Costume choices, 2011

Driving back from my vacation in Maine this weekend,  I was trying to figure out what to be this year for Halloween.  There is nothing like a long, long drive to get the gears in your mind going.  And mine were whizzing all day!

There are the usual choices – a witch, a scarecrow, a nun.  There are the second rung choices like a bumble bee, a pirate, or since I just got back from New England, a pilgrim.  I stopped trying to be a princess when I was four years old.  That’s when I dressed as the most beautiful princess, walked out the door with my brother and my goodie bag, tripped over my princess dress and ended up face (and dress) down in a mud puddle.  I was not born to be a princess, and I did not work myself into the role.

But as I was thinking about this year’s costume, I happened to check out the New York Times, where there was an interesting column:  What the Costumes Reveal    by Joe Nocera.  And suddenly, I got a whole bunch of new costume ideas.

I could go as a horse’s ass!  I could go as a heartless bastard!  I could go as a housing foreclosure lawyer!

You see, Nocera’s column was all about the law firm of Steven J. Baum, a firm that specializes in housing foreclosures in the Buffalo, New York area.  They are a humorous bunch of folks, and they really know how to have a good time.  I’m just bummed that I wasn’t invited to their Halloween Party last year.  Because the employees — whose jobs it is to throw people out of their homes — were encouraged to dress up as homeless people!  Nocera’s column has pictures to show some of the more special costumes.  How spooky!  What a hoot!  Can you think of a better costume?


Photo Courtesy of the NY Times

Well I did.  This year, I am dressing up as “A Progressive Check Writer.”  I’ll do it by wearing my heart on my sleeve.  I’m going to double my regular annual donation to the organizations I normally support that help the homeless in the DC/NoVA area where I live.  And I’m going to send a matching one, in honor of the law firm of Steven J. Baum, to the Buffalo City Mission, whose job is a little busier thanks to the law firm of Steven J. Baum.

   Next year I’ll be a horse’s ass.  This year (and last) it’s been done.


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9 responses to “Costume choices, 2011

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  2. My guess would be that they probably act out the Rapture …. with real rapes and burnings. Awful people!


  3. Unbelievable! Wonder who they insult for their company Christmas party.


  4. You’re right. It’s what happens, too, when the “dirty” work is farmed out to people who won’t see the folks they help evict carrying those signs they parodied. What sort of a society have we become/are we becoming?


  5. This is sad but sadly I am not surprised at all. That is what happens when living is about money, not people. Yikes!


  6. Thanks for your comment! I actually stewed over this one for hours. I just don’t understand how some folks can be so heartless, so insensitive, so vile. Sending the donation to the Buffalo City Mission made me feel much better. Not about them, though. They are still horses’ asses.


  7. Unbelievable. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. Actually, that’s not true. I know exactly what to say about that law firm, but I’m trying to stop using that kind of language! Very nicely done, Elyse. And thanks for bringing this to the attention of those who didn’t see the article. We all deserve the chance to be mad together!


  8. I will never post pictures — there is never enough time for liposuction!


  9. You are killing me here! LMBO tenfold… can’t wait for your pictures 🙂


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