Dear World Leader

You heard, no doubt, that President-elect Donald Trump had an unscheduled, impromptu call to President Tsai of Taiwan, causing a potential rift with China because the two countries aren’t as close as the map suggests.

I thought I would provide a form letter to be used whenever we need one.  Which, based on the calls he’s already made to leaders in the Philippines, Argentina, Turkey and the UK, we’ll need frequently


Majority of American Voters

Dear World Leader _________:

Please forgive President-elect/President Donald Trump for the diplomatic incident he caused today.  We’re afraid that he (check all that apply):

◊ Ignorantly stepped into it because of a lack of knowledge of international relations;

◊ Knew he shouldn’t do it, but there are problems with a construction deal in your country;

◊ Thought nobody would notice;

◊ Didn’t understand that it’s the little things that lead to wars (see “history,” and “Archduke Franz Ferdinand”; or

◊ Explain here: _______________________

Please don’t attack us.  You see, we


Folks in the US stuck with this moron for 4 years


If this doesn’t work, I fear we’ll all be acting like Bert.



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43 responses to “Dear World Leader

  1. Interesting point of view. I choose to sit on the way but will still mention that i find it almost crazy that just anyone can lead the most powerful nation on earth. Rational thinking is very important for such a position and i think the president has been irrational in some decisions

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    • Well, I don’t think Trump IS leading it — in fact, he’s awakened the sleeping giant in the US!



      • Do you really think irrationality opens anything? I think your position is interesting the issue of the US being a giant is stale. We know the US is but acting irrationally because of the people you have will lead to a disaster. Mind you as the US is saying no to people China is saying yes to everyone. Guess what very soon if this continues the US position will be taken


  2. You made ALL of my anger over DT fade for a split second the I saw the likes of my childhood crush MAXWELL SMART. I know it’s probably weird, but I loved Maxwell ❤

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  3. Oh, so you think he’ll be in office for four years, huh?!

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  4. Look at the cheery side. It won’t be boring. The new Secretary of Defense is nicknamed ‘Mad Dog.’ Who’s going to be Secretary of State? Ghostface Killah?

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  5. Yet he continues to avoid briefings. Someone should simply drag him kicking and screaming, what a worthless dumbass. Gawd what are we in for?


  6. dconnollyislandgmailcom


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  7. I remember those duck-and-cover practices at school. It’s absurd that they really believed a wooden desk would shield us from an atomic bomb. Today, Trump is our ticking time bomb, and our wooden desk should be the Electoral College, which was formed in part because “Hamilton and the other founders believed that the electors would be able to insure that only a qualified person becomes President,” according to Bert is probably turning over in his tortoise shell.

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  8. It’s definitely going to be an *interesting* ride.

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  9. What a jackass. He is amazingly clueless. I guess no one told him that leading a country would be so difficult.

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  10. *facepalm * I swear I will not survive 4 years of this…. and, to think he hasn’tbeen inaugurated yet. God Bless America.

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  11. Stocking up on Valium and turning off TV.

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  12. I gotta say … well, let me say first that I totally agree with you and the consternation his call with the Taiwanese leader creates. As with much of his other free-wheeling. One wonders if maybe he would participate in the daily intelligence briefings some of these errors in judgment might not be occurring. Maybe.

    But … what I gotta say is … that I find it somewhat … hmmm … what’s the word I’m looking for … I’ll go with interesting. I find it somewhat interesting what he is doing. I think there’s something to be said for shaking things up a bit. Maybe the status quo needs a bit of re-arranging. Now, obviously, I’d prefer the person doing the re-arranging was somebody with better judgment than the Orange Clown and that his cabinet would be a little more moderate than it appears to be, but I think I’m okay with some rule-breaking. I just expect it will likely go a bit too far with this guy.

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    • shaking things up with some minor rulebreaking might be a breath of fresh air. Except that it’s Trump doing it.

      And his lack of curiosity, and his confidence that if he’s doing it, then it’s the right way to do it is jaw-dropping. Yes on the intelligence briefings. Yes on learning that there is a difference between something a private citizen says, something a candidate says, and something a president (or president-elect) says. But I don’t think he is a willing student, so he’ll probably never learn. We’ll be sending out my letter quite frequently, I fear.


  13. I remember the old “duck and cover” school drills. Only later in life was I told they should be called “duck and kiss your ass goodbye” drills. On the other hand, I do remember a post a while back indicating that nuclear war is survivable . . .

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  14. Inspired. This will save so much time that can be put to use moaning and tearing our hair. And considering the mechanics of impeachment.

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    • That’s exactly what I thought! It’s efficient and a good business model — ammirite? I’m all for impeachment, but first we’ll have to get rid of Pence who’s second in line, and Ryan, who’s third. Fourth is Orin Hatch. Oh Lord we’re toast.

      I will be fantasizing about the recount for many years to come.


  15. For whatever unknown reason, this call didn’t bother me. However, time will tell.


  16. OMG…that duck and cover. Memories and chills all at once.

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  17. Hilarious, Elyse, but in a chilling way!

    What could be worse than a leader who is clueless of the rules in foreign relations? Answer: a leader who knows the rules and flaunts them anyway. A Taiwanese spokesperson said this morning that the phone call to Trump was prearranged.

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