Lock-step Ain’t the Two-Step

Poor Lisa.  Lisa Murkowski.  Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).  She’s upset.  She’s angry.  She’s really sorry.  Poor, Poor Lisa.  It’s not her fault.  Someone else made her do it.  If it happened to you, wouldn’t it make YOU mad?

Poor, Poor Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

You see, Poor Lisa voted for the Blunt Amendment last Thursday, and now she’s upset.  You remember the Blunt Amendment, don’t you?  It’s the one that would allow any employer to refuse to include healthcare coverage for any condition he or she objects to on moral or religious grounds.

Poor Lisa needs some sympathy.  Here, Lisa, will this help?

Poor Lisa wasn’t upset when she voted for the Blunt Amendment, though.  It wasn’t until afterwards, when she met up with some of the voters (who had written her name in and elected her after her staff misspelled her name on the ballot).  The voters weren’t very happy with her.  In fact, they were a wee bit miffed.  Poor Lisa, now she is very sorry indeed.

Here’s what Poor Lisa told the Anchorage Daily News:

“I have never had a vote I’ve taken where I have felt that I let down more people that believed in me,” she said.

Got a hanky?

Poor Lisa.  She kept making excuses and told the nice newspaper folks all these important things.  Things voters need to remember next time she is up for election:

She’s a moderate. [I can tell!]  She supports abortion rights and contraception coverage [Of course she does – didn’t she prove that with her vote FOR the Blunt Amendment?].  She also doesn’t line up completely with the Catholic Church when it comes to birth control.

I’m so very glad that what she said when it was no longer important cleared up that confusing vote of hers!  Aren’t you?

Because, you see, she’d meant to make a statement about religious freedom.  But those silly voters read it as a vote against contraception coverage for women!  Against women’s health!  Against family planning!  Oops!

Imagine that!  Imagine a world where someone with a vagina and a vote might just think that this vote against women’s health was a really a vote against women’s rights??????  I tell ya, some voters just want everything.

You see, Poor Lisa just did exactly what the Republican Leadership told her to do, just as she has in every vote she’s cast since she got to the Senate.  Republicans are really good at lock-step, every time there’s a vote.  Republicans vote in lock-step even when it goes against their own beliefs — and that’s just what Poor Lisa did.  

And that’s a huge part of the reason why nothing works in Congress.  Republican intransigence.

It’s time.  Time for this issue to become a rallying cry for thinking people – a make or break issue.  And it’s not just a women’s issue, either.

And you know, the President isn’t going to be the only one on the ballot.  And he isn’t the only one who might impact your life.


Photo from TalkingPointsMemo.com (photo credit given on the photo but my eyes can’t read it)


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39 responses to “Lock-step Ain’t the Two-Step

  1. Thanks for voicing the truth and for sharing an honest post that makes us see the real story that others are too afraid to speak or write about. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Have blessed day.


  2. Thanks! I will be probably posting on campaign work — if only I could blog for them… :).


  3. You go Elyse! Love how you use your voice. Thank you.


  4. I think it is an issue for anyone who doesn’t want to go back to the 1950s — or earlier if we end up with Rick Santorum — like back to the Spanish Inquisition!

    But we need to vote, organize and make sure that the people who don’t pay attention START!

    Thanks for your vote of confidence!


  5. I’m so glad you mentioned that this issue is NOT just a women’s issue! I’m with you, too, Elyse (and all other thinking Americans of any gender).


  6. She looks like Sandra Bernhard, only more confused.

    I’m really getting sick of religion and politics mixing. One has (and shouldn’t have) nothing to do with the other. Not in this country anyway.


    • She does look like Sandra Bernhard, only more anorexic!

      As to keeping church and state separate, I’m sure they’ll try to amend that once they get control of both houses and the White House. They already have a pretty firm lock on the Supreme Court.


  7. I could suggest that you contact the Majority Leader … 😉 … but I don’t want to pull your chain when you are on a roll. Bottom line – Well done Elyse!


    • Thanks Frank.

      I’ve never understood why or how a man who looks more like a ventriloquist’s dummy could have ended up in such a position of power. I just don’t get it! Or, frankly, why anyone follows these bozos. (Oh dear, I am mixing my metaphors.)


  8. That’s why I’m going to be volunteering for the Senate campaign. I personally helped kick George Allen out of the Senate in 2006. He heard I wasn’t working and signed up for his old seat again. Not gonna happen, Georgie.


  9. This issue infuriates me so much I can’t see straight and I find myself yelling at the idiots on my tv screen. The crazies are making me crazy.


  10. I may have to find that sign and post it on my sideboard. I think I’m getting back to my more political roots (which is actually why I started the blog in the first place).

    Drat! I couldn’t find one. Does that mean I have to MAKE one???? Anybody got PhotoShop?


  11. bigsheepcommunications

    I don’t recall boarding the bus to Crazy Town – can I please get off?


    • Nope, you can’t get off — but you can help take the steering wheel away from the crazies!


      • bigsheepcommunications

        Who let them drive in the first place?!
        Saw a great photo someone posted on FB of a woman at a demonstration holding a sign that says, “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit!”


  12. Hi,
    We are about to have a State election here in OZ, and trust me we are getting just as much spin.
    I loved your video, great find. 😀


    • Do you guys have to put up with it for as long as we do? Oh it is awful and I’m a political junkie!

      The world’s smallest violin is how I tortured my son as a child. It doesn’t leave any marks, either!


  13. Ok, I am a liberal democrat but do you remember when Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass the bill to know what is in the bill? Surprise!!! Birth Control is covered!!!! But poor Lisa. She might have a few problems come November. People remember.


    • Sadly, Poor Lisa is not up for reelection this time around — she won’t be until 2016.
      (I don’t remember that comment by Pelosi, OY)


  14. Well written post (as always). I love the phrases like “religious freedom” and “intelligent design”. Who doesn’t want religious freedom!
    I’m glad I taught my children to read alot. They can even read between the lines.


    • I was looking up who voted for and against this Amendment while working on the post. The Catholic website which was the only site where I could find the actual vote, had it stated: “Who voted FOR Religious Freedom” and “Who voted AGAINST Religious Freedom.” OF course it was only freedom for THEIR religious freedom.
      Sounds like you have smart kids! Don’t get me started on “intelligent design.” I really will forget that this is a humor blog!


  15. Elyse…we’ve never met but I think I love you. You go, Girl!


  16. You could hear my facepalm across the office when I read the article this afternoon.
    There are some things I will just never understand…


  17. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Is this election over yet? My head hurts and I want to go back to sleep until its 2012 again.


    • This article had an opposite effect on me. It’s time to start working to make sure these idiots are voted out of office. The Republican candidate for Senate in an open seat in VA has stated his support for the Blunt Amendment. I’m going to be volunteering beginning this weekend.


  18. What I wish could be heard, actually, is my slap across her face. I am so mad at this hypocrite. And the others, too. It’s making me crazy.

    Thanks for clicking on so quickly. And I’m glad you didn’t get burned by the steam coming out of my ears!


  19. Excellent post, Elyse! It’s time for the thinking people to make their voices heard.


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