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Last week, Georgette Sullins nominated me for the

I am honored — Thanks Georgette.  I appreciate your thinking of me!  I think that just about everyone who reads my blog (both of you) reads Georgette’s.  It is one of my personal favorites and was one of the first sites I found when I was looking for folks to read.

One of the things that I must do in accepting this award is tell something that nobody knows about me.  My secret is that I have a friend, Delajus.  The fact that I have a friend, isn’t completely shocking.  But my friend has helped me and my writing enormously, particularly at the beginning.  Because she is one of the few people I know who will honestly say: “Ummm, Elyse?  That’s not funny.”  Other people do say that, but I ignore them.  For some reason, I often listen to Delajus.  Annoyingly, she’s usually right.

Now, the 7×7 award demands work.  I’ve been away, and it has taken me a few days to figure out what to say, because I need to look at my stuff, and the stuff others have written and make some choices.  I HATE choices.  But here they are:

Most beautiful piece.  This was the easiest to figure out, because I don’t write “beautiful.”  Well, not normally, anyway.  But I think that Happy Adoption Day would qualify.  There was not a bit of snark in that piece, so in addition to it being my most beautiful, it would qualify as most surprising.  But hey, I will only count it once.

Most helpful.  An easy question:  A Better Way– which outlines, ummm, a better way to choose the GOP nominee for president.  Even though we have gone through 2 (or is it 3?  4?) GOP frontrunners in the weeks since I posted it, well, it is still a better way.

Most popular. Thanksgiving Weekend, I was busy, had company, and had been doing a lot of cooking.  But when I took the night off and read the directions for the frozen dinner I was preparing, well, I had to post:  Too much information.  That got the most hits of any piece I wrote.  I did not tweak it, I just plopped it in the slot and hit publish.  Go figure.

Most controversial.  An early piece, I recommended what we should do with stupid people.  My destination for them, though, was controversial:  Manitoba Bound.

Most surprisingly successful.  Great Balls of Fire.  Folks seemed to like reading about my new neighbor, and his Civil War fantasy.  My husband still expects him to read this piece and, umm, retaliate.

Most underrated.  Hmmmmm.  I could link to the “My Favs” block up there on the right.  Those are the ones I did way back, oh, six months ago when I started this blog.  That was when I chose every word with extreme care, and edited and re-edited to an anal degree.  Of those, I would say Downsizing is possibly my favorite.

Most pride worthy.  …comes around or Gunsmoke.   Sorry, I can’t decide.  “…comes around”  is very personal.  “Gunsmoke” is more of a national issue.  You choose.  Well, if you read them, that is!


So, who to nominate? These are bloggers I follow who (1) are really good and (2) have not (as far as I can tell) already won this award:
  1. An Observant Mind:  She is one of my favorite bloggers – and had the audacity to take a month off.  She’s back, and as funny and thoughtful as ever.
  2. Childhood Relived .  Or is it Childhood Reviled?  One of the two.  While Angie is really hilarious, it is worth checking out her blog just to see the look on her face in the picture she has up on the right, where she sits next to her big brother.  I’m sure her parents were thrilled when the picture was developed.
  3. Prairie Wisdom.  PW is a varied blog — she writes practical things, she writes funny things, she writes about life.  Check out her blog.  It is always new and different and fun.
  4. Ramblings and Rumblings.  R&R is an irreverent and humorous person.  She mirrors my warped sense of politics and puts it into pictures.
  5. RVing Girl lives in Bermuda and her humor is often priceless.  Besides, I can’t hate her for living in Bermuda if I plan to move in with her one day …
  6. Sandy Like a Beach is another funny woman.  I guess you have to be if folks can’t figure out how to spell/say your name when it is “Sandy” and you need to explain it to them.  She has to be funny or become an ax murderer.  Wise choice, Sandy!
  7. Sunny Side Up.  Lori at Sunny Side Up’s blog is unfailingly cheerful, funny, and makes me feel good.  And her banner — with  a lovely image of Black-eyed Susans — makes me feel sunny, too. Besides, my Dad used to make me Sunny Side Up eggs which I always think of when I see that I have a new post from Lori.

Thanks again to Georgette who made my day by nominating me, even if it was a day a week ago.  But I had to put on my thinking cap to do this piece.  Not like usual.


Well, apparently my thinking cap wasn’t good enough, because I forgot to mention what the 7 folks I mentioned just up there need to do to carry on the tradition.  It’s pretty simple:

  1. Tell something about yourself that no one knows;
  2. List 7 of your posts, including:  Most Beautiful; Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, and Most Prideworthy
  3. Nominate the next 7 bloggers to receive this award.

I’d like to add another:  Make sure you pass along these instructions to the folks who have to do it.  Letting the recipients know that you’ve nominated them helps, too!


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