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Sticks and Stones — The Poll

You remember it as well as I do:

Sticks and stones

May  break my bones

But names can never hurt me.

But they can sure as hell piss me off.  Especially when someone refers to folks, readers, women, whomever as “bitches.”  As in “yo! Bitches!  Listen up!”

It is meant affectionately, I’m told.

Ummm. No.  I don’t think so, buckaroo.  I think it’s offensive.  Very.

Am I alone though?  Am I the only one?  Am I the only person of my gender (or any other gender) who is offended when referred to collectively as “bitches”?  Female dogs?  Am I the only person of either gender who thinks it is annoying or offensive?  Am I truly a fuddy-duddy?

I thought I’d take a poll to see what my millions of readers think.  Because I always forget to post the results of “Other,” I won’t include it in my poll — instead you’ll be able to see where your opinion is in the greater scheme of FiftyFourAndAHalf-dom.

Feel free to expand on your answer in the comments, folks.  I’m sure I’ll be adding mine to yours!


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