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Boots on the Ground

Today I got quite a surprise.

I was going through emails listing all of my new faux followers when I found what looked like it might just possibly be that there was a real person with a real blog who was really actually interested in following my blog!

Could it be true?

There was only one way to find out.  Yup, you guessed it.  I clicked on the link to one of what Word Press said was one of her best posts.

And it was good!  It was funny!

So I had to steal from it!  Because she showed one of the funniest dog videos evah:


So thanks to my new blogging buddy, Jennie of Tip of My Tongue for letting me steal this when you hardly even know me.

I had to share it, because I tried to put booties on Goliath my alcoholic German shepherd, on Charlie, my Bernese Mountain Dog, and on Cooper my English Springer Spaniel.  They all got upset when their feet were/are cold.

But did they appreciate my efforts?  Did they think I was the smartest Mommy in the pack?  Did they so much as thank me?  No.  All three of them reacted the same way, and far differently from the doggies in this video.  My dogs all ate their booties.  That was funny too, but alas, there is no video.




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