Adoption Day!

It’s a snark-free post this time.  I promise it won’t happen too often.  I don’t want to ruin my reputation.

But Friday, 11/11/11 is a big day in my family.  It’s Adoption Day.  Our 20th.

You see, on November 11, 1991, my husband John and I adopted our son, Jacob.  He was 3-1/2 months old at the time.  Jacob was born in Chile, and John and I literally traveled to the end of the earth to turn a happy couple into a happier three-some.   It was on 11/11 when the Chilean court approved us and said, yes, Elyse and John, “You’re Parents!”

For years, I’ve told Jacob that I knew something was up with that number.  As a teenager, I was fixated on 11:11.  I got a clock radio for my 16th birthday – it was an old-fashioned “digital” clock, with numbers that literally flipped on a carousel.  Every night I waited until 11:11 before I could go to sleep, no matter how tired I was.  I’ve always told Jacob that, even though I didn’t know what it meant then, well, my heart obviously knew that 11:11 meant something.  Something big.

But I didn’t know just how big or just how wonderful.

Because 11/11 = Jacob.  Our son, my baby, our boy, our young man.  Our hilariously funny, nutty, astute guy.  Our pride and joy.   Jacob, you continue to delight, amuse and inspire us.  We love you, Peanut.

My favorite picture: Jacob and his puppy Charlie in the leaves

And don’t worry, Kiddo.  Nobody you know reads this blog!


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34 responses to “Adoption Day!

  1. Julie

    ok, so I’ve seen you around, I believe I have followed you home once or twice before, but lately it is like someone wants me to contact you. Please don’t think it too weird that I sometimes feel there are forces I don’t understand trying to guide me. (like miss can’t go to sleep till 11:11 would think that weird) Anyway, I am just poking around and this is a truly lovely story, and what an adorable picture! so glad you got your “added” happiness!


  2. This photo is awesome. Wishing you all many more happiness, togetherness and joy.


  3. Happy Adoption Day! That photo is beyond sweet. 11/11 is the magic number for you guys.


    • Thanks, Darla. It’s my very favorite picture of my very favorite former kid now grownup guy. (Jacob was afraid of the leaves until Charlie reassured him. The picture is NOT posed. Charlie was a cuddler!


  4. Their smiles say it all – the unique love of family! Happy 11/11 to you all.


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  6. We adopted our daughter from Chile when she was 2 months old. She’s now 22 years old. When she was real young anytime someone said they were going to eat Chili, she yelled, “Chile! I’M from Chile!”



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  8. We are a missionary family in Chile and also parents through adoption. I loved reading Jacob’s story!


  9. Very sweet reading, Elyse, thank you!


  10. Happy Adoption Day to you all! Great post.


  11. What a great story. Life is heart warming, complicated and deep. Making connections across the expanse of a life. Living in my own skin I don’t even understand all the implications of my own experiences. That’s why I love blogging. Helps you at least try to reason it out.


    • Thanks so much! I guess everything is far more intertwined than we realize — but it’s fun to discover those connections.

      I agree, writing a blog, and reading other ones has helped me look at all sorts of things more broadly!


  12. I love, love your story about waiting for 11:11 and 11-11. Your photograph is precious, capturing one glorious moment in time. Best wishes to your whole family on this occasion.


  13. Happy 11/11 to you all. Enjoy celebrating such a happy occasion!


  14. Thanks, and Happy 11/11/11 to you, too!


  15. Happy 11/11/11…I love this post 🙂


  16. Quite a compliment, coming from a confirmed cat person! Thanks!


  17. Marianne Baker

    That’s the most beautiful picture of a child and a dog I’ve ever seen. Happy Adoption Day to you and John and Jacob. Love to you all!


  18. Fantastic! Happy 11-11-11 to you all.


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