Celebrating the 4th

Anybody who has been here at FiftyFourAndAHalf very much, knows that I have a special affection for the United Kingdom.

After all, my very first trip abroad was to London.  I wanted to live in London and even planned to attend acting school there, which made for one of those memories that no amount of drinking can eliminate.

My husband, John, took me to the UK and asked me to marry him in Scotland on a clifftop overlooking Edinburgh Castle at sunset.

Look, they're celebrating too!  (Thanks Google)

Look, they’re celebrating too! (Thanks Google)

So I really like the UK.

But it’s the 4th of July.  And so we cannot take the British Monarchy too seriously, now, can we?  Can we?

Happy 4th of July to my American friends.  To my British friends, I say this:

“What, you thought I’d be nice?”


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56 responses to “Celebrating the 4th

  1. As I am slowly catching up with everyone after my holiday, I am so glad I didn’t skip you!

    Proposed to in Scotland, how cool is that! Loved Danny Boy, how cool is that.

    I also love the UK. Love Ireland, love London, love the coastline as well.


    • It’s hard to catch up when you get back. I’ve been away too (although with my electronics) and there is a huge backlog! But I’m glad you stopped by.

      Yes, John has been saved from a nasty fate many times by the memory of that incredibly romantic proposal! Of course he did make me climb a mountain first, so I figure I earned it.

      Glad you liked Danny Bhoy. Jacob and I stumbled across this routine on Salivate Radio one night when he was working with me a couple of summers ago. We nearly drove off the road laughing so hard.

      And yes, the UK. Wonderful place, isn’t it? I haven’t been back there in many years, though.


  2. Awww, what a nice place to be proposed to! Mr. Weebles proposed to me after I fell in the rapids on a white-water rafting trip. He fished me out, then proposed when we got to dry land. But I would have enjoyed a proposal at Edinburgh Castle. I love the UK. I went to grad school in London and still get “homesick” for it even now, 20 years later.


  3. Very funny! Thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning. I, too, have a fondness in my heart for the UK. The first dates I went on with my husband were in Scotland. We were working on a merchant ship when we met, and it came into port to Scotland to get fuel and food. Our first official real date on land was in Dunoon, Scotland (18 years ago).


  4. winsomebella

    By Jove, I missed the celebration here of our 4th, but could it be that Murray has now surpassed the Queen in the hearts of the Brits?


  5. My daughter is going to school in England right now. I said for the 4th she and her fellow Yanks should do like they did in The Great Escape and parade around, passing out bathtub gin to all the other nationality students.

    I could feel the blank stare through the computer on this, as on so, so many other topics.


    • Oops. I missed this in transit. Sorry Peg.

      I think that it is a child’s duty to make their parents feel stupid from conception onward. Your daughter was just doing her duty to Queen and Country. Of course not her country or yours, but still…


  6. cooper

    I forget the name of the Brit comic but he said, “We really do forgive you for leaving and the revolution and all that. So. How’s life without taxation?”


  7. Hello. Hope you had a good holiday? Hope you’re still around these parts? hope you’ll be around if I call you…say….later this afternoon?


  8. Doubt merry old England did much celebrating, but I hope you did. Too much rain spoiled most of our local events.


  9. That had to be one of the most romantic proposals ever. You pretty much had to say yes, didn’t you?


  10. I quite enjoyed that clip. We are amused.


  11. Think about it this way. The Fourth is as much a party for the Brits as it is for us Yanks. After all, it’s the anniversary of when we lazy Yanks finally got off our butts and decided to take care of our own affairs.
    And remember, you can never know the zenith of civilisation, without having a nadir for comparison…. and I rank reality TV as one of our greatest contributions to that “nadir” position! 😀


  12. Happy 4th to you! I like a story about the queen being amused by a comedienne shitting his pants.


  13. A great laugh for the day. Personally, this one cracks me up every time. Cheeri oh!


  14. You all behave yourselves or else or we might make you keep Piers Morgan forever


  15. If I every go to England, I’m going to spend all my time looking for English muffins….either that or I’m going to look for something to eat.


    • The food has improved considerably from my first visit in 1973. But I’ve never seen an English muffin there. Croissants, sure, but not English muffins! Ah, marketing!


  16. I’m from England. I hope you have a brilliant 4th July. If you go anywhere near Boston, can we have our tea bags back


  17. This post is incredible.Nice share and keep on with good work.Alex,Thanks.


  18. Always good to start a holiday with a laugh!

    Happy Independence Day to you and yours (and your American friends).
    (Probably not a big celebration day across the pond,)


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