Let’s talk…

Sometimes paying attention to the world makes me want to scream. But then something really good happens out of the blue. Like the girls in this post.


pillowtalkpremiere6 Rock Hudson, Gloria Swanson, and Tallulah Bankhead at the premiere of “Pillow Talk” (1959)

I often wonder about the lost art of conversation.

In a way social media binds us together, but I can’t help thinking the Internet might be leading to the automation of humanity. Walk down any street and see heads bent to devices, ignoring the world for a digital sampling. And while I get what chasms are bridged by a leap through cyberspace — yes — I get it. I correspond now with people across the world who I have never met, yet we are virtually close. That’s right just a byte away from close, because for us organic souls what clinches the deal in friendship and intimacy is contact. So while overtures can be made online, there’s nothing like face time, and by that I mean in close proximity with no electrical intermediary, IRL.

It concerns…

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15 responses to “Let’s talk…

  1. Kids have been spotted standing by windows and trying to swipe the glass to make the things beyond the window move…

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  2. The photo is perfect for the post. Problem is, though, they are probably just gossiping. 😉

    I see the conversation problem first-hand in my grandchildren. My son is a single parent with grandkids of 14, 11 and 5. They don’t do sit-down dinners, they graze. We’ve broached the subject but there’s no chance this is going to change. We all sit down at our place on birthdays and major holidays. It’s gotta help, but it isn’t going to do much for real conversation.

    On the other hand, I grew up in a blue-collar family in which there was very little conversation at meals and as an adult, I like nothing better than conversation, so there is that.

    It is what it is, oh brave new world! Sigh.

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    • As a young parent, I tried to insist on meals together. My son starved as my husband didn’t get home until around 7. Now that I’m working I don’t get home until 7 and thus dinner gets challenging.

      What I think is the real problem, though, is multiple TVs. We have no need to negotiate, and since my son’s tastes are very different, we have no similar frames of reference.

      I love the picture because Cary Grant who always looks so suave, looks like a oral guy!


  3. Paul


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  4. So right. Nothing replaces in-person contact, as fun as social media can be.

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  5. That was a great re-blog. Thanks. ☺

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  6. Thanks for reblogging. That was worth reading. Just yesterday daughter was lamenting the heads hung syndrome, of people too busy looking at their phones to look at each other. I said yes, I used to be able to talk to strangers in line, at the store, or other public places. Now if they look up at all, they don’t react. They must assume I am on the phone, as surely I would not be talking to them. The social glue from simple, face-to-face interactions with strangers is coming apart.

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  7. It’s hard not to, especially when one of the regular denizens of the front page most closely resembles a jack-o’-lantern.

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