The Congressman from A Galaxy Far, Far Away

You know that old phrase “Truth is stranger than fiction?”  It’s true!  And it is, in this case, beyond sight and sound.  Which makes it much stranger than fiction in my book.

I learned this today when I was watching a news report about the Texas primary election, and Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Beyond the O-Zone).

OK, I wasn’t really watching it.  I was reading a blog post.

But John was watching it.  And he froze the frame with the DVR shouting:

“Now I know why Stockman is so weird!  Look at him!  What IS he?”

I looked back at my husband with love, respect and concern for his sanity; I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

What IS he?” my husband of 27 years repeated.

As a political junkie and movie lover, John gets a special thrill when worlds collide.  And if outer space is involved, so much the better.  And tonight they did.

Because Steve Stockman, (R-Area 57) is clearly not of this earth.  And finally, there was proof.  Verification.  Actual photographic evidence.  And only the best sleuth/husband has so far identified it:

The evidence is right there on his face. Photo credit:

The evidence is right there on his face.
Photo credit:

As John rightly pointed out, Congressman Stockman is from another planet.  Remember Men in Black?

Stockman is clearly a Ballchinian.

I’m guessing that you now understand why I married this guy.


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28 responses to “The Congressman from A Galaxy Far, Far Away

  1. Maybe his mother thinks he’s cute?


  2. As much as I despise Cornyn, this is the first time I can say I am glad he isn’t faced with a runoff. Same with Sessions, despise him as well but he soundly beat back the Tea Party in his Primary. Others, didn’t do so well.

    It is unbelievable around here right now. My neighborhood, frightening.


  3. The resemblance is uncanny!


  4. Hahahaha! This. Is. Perfect.


  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    Cretins are hiding in plain sight in Texas, that’s for sure.


  6. Only you could find the Ballchinnian link to congress. Well done!


    • There are probably more than we think. Perhaps this explains the Tea Party.

      (All credit goes to my husband, John, who really did note the resemblance. I merely publicized it!)


  7. Ha! He DOES look like a Ballchinnian. Though you have to admit, they’re a rather small set…


  8. I mean your husband… not the freaky alien


  9. That is awesome… he needs to read my sci-fi novels… just saying…


    • John is my go-to guy when I recognize someone on screen and can’t figure out where else I’ve seen him/her. It’s a gift!

      I’ll recommend your books. But he is a sci-fi movie watcher — he reads mostly history!


      • Ha… when I write the next book… book 5… my hero is going to go to other dimensions to meet historical people like Hitler and others, and have hilarious adventures with them.


  10. Eva

    He’s a smarmy looking bastard, isn’t he?


  11. As long as he toes the party line and doesn’t run for President (they’ll went to see his birth certificate, I don’t think the far right cares where he’s from…


    • He isn’t going to make it as far as the Senate, apparently. Although I didn’t really listen to the news report. I was looking for clips of Ballchinians!


  12. I don’t know who this guy is…. but I feel like kicking him now too.


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