The Voice of the Problem

When I wrote a post on the night of the shootings about the fact that members my family grew up in Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, I was touched by the comments of most of you.

One commenter I’d never heard from before, took the opportunity to make my comments section into her platform for how very safe she feels because she packs a gun.  I tolerated her for as long as I could, mostly trying not to vomit at the comments.  She berated me for my opinions, telling me in bad grammar that I was ignorant.

I am not ignorant.  I have done the research.  I even put some of it into the comments that she found so ignorant.  Here’s the post, although the comments, which were mostly answered in those damn Word Press bubbles, do not appear in the order they were received.  And since some of them required me to breathe deeply into a paper bag filled with Xanax, they were answered fairly randomly.


As a news junky I am constantly reading about the incredibly stupid things normal people do with guns.  People who mean no harm, who only mean to keep themselves and their families safe.

There was the man I wrote about in my first piece on gun control, Gunsmoke.  He shot himself in the femoral artery while unbuckling his seat belt in a grocery store parking lot.  His wife was inside shopping, and their four kids watched their father die stupidly.

There was the guy who was hanging out with his friends and demonstrated the infallibility of his gun’s safety by putting the safety on, pointing the gun at his temple, and pulling the trigger.  His friends were quite impressed, I’m quite sure.  He will never know.

And then along comes this guy, who gives a face and a voice to everything stupid about the crazy gun crowd.

In case you are on the fence on whether or not assault weapons should be banned, take a listen to someone who thinks they should not.

And then see if you can believe badly enough of George W. Bush, that you will go along with Alex Jones’ depiction of what happened on September 11, 2001, and therefore, why, really, we all need assault weapons.


I’ve begun to believe that it is not necessarily mental health that needs to be evaluated before a person can purchase a gun.

We need to test their intelligence.  Because there are way too many stupid fuckers out there with weapons.

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78 responses to “The Voice of the Problem

  1. Heck, I’ll buy into that intelligence test thing. I knew a couple re-enactors who shouldn’t have been trusted with WATER pistols, much less blank-firing weapons. There was even one guy who always carried one clip of live ammo “just in case”. Needless to say, he tended to end up playing alone….
    Guns don’t kill people, people don’t kill people, it’s the MORONS who kill people!


  2. Amen to that sister. Last line……enough said.


  3. You sound rather peeved. Understandably so. No, you’re nowhere near ignorant. That’s so not nice to say.

    I saw the news conference after the shooting in which the NRA said children should be protected in schools with guns since it was done so with the President. They are very staunch believers in themselves and that this will resolve out dilemma. It’s sad.

    While the young man who committed the act was said to have Aspergers, I still don’t understand how those weapons were at his disposal when the mother was said to have increasing issues with him. It should never have happened.


    • I don’t quite see the connection with Aspergers — not from what I know about it, anyway. But if you have a troubled child and you take him to the gun range so that he learns how to shoot really well? Lord above. You’re right, it should never have happened.


  4. Oy, oy, oy! I had heard about this video but hadn’t seen it. But have no fear; this guy is a poster boy for gun control–he’s perfect for our cause (even the idiot, Glenn Beck said that P. Morgan had interviewed the “nut” on purpose).

    The thing that shamed the “everyday” American off their couches and into the streets demanding change against segregation in the 60’s was seeing the images on TV of Blacks beaten in the streets, attacked by dogs, and our children blown up in our churches by the KKK. The thing that horrified the “everyday” American off their couches and demanding the end to the Viet Nam war were the images of war coming through our TV sets and that iconic naked Vietnamese child running down the street screaming in terror. People woke up. Unfortunately, Newtown, Aurora, Va Tech, Columbine, and Gabbie Gifford and constituent shootings (not to mention the little brown and black children who are murdered everyday in the inner city by guns) will continue to happen for a while, and idiots like that Alex Jones will become more and more visible (I had no idea he existed until a couple days ago), until people like me join together with people like you and we take to the streets to demand controls where controls need to be put to set peoople free from this tyranny. And you know what? The gun lovers will have to get over it because MOST Americans are for sensible gun control–even those who are hunters and have responsible lock-down situations for handguns to protect their homes which I am not against by the way (NOTE TO GUN LOVERS: I DON’T WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR HUNTING GUNS OR HANDGUNS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME, SO STOP FREAKING OUT!!!!)

    Alex Jones, the crazy guy is playing right into the hands of all of us who will work to get the assault riffles and weapons of war out of our society. So we should “encourage” the Alexes and LaPierres (sp) [NRA president] to keep talking, because they unwittingly presenting a solid gun control case without even knowing it. Keep exposing them, Elyse. Good people will eventually join together and bring about righteousness. Great post!


    • Now, Eleanor, don’t be shy. Speak your peace!

      I agree with what you said. Mr. Jones is a poster-child for everything that is extreme in the gun movement. Who in their right mind would want him to have anything more than a cap gun? “Not I,” said the Chicken. It is amazing that this man has a platform.

      I felt it was important that people who don’t normally get exposed to the extremes see just what/who believes they are entitled to their own militias, their own arsenals, their own f’ing planet. Because nobody wants this guy with lots and lots of firepower. I think we can all safely say that.


  5. GOF

    Keep up the campaign Elyse. For a country which has given the world so much it is sad to watch this cancer of gun ownership stupidity eating it up from the inside.


  6. We double down on stupid every day in this nation Elyse. What the hell is wrong with us.

    I have seen that interview with that idiot, worse he has such a huge following. I think this is why we continue to get stupid, more and more stupid.

    I fear for us, as a nation and as a people.

    This was so well done Elyse, our voices though cries in the wilderness I am afraid.


    • Sometimes I despair, but not always. In fact, I think seeing the true crazy side of the gun guys is a hopeful thing. People don’t want to associate with someone this crazy. They don’t want to do the things he does. By definition, they will distance themselves.

      He needs to be the poster child for gun sanity.


      • Except some of them, many of them in fact are standing there in front of the television, on the internet and in the streets saying ‘hell yeah’. We have assholes in Texas proposing the entire state by open carry, without limitations. Just take us back to their version of the wild west, shoot um up and Let their version of God sort it the fuck out.

        I am so afraid. Blood will run in the streets and no one will care. No one will blink an eye.


  7. John-Paul

    This was wonderful. Who was the actor opposite Piers? Really great performance (a little over the top at times). Was this on Saturday Night Live? We don’t get a lot of good American satire here in New Zealand. Is the NRA a comedy show too? I heard a clip from one of their skits where a guy said that America needed more guns in schools to make them safer. So funny. Comedy gold.


    • Comedy gold is right, JP! Happy New Year. Yes, I do look forward to the day when folks like this joker are mererely that, jokers. And not the evil ones with the make up.


  8. Hi,
    I started listening to the videos but a bit too much for me, very extreme I think. Being from a different country, it will be interesting to see what happens about any gun laws that may or may not come to pass. I imagine there will be a lot of debate about this subject.


    • Oh I don’t blame you at all for not watching it all, Mags. It’s quite intense. Besides you folks in your country figured it out.

      I just think that all Americans need to see the crazy side of the gun argument.

      (I should do a rating scale: not recommended for all nationalities!)


  9. You old button-pusher, you! I found it so disheartening to learn that people were buying up all the assault weapons they could find after they heard talk of banning them. Where did all the money suddenly come from to stock pile weapons when people struggle to pay their bills? Are they going to shoot their way out of debt?


    • Perhaps you’ve hit on it — a whole country of Franks and Jessees Ann’s Janes James! Who says the cowboy era is over.

      I really thought folks should see this man and know the true level of crazy that has to be contained.


  10. I’m sorry Elyse, I didn’t have the patience to listen to either of those two idiots. Piers (way far left) and Jones (way far right) both have extremist views when it comes to this issue and I’m just tired of everyone and their extremist beliefs. Nobody is willing to compromise on anything and it’s just getting old.


    • Yeah, but I’m afraid Jones will become the poster boy for why we need gun legislation. I don’t actually know Piers — I don’t watch him and didn’t watch Larry King before him. I find it interesting, like Lisa of Big Sheep mentioned, that he was all for the 2nd Amendment, but not Piers’ 1st Amendment right (which does apply to feriners) to freedom of speech.

      I heard that there may be an executive order coming down the pike on this issue. Don’t know if it is true.

      I actually think that somehow something will be done. It won’t be what I’d like (which would be to make sure that Jones and his ilk do lose their arsenals because fucking crazy people should not have guns.)

      We shall see.

      You did, I fear, miss my previous post which has a hilarious video. Seriously you don’t want to miss this one:


  11. I agree with both you and Tim Keen above.
    And I wonder if Tim feels there should be limits on strength/number of guns that individuals are allowed to own.


    • I agree with us both too.

      But you know, I think that if the sane/non stupid gun owners want a say in this discussion they need to come up with some reasonable proposals that can be worked on. I hope to see that happen when the debate really starts.


  12. Wow! Just when I thought I had seen all the whack jobs! I can’t believe how patient Pierce was with this very scary nut bar. Of course Pierce could have just sat there and let the guy spew and the would have exploded eventually. I really hope that the nice young man in their clean white coats were there to take him away in a straight jacket at the end.


    • Sadly, I am pretty sure that Jones is back at his microphone. He is another Glenn Beck hate spewer on U.S. talk radio. Sadly, I’m sure he got a huge bump up in ratings for this show.

      I don’t actually know who is crazier — the Jones/Beck/Limbaugh types or the idiots who listen to them. And there are a whole bunch of them which is possibly scariest of all.


  13. I don’t see how anyone can get up there and fight for guns with such passion the way that man did knowing children are getting killed in masses. I don’t know how Piers had such restraint. I couldn’t even watch it all.


    • Oh Karen, it got crazier.

      Jones accused George W Bush of having orchestrated 9/11. If so, then Bush should have gotten an Oscar for his performance at that Florida school, when it took him, was it 9 minutes, to react to the news of the attack.

      Yup. Folks like Jones are certifiable. And they are armed. Heavily armed. What’s wrong with this picture?


    • You said it, Frank.

      I can’t tell you how often I think of this clip, but it is several times a day at least! And when I listen to folks spouting on about the 2nd amendment well, yeah.


  14. That last line just about summed up my feelings on the matter. I had this discussion with my brother over the holidays. He is of the “if we give the good guys more guns they can kill the bad guys (who also have lots of guns)”. Needless to say, I disagree. If the sole function of a thing is to inflict harm or cause death (via hunting animals or shooting people), that thing should be restricted as all get out. Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten the actual purpose of guns, how lethal they are DESIGNED to be, and doled them out like candy bars.


    • Yes, I don’t see any good in guns. But I wasn’t brought up with them.

      But the bottom line in this is that guns are by definition dangerous. So they need to be treated more like that and regulated more closely. We will never get rid of them — nor realistically should we. But nobody needs a weapon that can kill 30/50/100 within minutes — whether that is a suitcase bomb or a gun. Nobody. The government bans and strictly controls most weapons of mass destruction. Except guns capable of the same thing. That needs to change.

      Gun sanity is the answer.


  15. bigsheepcommunications

    I do not feel safer knowing that guy Piers interviewed owns guns. I found his fixation on the 2nd amendment, to the total exclusion of the 1st amendment (wanting to deport Piers bc he expressed his views on gun control) pretty fascinating. I believe there is plenty of middle ground here – almost all would agree that there are people who should not own guns for instance, but we’ll only identify them with background checks. And BTW, I do not remember electing the NRA to Congress and don’t know why they think they have the right to make policy.


    • Yes, the folks who love them the 2nd Amendment do tend to forget about them other Amendments, don’t they, Lisa. Not to mention the rest of the Constitution itself.

      I agree that there is middle ground. But there are way too many folks like Alex Jones out there. And they surprise you sometimes. See my comment to Naomi above for my comment on the neighbors you don’t know.


    • I left a comment over there (oops except I called you Midnight instead of Miss Z — sorry).

      You’re right. We need to fix this problem. I imagine what will happen (because I believe something will) will satisfy nobody. But it’ll be a start. And that is something!


  16. You know – I’m torn on this subject. I grew up shooting competitively and have been around guns most of my life. My father was into all kinds of guns, including machine guns. When he died I declined to take any of those in my inheritance. I know they were something he was licensed for and trained for and that he shot competitively as well – he was a guy who wanted to master any firearm. Personally – I see no need for that kind of firepower – I don’t want it. I don’t want the responsibility for owning it either. I am certain that no one should be able to just go out and buy one – I think that regulation is critical and the tragedy in Sandy Hook points out how easy it is for firearms like these to fall into the wrong hands in spite of the system. I’m not foolhardy enough to think that an accident will never happen because I am careful – accidents happen in cars all the time no matter how careful or responsible we are. I also think it’s a shame that the dialog is all or nothing – on both sides. The guy in the videos is ridiculous – he doesn’t represent me.


    • I think you made the right choice, Lorri.

      And I am not condemning all gun owners. I didn’t say, like Tim above thought, that they are all stupid fuckers. But there are a lot of stupid fuckers amongst gun owners, as well as a lot of people who are apparently very accident prone. Bad things happen when guns are mis-handled, just as truly as they happen when guns are handled intentionally with evil intent.

      But I don’t have a problem with competitions. I don’t really even have trouble with hunting although I don’t understand it, frankly. I see that, around here, certainly, deer have multiplied so rapidly that they need to be culled — and I’m not doin’ it!

      But things have gotten out of hand. People are dying. We need to stop the carnage. stop the ready access to guns that can kill 20 children and 6 adults in a heartbeat. Stop the love affair with the gun. Stop the cowboy mentality that says “if I’d been there with my gun, things would have been different.

      Because in real life unlike TV, the bad guys always seem like pretty damn good shots.


  17. Oh, Elyse, this clip was appalling and sickening and terrifying! Everyone should be required to watch that, just to see the kind of nut who is allowed to own fifty or more guns, and yet he has no idea of how to comport himself with civility or even how to argue like a civilized person.


    • The thing is, there are real people out there like this. Years ago (in Connecticut of all places) we had some nice neighbors we became friendly with. He did home renovation, she had once been a concert-quality pianist. We would hear her playing Mozart, Beethovan on her piano throughout the summer.

      The men were hunters. It was a semi-rural area. A lot of folks were.

      But when we discussed the 2nd Amendment (incredibly stupidly, I might add) we found that they had an arsenal and were expecting UN black helicopters to land on the golf course behind their house to take away their weapons. They felt that they should be entitled to have any weapon that the US government should have — including NUKES!

      Thankfully, we learned about this during our going away dinner — we moved the next day.

      We had no idea. None at all. Scary.


  18. None of this is a personal attack on anyone. I am angry myself. I grew up in Mayberry or the equivalant. Did the kids have guns at school? Hell yes, they did. But they were hunting rifles their fathers had given them for Christmas. They brought them to school just to show them off or to take them hunting after school, not to shoot someone. When I was in high school at any given time there might be a dozen high powered rifles in the windows of trucks in the parking lot…and it was no big deal. it was less than a big deal because no one thought wrong about it. They didn’t think right about it. They didn’t even think about it. It makes me angry beyond belief that the world I grew up in no longer exists because of the actions of- and the reactions to – people like Adam Lanza, the Joker, and the Columbine cowards.

    I thank you so much for allowing the opportunity to express my opinion on your blog. It is a thought provoking topic and one we should all be discussing. I still have a daughter in school. What happened in that school, especially with all the copycat stuff that happens these days, scares the hell of me.



    • While I’m clearly opinionated on this (and perhaps one or two other) issues, reasonable discussion needs to happen before we can solve this problem. It must happen.

      You’re right about the world being a different place. Sometimes I wonder if I’m looking back only with nostalgically rose tinted glasses or if things were better. I think it’s a bit of both, but mostly the latter.

      Thanks for your comments.


  19. I do not believe that any civilian needs an assault rifle. My husband carried on in Military combat. He does not own one now. Nor does he desire to. Absurd.


  20. You ask me to play nice but you equate all gun owners to stupid fuckers. There are stupid fuckers who own guns. There are stupid fuckers who want nothing more than to take away all guns.

    And here I am, in the middle of a country society who grew up owning guns, respecting guns, who never once has aimed a gun at another human being and prays to God that I never have to. I teach my kids that people who mistreat guns kill whether by accident or on purpose. When I hear a noise in the middle of the night, normally I don’t reach for a gun. Why? Because I have a house full of kids and one dog. It could be any of them making the noise and I know, in my sleep, I might accidentally kill one of my kids. Why do I do this? I do this because I am a responsible gun owner.

    Still, because I own a gun, I am a stupid fucker.

    Somewhere between Adam Lanza, The Joker, the cowards of Columbine and those who equate all gun owners as stupid fuckers is me, the average person who has been around guns all his life without doing anything other than hunting or target shooting. You can call me responsible, law abiding, and fed up with the stereotyping.

    As for the man who shot himself in the femoral artery, I can’t know all the details, but unless he was being attacked, then there could be any ligitimate reason for him to have the gun in a position to shoot himself in the first place. I quite regurlary have guns in my house, in my car, and sometimes even in the car in the grocery store. But the guns in the house are in a condition or in a place or condition where they cannot harm anyone unless I command them to. If they are in my car, they are under a seat or unloaded. If the man who shot himself was not in someway threatened, then he did not respect the gun and, therefore, was not a responsible gun owner.

    There are a great number of people in this gun country who are extreme in their views on both sides of the gun control issue. And every time the real fuckers, Adam Lanza, the Joker, and the Columbine cowards make the scene, both sides get worked up and start spouting nonsense so fast you can’t keep up. (We need more guns! We need less guns! We need no guns! Everyone would be safe if everyone could just shoot each other!)

    And in the middle of all of this idiocy is us, the responsible gun owner. We are thoughtful, reflective and even intelligent. A great many of us own college degrees. We can reason that there is no reason at the extreme ends of the spectrum. There never is at the extremes. That is why it is called the extremes.

    In the middle is reason. That is where most of us gun owners live, in the world of reason.

    We are not stupid fuckers.

    And I will defend your right to disagree with me until the day I die.



    • You are not all stupid fuckers. I will give you that.

      I know people who are responsible gun owners. I still think having a loaded weapon in one’s house is stupid, but I am not a gun person. You want to take the chance, that is absolutely your right.

      But where do we draw the line? Should a crazy guy like this have an arsenal?

      How many people have to die before reasonable gun laws are enacted.

      You’re right; I was unfair. I am angry. Very angry.

      But I am tired of the stupidity. Deeply tired of it. But thank you for talking me down from the edge.


    • The guy who shot himself in the femoral artery was carrying the gun in his pocket as I remember the news story. I didn’t link to it and couldn’t find it.


    • My husband’s family grew up with guns in the house. The house was in the middle of nowhere and they had concerns. They were sportsman who hunted and like you had guns in the house & car. I respected the theory behind their thought process for one reason, I had no knowledge of what it was like living in their shoes. I am a city slicker.
      Well, we were visiting my father-in-law when my children were 3 & 5 years old. My son, who had just turned 3 at the time was extremely curious. He opened a drawer and found a loaded gun that his grandfather kept for “safety.” It was nothing short of a miracle that his Aunt found him in the nick of time. My son is 18 now and I could still vomit thinking about what could have been.
      The worse part was I was getting the heat for “not teaching my kid that he shouldn’t open drawers.” 3 year olds are curious, that is common knowledge. Knowing that a loaded gun is in the nightstand was not.
      This family, like your own, would be considered responsible gun owners. They followed all the rules and regulations that were required of them by law. They had a vault with everything locked up, except for the “protection” pieces.
      But, my son’s grandfather never thought to unload that gun in his bedroom before we came to visit because it was second nature for him to have it in the nightstand.

      No one, responsible or not, plans a tragic accident.


      • Tops, I read your story earlier today, but waited to reply because I knew it would take me a bit.

        What a terrible yet lucky story that is — thank God it ended the way it did. But they criticized YOU? Oy vey. Kids are curious and no matter how carefully you watch them, they can always find danger. Always. That’s why we go so far out of our way to protect them. And they don’t understand the meaning of danger or of consequences.

        One of my first clear memories was of me as a child of 2.5, I’d guess, because it was summer. I had been playing with Debbie next door and she made me mad. So mad, that I ran into the house, shouting:

        “My Dad was in the Navy and he has a gun. I’m going to get it and shoot you.”

        I pulled open the drawer where I knew my Dad kept it, and searched methodically for the gun, but didn’t find it. (My father, years later when I told him the story said that he had gotten rid of it when my mother got pregnant with my eldest sister in 1947. “Guns and Kids don’t mix,” he said.). Thank God I didn’t find it.

        I have often wondered what I would have done had I found it, and found it loaded. Would I be dead or wounded? My brother, who would have wanted to help me as only a good slightly older brother would, would he be dead? My mom, trying to stop me. Would I have shot her? There were always a zillion kids at our house. Would someone I now don’t even remember be etched in my brain?

        Or would I have actually shot Debbie?

        How many peoples’ lives might I have damaged irreparably had my Dad not been so smart? I’ll always wonder.


        • I was talking to my husband about this tonight. His dad had lived alone for some times before the grandkids came along and he honestly just never thought to put that gun away. But that one act, or lack there of could have lead to a fatal accident. My husband said he never had guns around when they were young…ever.
          I have goosebumps just thinking about your story…I’m not surprised you remember that traumatic event, my son does too.
          Considering I can just about handle the “what ifs” I know I couldn’t handle the reality.


          • I am starting to wonder if that memory is why gun sanity strikes me so strongly. If this is the reason reasonable laws are so important to me. I’ve been wondering for years why this issue makes me so angry and so frustrated. There are huge lives at stake, but mine has never, knock wood, directly been impacted.

            It also sounds like a great book idea. Hmmmmmmm. I need to add it to the list.

            That generation did have very different ideas about security, and for the most part I think they were right. We were thrown out the door told to come back for lunch or if there was blood. We watched each other, fought our own battles (generally without firearms), worked things out. I think I am a better problem solver as a result.

            But childproofing was never on the radar in my family. Solvents were available for drinking (my brother once found acid in a 7Up bottle — guess what he tried to do).

            My elderly aunts used to keep containers for the little ones. Imagine my horror when I came back from helping one aunt to see the other having a tea party with Jacob — using empty medicine bottles! Yikes. They rolled their eyes when I said “this is not a good idea!”

            But still, the fact that your father-in-law blamed you would burn me up. Then again, I’m a bit of a hot head. I wanted to shoot someone when I was only 2.5!


  21. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Great Post Ms. Elyse…very informative. Thank you.


  22. And I like the grand finale ending where he admits he thinks the US government was aware/involved with 9/11. Let’s blow that up in a quote bubble.


  23. If you read the comments on yahoo about this issue, you will completely lose faith in humanity. Can’t spell or put together a proper sentence, but they have all the answers.


    • I’ve been sick and watching daytime TV. So I am have been inundated by stupidity for two days.

      We need to teach people why intelligence is a virtue again! Pathetic.


  24. Omg. Listening to that guy.. Pier handled himself very well


  25. Holy crap. Piers Morgan didn’t even need to argue anything. Just let this dude flap his belligerent senseless yap until he spins himself into a fiery ball of crazy. If this is NRA’s best rep and they still keep strong-arming the country after this….geesh. Then we are already doomed.


    • I’m sure it was pretty tough to out crazy LaPierre; this one really set the crazy bar quite a bit higher.



      • LaPierre and his good guys/bad guys argument. Felt like I was listening to a toddler explain why he needs to practice his “karate”. Not my son by the way.


        • Ah but in karate they teach restraint — that’s the first rule. My son took it when he was a little guy and it KEPT him from kicking me.

          But good guys aren’t the ones that shoot first, which never pierces the skulls of the “we need guns in the schools/theaters/hands of every AMERICAN” crowd. The bad guys do. Remember the three cops that were shot in the police station a couple of days after Newtown? No? It’s hard to keep track of all these incidents.


  26. LOL…I think that is your best ending ever! 🙂


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