WAIT! I was wrong!

Laura of Unlikely Explanations let me know that Mitt was joking when he said:

When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.

She gave me a link to a NY Magazine article that quoted folks who were actually there when Romney made the comment.  Thanks, Laura.

So I wanted to correct the record.  Believe it or not, I do try to be accurate.  Unless I’m making stuff up that is.  This time it was supposed to be a news scoop.  My bad.

But now I have a different take on this.  I think the real story is that within one week, Mitt Romney actually told TWO jokes — he made another funny at the UN just yesterday.

Mitt told two jokes within a week.  Wow.  That’s news.




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36 responses to “WAIT! I was wrong!

  1. Mitt, the Attack Dog. Mitt, the All American Dreamer. Mitt, the Elitist. Mitt, the Guy who Cares about All Americans. Mitt, the Joker. Mitt, the Politician.


  2. I look forward to see what Mitt’s going to say each day. He’s a laugh a minute.


  3. Last time a couple jokes bombed that big, it was August 1945! (What, too crude, or too esoteric?) 😀


  4. Off topic … well … kind of … but I stumbled across this, and for some strange reason thought of you.


  5. Michelle Gillies

    I am really enjoying this election through you.


  6. Maybe some people (i.e. potential Presidents) shouldn’t try to be funny.


    • Some presidents have actually been funny. Kennedy, Roosevelt, Reagan. Obama has great comic timing. Mitt? He’s not funny — and he is also unlikely to become president, so I guess it all works out!


  7. Ya know how there are people who are just funny and everyone loves them, then there are those who try so hard to be funny, but it’s just not in them? Yea, it’s like that.


  8. Look, its a bird, no its a plane no its Mittens with a joke writer!


    • I just answered Frank above saying that maybe he has a Joke Double — a look-a-like who can actually deliver a punchline. That might improve his likeability!


  9. Even though he is the perfect example of a guy who would wear a lampshade at a party, I have to admit that Mitt’s comments after President Clinton introduced him were good.


    • Wait. Don’t lampshades usually go with alcohol? In that case, I’m pretty sure Mitt wouldn’t qualify.

      His joke at the UN was pretty funny. I was wondering if he has a “Joke Double” who delivered it — Mitt usually steps on his own lines. (oh, and did you see him leading the Romney/Ryan “chant”? That was painful.)


  10. Mitt has been the embodiment of a joke, ever since the start of the Republican primaries, and as I think about it, for more than 10 years before that…


    • You can probably consider yourself a Mitt Expert, living in Massachusetts and all.

      Trouble is, if he were to get in, it would be no laughing matter!


      • Yeah, we got the first political mutation of Mitt here in Mass… as the self proclaimed liberal Romney, who in 1994 when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate, publicly stated he was pro choice, pro gun control, and he marched in a gay pride parade in Boston. Romney was also interviewed by a Boston gay newspaper in 1994, when he said that “I’ll be better than Ted for Gay Rights!”. Seriously.

        Loved seeing them play the video at the DNC of Ted Kennedy during a debate with Romney in 1994 saying that “I am pro choice… Mitt Romney is multiple choice.” Now THAT is funny! Then Ted publicly lambasting Romney for his frequent position changes, and thundering “If we give him two more weeks, he may even vote for me!” Funny again! 🙂

        Oh, and as Governor of Mass in 2006, Mitt also helped to design and then sign into law a state government run healthcare program that required by law, all Mass citizens to either buy private health insurance, or to participate in the state run health insurance program if they qualify, or be subject to a substantial fine added to their state income tax. Hmm… now WHY does all that sound like an echo bouncing back from a totally opposite political direction these days? Anybody else hear it too?

        Similar to what I said in my earlier comment, Romney’s entire political career is the embodiment of a bad joke, and the punch line is seldom funny. Except for those unintentional times when Romney is accidentally hilarious, like when he set out to demonstrate his foreign policy prowess, by insulting Great Britain the night before he was scheduled to go there. Now THAT was funny!!! 😀

        But you are right, Elyse… if Romney were to become our next president, it would be no laughing matter. But I’m beginning to think that a Romney presidency is about as likely as all the trees in Michigan actually being the right height… as Romney inscrutably claimed the trees are in Michigan, when he was speaking there.

        Was THAT a joke? I don’t get it… kinda like how Romney doesn’t get a majority of the American Middle Class, or how he won’t get a majority of Black people, Latinos, and women, or a majority of electoral votes in battleground states in November… In which case, Romney will become the joke that Republicans will hate to hear, for years to come.


        • Glad you got that off your chest, Chris. So who you gonna vote for?


          • Lol – I guess you can tell THAT has been building up in me for quite some time now. Who am I gonna vote for? Well now I would think that the answer would obvious, Elyse… Of course I am going to vote for the chair that Clint Eastwood was being so rude to, on stage at the RNC. I just won’t tolerate that kind of seneless chair abuse! Not on MY watch! Lol 😀


  11. bigsheepcommunications

    See? He’s just a regular guy.


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