Sore Loser

There is a time honored tradition in our democracy that has the losing side contacting the winning side to offer congratulations.  It is part of how we as a society put the disagreements between candidates behind and go forth and govern.

Obviously, as a Democrat, I am happy with the results in the Governor’s race (and the Lt. Governor’s race).  I am hopeful about the close election here for Attorney General, which is still being counted.

But as someone who believes in governing as much as I believe in democracy, well, I am disgusted with the tone of Ken Cuccinelli’s post-defeat actions.  He has no plans to contact Governor-elect McAuliffe.  He has no plans to get together to see what can be done to help the people of the Commonwealth.

Ken Cuccinelli’s Concession speech, if you have the stomach for it, wasn’t a concession speech.  It was a “We have to be even bigger assholes and THEN we’ll win” speech.  It is scary to think that these fanatics still claim a loss as a victory, and have no plan to work within the confines of what — and whom — the voters chose.

What an ass.  What a dangerous ass.

I wonder if when Ken Cuccinelli goes and fucks himself, if it is considered sodomy.

As I say all the time, Elections Matter.  Good for Virginia.

"Thus, Always, to Tyrants." Virginia Got that Right (Google image)

“Thus, Always, to Tyrants.”
Virginia Got that Right
(Google image)

*     *     *

For those of you who don’t peruse the comments, I had to put this hilarious one from El Guapo into the post:

Not sure about the sodomy, but if Cuccinelli tried to mind-fuck himself, it would probably be necrophilia.



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55 responses to “Sore Loser

  1. Take comfort, Elyse. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her/his wings. A whole lot of angels got wings during that snarky speech. Some people should just not be allowed to stand behind podiums with live microphones.


  2. Politics today – boy have we lost that sense of graciousness that used to follow elections back in the day – like when Burr and Hamilton got into it over some trash talking – oh well, maybe things haven’t really changed at all.


  3. Bravo, Elyse. I was holding my breath that this jerk wouldn’t win. WW drove back from an off-site in another area at the end of a very long day of teaching to cast his vote AGAINST CUCINELLI, and then drove back to finish his job. That’s how committed we were to work toward the demise of this cretin. His rudeness just confirms that we were correct in doing so.


    • Good for WW! I am still nervous about the AG’s election. As of right now Obershain is up by 55 votes … and the Republican electoral boards changed how provisional ballots are being counted — folks have to personally show up to show their ID instead of being allowed to fax or email them to legal representatives. That will cause some disenfranchisement in Fairfax for sure (which is where the tallies are still in question and there are many provisional ballots to be counted).

      Nothing like cheating if you can’t win honestly.


  4. You know those GOP crazies are all f’ng lunatics. This one, he is simply got his head so far up his azz he hasn’t seen sunlight. Rude? Yes, he has the manners of an untaught infant (I wouldn’t insult a barnyard animal).

    I won? What, no you assclown you lost. The people spoke and you lost. Doesn’t matter who had money, you lost.

    No matter where I turned this week, people were making excuses for losses and bad behavior. They were even turning on their own (I liked that). The GOP is imploding (I like that also).

    Loved Gaup’s comment.


  5. I had to stop after “we were lied to by our government.” Umm, excuse me may I PLEASE remind you about the BIG LIE regarding the Iraq war that we are still effing battling 12 YEARS later. Why would I watch this before coffee is beyond me…Lahoosaher at its finest. I also loved watching the fake face on the wife, dear lord what the hell is she on.


    • She has been married to this loser for a zillion years, has a zillion kids and home schools them. I’m not sure she needs drugs at this point. It’s probably Stolkholm Syndrome.


  6. The best way to get through that video is to put it on mute and just watch how bored and uncomfortable his daughters and wife get.


  7. Well… he WAS quite outspent, and he changed tactics late in the race. The race ended up closer than any poll predicted. (That’s the wonk in me.) But also he’s a crazy mothereffer. So that probably had something to do with his loss. (That’s the cynic.)
    Also? I’m kind of more disturbed by the “commenters.” Were there only 15 people in the room?


    • Yes, he was. Cuc was also f’ing crazy.
      I have been thinking of you since I read this article the other day —–Who-We-Work-For/
      I have been meaning to do a post on it. I think it is important that all of us who think of science to promote it.

      Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with your comment. Sorry! I just thought you’d be interested …


      • You can’t possibly know how timely this is! I’m in the middle of a… well, let’s call it an editorial conversation with someone who thinks he can totally change the way I treated a story I wrote about a scientific study vis-a-vis the human interest that generates anybody giving a flying fuck about the study in question. He wants to eliminate or delay the human interest part, and I want to stab him in the chest.
        Which is not a proofreading mark, so I’m having a little difficulty.


  8. pinklightsabre

    Such language missy! I can’t wait to launch my first F bombs in a post. I’m holding out for the right moment and hope you’ll be there for it…!


    • I grew up by the sea, and I sound like it! Do you know that I was actually freshly pressed for a post with the F bomb in it? I was astonished (and actually cleaned up the post after they notified me.

      I hope to be around when you drop a bomb. It is sooo fucking satisfying.


  9. You lost. You’re a loser.


    • Who me?!

      Yes, Ken is not going down gracefully … which makes him, in my book, even more of a loser. But then, given his attitude towards women, I kind of though that anyway…


  10. Elyse,
    I’m sorry…somehow my comments get stuck in the middle of threads you have already replied to…me don’t understand, but somehow I’m sending a message about Obamacare.


  11. “Although I lost, we sent a message that Obamacare is a failure”….um…you lost….so how does that work exactly?


  12. I can’t help but feel that Virginia simply elected the lesser of two evils.


  13. I didn’t watch beyond the first few seconds. After he blamed his loss on being outspent and then said that at least he ran on principles (implying the other side didn’t), I decided to pack it in. Don’t want to jump-start my irritation too early…


  14. Sic Semper Tyrannis is a great line. It’s the way it’s applied that causes trouble.

    Not sure about the sodomy, but if Cuccinelli tried to mind-fuck himself, it would probably be necrophelia.
    (Please tell me that joke came through clearly.)

    Oh, and you not voting for him is simply another clear sign of the moral decay of ‘Murica.


  15. Tex Arty

    Citizens of the great state of Virginia are representative of all Americans and must be proud of their good fight to elect Governor McAuliffe.


    • Thanks Tex. I actually think McAuliffe will be a good governor. He is an excellent administrator and that’s what it takes.

      But it’s time to accept that the election is over and move along!


  16. Snoring Dog Studio

    Yes, good for Virginia! My gosh, so many politicians are revealing themselves for the rotten people they’ve always been. Thank goodness, the people of Virginia voted wisely. The politics of obstruction are what the Republicans and Tea Party folks appear to believe are part of our Constitution. Meanwhile, Rome burns.


  17. bigsheepcommunications

    Bigger assholes? Is that possible?


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