Daily Archives: December 15, 2011

Such a Choice!

OK, I am over, so over, being depressed at Christmas.  It’s all because of my previous post, Both Sides Now, which, I am not kidding, cheered me up no end.  Sorry it depressed the hell out of you.  My bad.

So even though I am no longer depressed because it is Christmas, there is still too much to do.  So I am still crabby.  I have no elves.  I would be jolly if I could simply order someone else to do everything. I need elves.

Without elves, I’ve decided that I need a change.  Can I please become Jewish for a bit?  Buddhist?  Muslim (oh, dear, not in the U.S.)  Oy vey.

Oh, well there you have it.  Jewish it is.


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