To The Ends of The Earth

All parents say they’d go to the ends of the earth for their children.  But how many have actually followed through with that promise?

John and I did.

Yes, it’s true.  Twenty-two years ago, we travelled from where we were living in Connecticut all the way to the end of the earth for our baby boy, Jacob.  Because we adopted him from Chile, which is located at the end of the earth.  Really, it’s true.  Just look at this map.

That's Chile way down there at the bottom left. (Google image, natch.)

That’s Chile way down there at the bottom left.
(Google image, natch.)

And you know, we’d do it again.  Literally or figuratively.

Jacob, you mean the world to your Dad and Me.

Jacob and his world

 Happy Adoption Day to my very favorite kid.


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43 responses to “To The Ends of The Earth

  1. snowelf

    This is just the cutest and sweetest post ever–perspective is everything, isn’t it? You guys are so blessed.


  2. Awww….

    Happy Adoption day … I loved how it turned out 🙂



  3. Aww! I loved this. Too sweet, Elyse ❤


  4. Happy adoption day, happy family forever day. Congrats of course.


  5. pinklightsabre

    Sweet…thanks for sharing your story.


  6. Congratulations to all of you – especially the hairy baby! It’s fun to read a post like this!


  7. Love. Adoption is like the yin and yang of the universe – someone needing parents and someone wanting a child. When everything aligns to make it happen – just confirms that we’re doing something right. Congratulations!


  8. Tex Arty

    Congratulations to you, John and your son. Top Post of the day. 


  9. Congratulations on celebrating such a special day! He was adorable then and I bet he is adorable now.


  10. I don’t even know what language they speak in Chile.
    But I do see that they do grow some beautiful kids there!


    • They DO grow beautiful kids there!

      And they speak Spanish. Sort of. But their accent is so different that our lawyer’s husband, when they traveled to Spain, was mistaken for an American (he spoke no English)!


  11. Pick up a beautiful baby at the end of the earth, and get a suntan in the process. A win win. 🙂


  12. Luanne

    Aw, what a cutie! I’m glad you didn’t label today as Gotcha Day. I despise that term.


    • I had never heard that term until your comment. Then Jacob sent John and I a “Happy Gotcha Day” text, so I looked it up. I’m with you — I don’t like the term. It sounds as if a monster has come in and scooped up the baby. And while I am an imperfect mother, “monster” doesn’t suit me well, either!


      • Luanne

        Yeah, BABY SNATCHING.


        • When we were trying to figure out from where to adopt, there were terrible stories in the news about Romania, etc. where babies were stolen and put up for adoption. We chose Chile in part because the program was above-board and very legal. So I agree that your description of “Gotcha Day” as baby snatching is right on the money (ahem) — and exactly why we ended up choosing Chile and — luckily for us — ended up with our wonderful boy.


  13. Cheers … and I assume John doesn’t like that song … and neither this one.


  14. Happy Day! Adoption is such a miracle, bringing together family who would otherwise never meet. My husband was adopted.


  15. I would like to think I would go to the ends of the earth for my children. I have never been given that opportunity, and I hopefully never will.

    Happy adoption day, Jacob! You have awesome parents!


  16. Mother is a name that fits you perfectly.


  17. Aw! Lovely post 🙂 I love adoption, everything about it.


  18. So is 23 today? Good on you both. I lost 3, but have two – and I would go to the ends of the earth for them – without question.


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