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Costume choices, 2011

Driving back from my vacation in Maine this weekend,  I was trying to figure out what to be this year for Halloween.  There is nothing like a long, long drive to get the gears in your mind going.  And mine were whizzing all day!

There are the usual choices – a witch, a scarecrow, a nun.  There are the second rung choices like a bumble bee, a pirate, or since I just got back from New England, a pilgrim.  I stopped trying to be a princess when I was four years old.  That’s when I dressed as the most beautiful princess, walked out the door with my brother and my goodie bag, tripped over my princess dress and ended up face (and dress) down in a mud puddle.  I was not born to be a princess, and I did not work myself into the role.

But as I was thinking about this year’s costume, I happened to check out the New York Times, where there was an interesting column:  What the Costumes Reveal    by Joe Nocera.  And suddenly, I got a whole bunch of new costume ideas.

I could go as a horse’s ass!  I could go as a heartless bastard!  I could go as a housing foreclosure lawyer!

You see, Nocera’s column was all about the law firm of Steven J. Baum, a firm that specializes in housing foreclosures in the Buffalo, New York area.  They are a humorous bunch of folks, and they really know how to have a good time.  I’m just bummed that I wasn’t invited to their Halloween Party last year.  Because the employees — whose jobs it is to throw people out of their homes — were encouraged to dress up as homeless people!  Nocera’s column has pictures to show some of the more special costumes.  How spooky!  What a hoot!  Can you think of a better costume?


Photo Courtesy of the NY Times

Well I did.  This year, I am dressing up as “A Progressive Check Writer.”  I’ll do it by wearing my heart on my sleeve.  I’m going to double my regular annual donation to the organizations I normally support that help the homeless in the DC/NoVA area where I live.  And I’m going to send a matching one, in honor of the law firm of Steven J. Baum, to the Buffalo City Mission, whose job is a little busier thanks to the law firm of Steven J. Baum.

   Next year I’ll be a horse’s ass.  This year (and last) it’s been done.


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