Pet Power!

What a terrific way to cheer up a kid in the hospital.  I was 17 the first time I was hospitalized — it’s a terribly lonely place to be.  So sharing some pictures of my Duncan is the least I can do.

Thanks, Tops, (of Life With The Top Down) for letting me know about it! Duncan pics on the way to Anthony!

Life With The Top Down

Immediate Smile Immediate Smile

This morning as I was trolling on Facebook I noticed that one of my friends posted an adorable photo of her two puppies Cosmo and Emma, but this time it was different. She included a well wishes to someone named Anthony. Hmm … further investigation was necessary.

After a few clicks I found out that her photos were actually part of a wonderful event Photo Doggies for Anthony. Anthony is a 16-year-old boy who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

As I was reading his story I found out that Anthony is a firm believer in the power of pet therapy and animal healing. I know my Peanut has wonderful nursing skills, so I can’t argue with that thought. 

Therapy dogs are just not available every day for every patient, so some wonderful people in Anthony’s life came up with this incredible idea…

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20 responses to “Pet Power!

  1. What a wonderful idea! it’s inspiring to see people going out of themselves to help a kid in need of a chuckle.


  2. Pets are great therapy for anyone … but love this tribute. On the other hand, Cosmo & Emma remind me of this sketch …


    • Ooh, I am rushing off to work and can’t watch now. Sounds promising.

      I sent off a couple of Duncan — in his Elizabethan Collar. Because when you’re sick, it’s nice to know you’re not alone!

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  3. Fabulous idea actually, especially if people are creative with the photos. Therapy animals, whether dogs or other are in short supply always.


  4. Pets make us all feel better. I can definitely see the value in cheering up sick children. Great cause, Elyse.


  5. My Bride just posted a photo of out Coco. Can I ask a tactless question? Is this about that poor, sick kid or is it more about people showing off their dogs? Frankly, I think it can go either way. There’s something vaguely narcissistic about it. Your comment about being so much easier than writing plays into that. It’s the lazy way to show you care and you get to show off your dog, to boot.

    Sometimes I feel like cynicism is consuming me from the inside out.

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    • You know what? I’m normally pretty cynical about stuff like this. But being hospitalized when i was 17 was truly terrifying. So scary that i couldn’t even voice my fears. So i hope this helps.

      Besides, with social media we are all braggarts, aren’t we?


      • You make an astute observation. I spout my cynicism from my blog. You know—the one where I yearn for people to comment in? it gets lonely up here on a pedestal.

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        • I was not criticizing — really. I veer from being hopeful to cynical in a heartbeat.

          And i do think we ARE all becoming narcicists. Too much shared all around. (But naturally, i will ckntinue sharing on my blog as well. Because as the commercial says, I’m worthit! 😉


          • I know you weren’t criticizing. It didn’t feel like you were. I just read a report about the rising popularity of the “Selfie Stick” that left me a little raw. It allows you to—you know—take a picture of yourself. We are all turning into raging narcissists, myself included. It gives me the blues.


            • I will never fall prey to that phenomenon — I look like the old, fat, sick 57.98 year old that I am in pictures. So I don’t allow them!

              But glad I didn’t sound like I was acting my age!


  6. Paul

    Great post Elyse and great cause.Thank You

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  7. What a great way to send even a few moments of happy energy to Anthony. Done, and done. Thanks for sharing the link.

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