Support Your Local* Blogger**

It broke my heart when I learned that Gibber, of Gibber Jabber, needed to work.  She needed food.  A home.  Socks.

It broke my heart to learn that because of those pedestrian needs, Gibber was reluctantly closing her blog.  She collected questions, silly and serious, and we all provided the answers!  It was great fun.  You remember it, surely!


Whoa is me, to have questions yet unanswered.  To have the question collector need to make a damn living.

Well, to make a short story long, Gibber had to make some money.  Dinero.  Big, fast bucks — Canadian so they don’t quite count up so quickly.

So our Gibber set up shop as a candle crafter.  Yes!  She started Sparking Hope Candles!  Hand-made, hand-scented, soy-based peace in a mason jar.  Her candles are really beautiful. See?


Sparking Hope Candles

And they smell good.  And they support soy farmers who aren’t bloggers as a rule, but still.  I’m sure they’re nice folks too.

Gibber’s candles can be ordered either through her Shopify page:  or through Facebook.

Go have a look.  And if you’re as behind in your holiday shopping as I am, give Sparking Hope Candles a go!  Because we need to support our local* bloggers.**

And now for the footnotes, because I am a professional writer and footnotes contain useful information that nobody reads.  But they should:


* To paraphrase Forrest Gump, Local is as local does.  Or maybe I could paraphrase former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Tipp O’Neill and say All Blogging is local.  Or maybe I should quote you directly and say “Shut UP, Elyse!  We don’t care if Gibber is local or not!”

** Perhaps I should paraphrase … no?  No paraphrasing?  OK.  Gibber hasn’t been blogging lately because she needs to make a living.  So you can buy a candle, or you can click the red “X”.

*** My apologies to Glazed.  I was going to reblog his post, Sparking Hope Cain’t Be Drunk but West Virginia is currently beating Virginia in basketball and I just couldn’t quite get my hillbilly on.

**** SHIT!  I didn’t get a fee for this advertisement!  It’s just like those ones that Word Press inserts when you’ve said, “NO!  I don’t want advertisements on my blog!”

***** Anybody who noticed that there is no footnote ***, ****, or ***** gets a prize.   A candle they can buy themselves.  From Gibber!



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93 responses to “Support Your Local* Blogger**

  1. She is my Canadian little sister! If I had money, I would buy her store… maybe we can set up a fund to buy my books, get me rich and famous by making them into movies, and I could pass the wealth along!

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  2. I kind of miss the questions. When she said she was closing up shop I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a veiled cry for attention. Turns out she wasn’t kidding. Why can’t she maintain the blog? Hell, we ALL work! We all need money and a roof.

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  3. They look great! I was going to order one … but, the $35 shipping fee (for a $14 candle) seemed a bit much at the moment… I’ll have to wait until after the holidays … I bookmarked her page though!

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  4. Its sometimes a sad fact of life that we only get a very limited sense of the lives people lead behind their Blogs on many occasions, and sometimes those lives can be very precarious indeed. This is a very moving and stirring post

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    • Sorry Peter, I saw this on my phone when I couldn’t answer it and then forgot.

      I think we bloggers are always like actors — we present characters that we want to show, but keep back what we don’t. We’re all frauds to some extent. Some (I will admit to being one of them) more than others.

      Gibber’s blog was a lot of fun, and I miss it. I do visit her on email though. Even if we’re frauds, we do make some pretty neat friendships!


  5. I’ve always said things would run better if people just listened to you, Elyse. :). I’ve shared the post, because I love Gibber and candles and footnotes.

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  6. Another Gibber fan weighing in here and I love that she is taking this new adventure on—she is rocking it. Not sure about the shipping to the US (could break the bank) but I will definitely be sharing her with all my Canadian friends! Thanks for sharing !

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  7. Glazed

    As the Vice-President of Gibber Jabberin’, why ain’t you postin’ questions, Elyse? Pardon me now, I got ta grab mah scattergun an’ run off a few revenooers. I think they done smelled Gibber Jab’s candles.

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  8. I’ll check it out. You say there is an X there somewhere? 🙂

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  9. It’s always a shame when someone gives up blogging, but at least she’s doing something worthwhile with the time she’s saved.

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  10. Nice of you to post this. With the current Trump ugliness, we need a bit of nice. Actually, a lot of nice.

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  11. Merbear74

    I’m so proud of her!

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  12. Hilarious post, Elyse, and so nice of you to do this! Thanks for the links – I love soy candles, and will order Gibber candles for sure! She should put little questions under the lids like fortune cookie messages! (Could probably be a lot more witty with that, but I’m just too tired right now!) Have a good night!

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  13. Reblogged this on hometogo232 and commented:
    Though I’m absent for awhile, I’d like to interrupt this temporary leave of absence to reblog this post, so that we as fellow bloggers can spread the word… (Diane)

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  14. I bought some of these wonderfully scented candles for gifts from this lovely lady, who deserves only good things… so having said that don’t you want to buy some for all of your friends…. I hope you have a lot of them!…. (Diane)

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  15. Bawahaha! You’re hilarious! I noticed the footnotes so can I keep a candle? Thank you so so much Elyse! I’m humbled!

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