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Mom was known for giving weird gifts.

One year, far from Mom, my sister Judy and I found two identical small packages from her.  One for Judy and one for me.  We saved them for last, to be opened simultaneously.

Judy was faster than I and opened hers first.  It was a little green plastic box of earrings that said “Judy” “Judy” all over it.

I unwrapped mine.  It said “Elaine” “Elaine

“Ummm, Mom?” I said later, “my name’s Elyse.”

“Well,” she responded, “They had boxes with just a plain E, but that was just too boring!”

"Elaine's Earrings" -- Yup, I still have them!


This is my entry in the Christmas with Mom Contest.

The rules?  Write  a Mom Christmas Memory of 100 words or less, link to it in the comments section at sponsored by http://warnerwriting.wordpress.com/christmas-with-mom-contest/.

Deadline is December 5, 2011.  Winner gets a $25 gift card to Amazon.com or Starbucks, as well as having the w inning piece posted on a number of blogs including Things I Want To Tell My Mother


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