lawmakers (or really the non-lawmakers should have to face down the barrels of what they have wrought. Because they really do seem to be chicken Hawks.


  4. The Republican pro-gun politicians always argue that areas designated as gun-free zones are inherently more vulnerable to a shooting attack. So demanding that any gun-free zones around these same politicians are automatically abolished is just a commonsense measure to ensure greater safety for these politicians.

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  5. I commend you and your readership for showing a modicum of sanity. The last time I read and responded to a post on gun control, there was a nut-job gun advocate who had to answer every remark (and I mean every remark) with a response of his own. The responses became more and more irrational and I realized that this type of person was part of the overall problem – an inability to differentiate responsible gun ownership from those with evil intent. I have no evidence to back up my claim – my own readership knows that I don’t do research – but I would assert that few responsible hunters or marksmen are mass murderers. If only that group would join in the need for better gun control.

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    • Ah yes. I’ve had my share of trolls. I shut them down now and have not been bothered in my last couple of posts.

      It would be great if hunters and responsible gun owners joined the cause. They don’t need thousands of rounds of arm our-piercing bullets ….

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  6. Holly

    You know that I agree with everything you say on this topic. I hate that it has to be a topic…still.

    (your other blue friend in VA)

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  7. I was wondering last night what were the odds that nut-jobs or terrorists, home-grown or otherwise, would ever try to attack the NRA offices. Probably pretty slim, because they KNOW those people are carrying guns and will shoot back.

    Laws banning guns are only going to be followed by people who are law-abiding. I would generally prefer that the law-abiding citizens have more guns than the law-breakers, but I don’t know what the answer is to this insanity.


    • And there’s an actual time when good guys with guns took care of a mass shooting? Not that I’ve read about. I HAVE read about times when there was a good guy nearby with a gun who didn’t use it because they had no clue what was going on. (Gabby Giffords’ shooting, and the Oregon College shooting are two examples off the top of my head).

      I think the answer is phasing out guns. Making owning a gun for other than hunting and perhaps (even though I think it is 100% stupid) for home protection. Because there are more and more people who just keep using these weapons against innocent victims.


    • But you know what, Peg? They’re all terrorists. It doesn’t matter their motives. Anyone who goes in with a gun and starts shooting. They are all terrorists. And there are more and more of them.

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  8. Linda Medrano

    Brilliant and thought provoking article. Well done! I hope you don’t mind that I shared it on Facebook.

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  9. It’s so crazy. We keep having the same conversations and nothing changes. Doesn’t that fit in the definition of insanity?

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  10. I recently read another great idea – get all African-American men to join the NRA en masse and take out ads about how much they enjoy their guns and the “Open Carry” law. Instant legislation.

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  11. This is the topic of our day; I took most of November to explore the place of violence in our culture – or rather – our comfort with the place of violence – often gun violence, in our culture. Here’s my attempt to push in the same direction:

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    • It is a thoughtful piece, and while you come to it from a somewhat more philosophical/religious angle, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have embraced the cowboy mentality to our everlasting shame and detriment.


  12. Again, if the murder of 5 & 6 year olds at a school right before Christmas didn’t change a mind, I’m not sure what will. A group studying the Bible … nope. A group of movie goers … nope. A group of people waiting to see a doctor … umm … nope. Now a group mentally impaired people at a holiday party… I’ll assume that answer will also be … nope.
    Fuck them and their fucking secret tunnels!

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  13. Unfortunately because this is such a sensitive issue, both sides have dug in their heels so much that I don’t know if anything can be done

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    • Yes. Heels are dug in. We need to change fundamentally as a society and realize that none of us are living in the goddamn OK Coral.

      And we need to elect legislators who care more for public safety than their own jobs.


  14. You and I are going to have this conversation again. Almost verbatim. I’m all for gun control. Forget background checks. Automatic weapons should be illegal. Period. But if an elementary school full of children can be shot up and NOTHING happen as a result, then there’s no hope. When it comes to guns, this country is sadly beyond redemption. Hopeless. I keep waiting to hear shots outside my office.

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    • I agree that with the folks in office, nothing will happen.

      So we’ve got to get them out. Gun control needs to be a make or break reason for voting for someone. Get these assholes out of office and elect some folks who WILL act.

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  15. That’s a great suggestion. And like previous suggestions that our professional politicians be forced to live on minimum wage, and that they do so without medical insurance, it stands the same chance of being enacted as the proverbial snowball…unfortunately…

    However, I, for one, will promote it anyway. After all, we must have some hope!

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  16. Excellent idea, Elyse. I keep waiting for Trump or Cruz or someone to actually come out and say what most of these gun cuckoos are thinking anyway….”Gun Rights are for Whites.” Because all you need to do, as I read recently to get gun control laws in place is have every black male over the age of 18 register for a gun permit. See how long it takes then.

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    • As I said to Nancy above, that is precisely what happened in California in ~ 1967. White legislators might just be more fearful of blacks with guns than of the NRA…

      What a disgusting society we have become.


  17. Glazed

    I agree with all you say. Take away their fucking metal detectors. Take away their security guards, too. I came very close to the action today. It really hit home. You can read about it in my post. I would not have felt more secure if people were openly carrying guns. That would have just scared me more. Besides, a pistol is no match for an assault rifle.

    I have now adopted your motto concerning shooters: Fuck them!

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  18. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.


  19. I find it amazing that WE as a society accept violence of this magnitude, that it IS acceptable. And yes, those who make (or don’t make) these laws are protected, while you and I are vulnerable. To tell you the truth, as of today, I feel vulnerable. While before violence felt (reasonably or not) to be either TARGETED (not at me) or RANDOM (low probability), now it feels like the potential for it is everywhere. I am not afraid, but I am heartbroken and ashamed.

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    • Yes If they’re going to stand in the way of gun control, they just shouldn’t have special protection.

      I am disgusted. But not afraid. Because the NRA wants us to be afraid so everybody will buy guns.

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