[VIDEO] The Science Of Happiness

It is important to understand what makes us happy. It is even more important to understand what makes our best friends happy. This video made me very happy.

Marking Our Territory

A new study was just released about canine cognition and the ability of dogs to experience positive emotions.  Of course, Eko and I immediately went to our home laboratory to conduct the experiment ourselves – check it out!

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21 responses to “[VIDEO] The Science Of Happiness

  1. I think anyone who ever loved a dog is so aware of their potential for unconditional love. I miss Bandit!


  2. LOOOOOVE this post Elyse. Jaimie and I oooo’d and aaaaaah’d watching it. Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013 15:07:27 +0000 To: lisaannmillar@hotmail.com


  3. Loved the video. I guess you have to resort to using crude mechanical devices when your pets are incapable of purring.


  4. Happy, happy, happy! I so miss having a dog. Perhaps one day my son will know the joys (and responsibility) of having a dog.


  5. Ah, so cute. We could all learn a thing or two from our canine friends. But as much as I love dogs, I can’t do the face-licking thing. Too much Sheldon in me, I guess…


    • Sheldon?

      I too refrain from dog kisses on the face, ever since Cooper ate cow poo on an organic farm and got E. coli I’m less fussy about buying organic since then too!


      • Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. That’s what my family calls me, because I like my ‘spot’ on the couch and I don’t drink out of people’s cups and what not. Unfortunately, the guy’s also an arrogant narcissist. I sure hope that’s not me…


        • Perhaps you are just more knowledgeable about what the germs on other folks’ cups can do. You know, being a doctor and all …

          And we’re all a little bit narcissistic from time to time. Especially those of us who write and think (arrogantly?) that anybody cares what we write!


      • As for your dog getting E.Coli, poor pooch. Hope he was okay. And I hope he’s since selected a different culinary treat.


        • Poor Cooper. He got quite sick, and we thought we would lose him. Fortunately none of the humans in the house contracted it. This was in Cooper’s puppyhood — he’s the one who died this past summer. But he always did have a taste for disgusting things. More than any of my other dogs. Seriously gross. You’ve really got to love dogs to have one!


  6. Eko made me smile today, (and so did you). Thank you for the puppy love. You can never have too many wet doggie kisses in your life.


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