The Thought For Today


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12 responses to “The Thought For Today

  1. I’m still in official mourning. What’s the proper length of time to wear only black after grieving for, well, the past, present and future? 😐

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  2. Thanks, Elyse, for keeping up the fight and our spirits.

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  3. I’m not a traveler, but if I went overseas, I would tell everyone I am Canadian. I’m hoping to be one some time soon.

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  4. This reminded me of a post I saw about a twenty-something finding herself in a situation that required an adult… Realizing she WAS an adult, she proceeded to look around for an ADULTIER adult. Maybe that’s what they mean here??? 🙂

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  5. I started a new quilt today. It’s been awhile, as there have been other events (our trip, my injuries) and distractions (HUH!) to busy my mind. The fabrics I’m choosing are not-quite pastels. The ones I just used have polka dots and stripes. For a moment I considered calling it “Into The Woods With Clowns.” But in truth I need this project to be soothing and cheery, not ironic and angry.

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  6. Looks like this restaurant owner wants to protect his furniture.

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