More Than Three Wishes– Updated with Video

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wished on stars. And based on the fact that I’ve had a pretty good life, I’m quite certain that many of my wishes have come true.

However, there is a long list of things I’ve been wishing for for a while now, that just haven’t quite materialized.

For example:

An end to war, poverty, disease and hunger.

Reversal of global climate change so that our planet doesn’t die

Return of the collective brains of the GOP

What the fuck happened to those wishes, I wonder.

Until today, I just figured I hadn’t had enough opportunities to wish for the important things. Because it often takes more than one wish to achieve those things.

I realized that in order to fulfill my deepest desires, I need to get more wishes.  I need to see more shooting stars.

And now I know how.

You see, I just read this morning that there is a modern day source for many of the shooting stars we see.


Astronaut Poop to be exact.

It’s true.  I read the news today, oh boy.  Only, sadly I can’t get this video  to embed.  So you need to click on that link.  Or this one.  It’s the same link.

And I learned that when it is, ummmmmm, flushed, well, astronaut poop becomes a shooting star.

Updated — with VIDEO!

So, in order to get all my wishes to come true, and you will agree, they are completely selfless, wonderful wishes, well, the answer is simple.

If I were to go up in space, with my Crohn’s Disease in full, well, flush, we could even get Donald Trump to shut up.

You’re welcome!


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88 responses to “More Than Three Wishes– Updated with Video

  1. Love your mind out loud. So comical no matter the topic. 😊


  2. I love this! Both your wishes and your plans to make them reality!

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  3. You’ll probably need a lot of target practice before you can hope to take out Trump with your, ummm, shooting stars.

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  4. LOL. I doubt it! (re your last comment)

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  5. Loved the Little Rascals/Trump hybrid. What a perfect pairing. It was like the second GOP debate all over again.

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  6. aFrankAngle

    I continue to be one who isn’t worried about The Bloviator’s chances.

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  7. I hope you’re sitting down.

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    • Oh boy!!! I watched The Little Rascals for years. So very un-PC of me. So I thoroughly enjoyed Donald becoming Alfalfa! I could never stand either of them!

      Actually, for its time, given that back and white kids played together, it was quite progressive.

      Thanks for the smile!


  8. So that’s why we send so many men skyward. And here I thought it was an extension of the man in the cannon circus act. Hilarious.

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  9. Thanks for the good laugh Elyse.

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  10. If ever there were a thing appropriate to wish upon for the return of the GOP’s collective brain, “astronaut poop” sounds just. about. right.

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  11. Astronaut poop, eh? I wonder if that will be the next big Christmas gift idea.


  12. Paul

    Ahhhh, what a pretty shooting star! Ha! Our night sky hasn’t been the same since we sent Elyse to the Space Station. 😀

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  13. Chris Hatfield, I love that guy. He does have a way with words. Elyse, I think you are onto something. All we have to do is hook you up with the next space mission and light up that sky!

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  14. I agree with you about wanting those three wishes. I think you’ve got more chance of getting world peace and a reversal of climate change before you ever get the GOP returning to its senses, though.

    You also have more chance of catching a pixie, finding the Loch Ness monster and being abducted by aliens and take to the planet Zarg XIV (where Donald Trump is from).

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  15. I am finding every single wishing well in Texas and taking a road trip, immediately.

    After last night, I am extending your pooh to the entire clown car. Every last one of them but I want it especially on Huck, Cruz and Trump.

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  16. This is a joke, right? They’re having a laugh back at Huff Po because this was even published. I don’t believe a word of it. Credibility fail.

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    • Tsk tsk, Mark. First you support a Republican, NOW you’re denying science 😛


    • Well, Mark, because I have an inquiring mind, I looked into it again. And I found this youtube that explains everything.

      I enjoyed it with my breakfast … and I’m going to add it to the post. Because I am damn nice and I like science.


  17. I’m reading your blog as I’m watching the Republican clown show of a debate and I have diarrhea! Maybe with both of us in space with our auto immune crazies, we could blitz all these characters and shut them up. Oy!

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  18. When you wish upon a…turd?

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  19. Oh dear, poor Scott Kelly. He has an infographic that references his poo. Oh well, I’ll wish upon it five times a day if it will silence The Donald.

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    • I think you have to have a good sense of humor to be an astronaut. (Oh, and the same is true of being a hospital patient, cause they monitor your poo there, too.)


      • That they do. And they talk about it in groups too, from lowly medical student all the way up to highest level attending. Bet you love that.


        • I long ago stopped worrying about it — it takes a lot to embarrass me. And the younger doctors and interns and med students were actually the ones who would come back and talk to me and make me less afraid in the early years when I was very, very scared. So I’m willing to help the next group.


          • Absolutely. When my mom was struggling with her issues last year, she had a wonderful surgical intern who kept her in the loop. I wrote to his program director to let him know how good a job the intern did. Trainees are quick to hear about their mess-ups, but not so quick to hear about the things they do well.


  20. Please oh please go up in space ASAP!! I don’t know if I can stand another moment of Trump. Although the late night talk shows are thrilled he’s around.


  21. Glazed

    I wonder if these are the shooting stars that leave long streaks in the sky.

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  22. Do you think the wishes aren’t coming true because of our manufacturing the shooting stars? Are we cheating?

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    • Perhaps this cheating is the whole reason we ended up with Donald Trump being a force in the universe.

      But I’m pretty sure there was war and poverty and hunger and disease in the world before there were astronauts. But I could be wrong …

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  23. I volunteer to accompany you. I have IBS with a side of diarrhea! We could blow the place apart!

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