Don’t Make Me Decide!

I just finished reading a very funny (and clean) blog post by Ross Murray

At the end, Ross invited me to vote for him at Sacha Black’s

Annual Bloggers Bash

I immediately hopped on over to vote.  Thanks, Ross.

But there is problem.

Two of my very favorite funny bloggers are on Sacha’s list.  Ross and Barb Taub.

They are very different bloggers.  Both are coffee-through-the-nose funny.

So I figured I’d post about the contest, and make you guys choose.

I am a total wimp.


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32 responses to “Don’t Make Me Decide!

  1. Good call on this, Elyse. Neither will be exactly happy, but they’re not totally pissed off at you, either.

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  2. Paul

    As an aside Elyse, I just did a guest post over at Mark Bialczak’s. I would be honored if you had the time to drop by for a read. Thank You.

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  3. I voted. Do I get a sticker?

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  4. Thanks for the share 😀 😀 😀 I don’t know how any one chooses to be fair! Its SOOOOO hard!

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  5. I have to say, I admire your ability pass the buck, so to speak, on this one. We are all allowed the occasional use of the tactic. 😉

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  6. Uh, I abstain. In fact, this comment is completely unrelated. I just wanted to call your attention to articles this week in 538 blog, in case you hadn’t seen them already. The one up today is

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    • Thanks! I peeked but I will have to look at it later. It sounds right up my, ummm, alley.

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    • That was a great article, thanks for sending it to me. I’m fascinated by this issue, as you obviously know (I’m pretty sure you don’t send poo-filled links to just anyone!). They actually have a whole “gut” tag! I have read their political pieces, but didn’t know they had a science tab, too. Thank you so much!

      Which reminds me. I haven’t done a poo post in days!


      • I read another one in that series, also. Very well done, in my opinion. Glad you found it interesting, too. And as to sending that tag to anyone, there are 2 or 3 more people I thought of pretty immediately, so … 🙂

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  7. Paul

    Yeah, I struggled with that category as well – it also has Ned Hickson,who is hilarious. I spent ten minutes trying to get the poll to take more than one entry by clicking fast, looking the other way when clicking, shouting “Hey,Look over there!!” and then clicking, clicking veeeeeery slowly, explaining to the poll that I HAVE to be able to vote for more than one blogger, etc.

    In the end I wrote each name on a block of wood and threw them in the stream. I watched to see which one floated and then hollered: ” He’s/She’s a Witch!!” at which/witch point i voted for that blogger as he/she obviously has a Wicked sense of humor and I once saw the play Wicked and it was about a which (or is that witch?) who had a pointy hat, So, since the poll winners are supposed to be presented with a pointy hat (or at last they should be and if they are not then call me and I will source a cost effective pointy hat for the contest), it therefore is immediately obvious to the most casual observer out that the block that floated was the winner.

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  8. Don’t beat yourself up. Vote for Barb.


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