Friday, 11/11/16 is a big day in my family.  It’s Adoption Day.  Our 25th.

You see, on November 11, 1991, my husband John and I adopted our son, Jacob.  He was 3-1/2 months old at the time.  Jacob was born in Chile, and John and I literally traveled to the end of the earth to turn a happy couple into a happier three-some.   It was on 11/11 when the Chilean court approved us and said, yes, Elyse and John, “You’re Parents!”

For years, I’ve told Jacob that I knew something was up with that number.  As a teenager, I was fixated on 11:11.  I got a clock radio for my 16th birthday – it was an old-fashioned “digital” clock, with numbers that literally flipped on a carousel.  Every night I waited until 11:11 before I could go to sleep, no matter how tired I was.  I’ve always told Jacob that, even though I didn’t know what it meant then, well, my heart obviously knew that 11:11 meant something.  Something big.

But I didn’t know just how big or just how wonderful.

Because 11/11 = Jacob.  Our son, my baby, our boy, our young man.  Our hilariously funny, nutty, astute guy.  Our pride and joy.   Jacob, you continue to delight, amuse and inspire us.  We love you, Peanut.

And because we all need to laugh, here’s one of Jacob’s favorite Elevens.  And we all need to laugh, don’t we?


And Happy Veterans Day to any/all Veterans.

[This is a re-post.  Updated.  Because I’m busy.  Sheesh.]


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31 responses to “Eleven/Eleven

  1. Belated congrats … and I just had to return for this awesome video.

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  2. I love adoption… without it, who knows where I would be right now.

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  3. I know this is corny, but wouldn’t it be great if we could find something as special about everyday as you’ve found with 11/11? Thanks for the challenge, Elyse and may we all celebrate Adoption Day all year long.

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  4. Thank you for a very sweet story. We need some sweetness right now. Jacob is a lucky guy, and you and John are lucky to have him. ❤

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  5. Wow, great story! I love 11:11 too, we always said it was lucky and you got to make a wish when you saw it.

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  6. Happy 11th one day late!

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  7. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. Congratulations to all of you.

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  8. Congratulations!
    And “busy” – packing to move to Canada, eh?

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  9. Ahh I do recall that photo haha repost or not, the sentiment is always there. Happy 25th to you all (:

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  10. You guys must have had a real good time five years ago today.

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  11. My granddaughter is half-Chilean and adorable like your son – dark hair, olive skin and amazing dark brown eyes.

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  12. Happy adoption day! 🙂

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  13. Love it that 11:11 turned out to be such a special day for you and your family. There truly is something mystically magical about that number. Now there will be yet one more thing I associate with seeing that number pop up every time I notice it. Love the eleven/eleven Jacob story!

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  14. Happy gotcha day. Funny — 11:11 is a magic time for another friend. She believes that someone is reaching from the other side every time she spots 11:11. She’s got me on it and I am astonished how often I see it. It has gotten that I feel embraced whenever I see that time.

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