Carryout for Dinner?

It’s late.  It’s Friday.  I’m just about to leave work.

Tonight, I’m ready for carryout.  Anybody else up for it?

I think I’ll use the front door, though.


Note:  The original video was taken down, but I found another on YouTube (go YouTube).  There are several more versions if you search for “Bear steals dumpster”


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38 responses to “Carryout for Dinner?

  1. OMG & that looks like a staff smoking table right by the dumpsters! Imagine if a staff member had been there.


  2. “stealing” the dumpster? Hell no! In an effort to get out from under huge AFSCME pension obligations, the city has replaced union employees with these part-timers at the Dept of Sanitation.


  3. A bear’s gotta do what a bear’s gotta do… 🙂


  4. Wow…that bear is almost human! I mean…you know?


  5. We called out for pizza.

    though after watching the bear, I don’t feel bad about that one time I ordered The Kitchen Sink at an ice cream shop.


  6. Awesome! You don’t realize how powerful these guys are. We had one up here a few years back – they pass by on the way down into the hollows for the summer and are rarely seen unless they find something interesting to detain them – a neighbor put out a 50 pound bag of dog food so she could take photos of it – that bear tore up the neighborhood for a month!


  7. Very practical… if he brings it home, he can look through at his leisure.


  8. I missed the video as well. But I love the Bare Necessities. 😉


  9. Alright … I give up … so what did you have for dinner? BTW – the video was removed by owner … thus I missed it. 😦


    • Oh no! The video is of a small bear who wanders into the back of a restaurant and drags away their dumpster. As my husband commented (not on the blog of course) “he anthropomorphized himself!”

      Nobody else wanted carryout. I made pasta. Friday nights do not lead to elaborate dinners in my house. In fact, there are fewer and fewer nights that do … I don’t get home to cook until nearly 7 most nights!


    • I just inserted a different link with the same video. Hopefully that will work!

      Thanks for letting me know — I only now got to my computer to fix it.


  10. Just saw this video and it cracked me up. I was on the treadmill and had to get off I was laughing so hard. Thanks for another go round of laughter!


  11. Haha! I just saw this on TV, followed by the video of the bears using the trees as a back scratcher. Too funny!


  12. I am there, with the Bear. No plates or cutlery necessary.


  13. haha…my mother had us all over for dinner last week. She set a beautiful table and ordered Chinese!


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