God Has Spoken

Found on DailyKos

                             (Found on DailyKos but God said it.)


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70 responses to “God Has Spoken

  1. We’ll never know if she had to think long and hard about what she was doing. Surely she read her job description? How she came to the conclusion that this was what she had to do is certainly befuddling.

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  2. It’s so true. And so just damn ironic that it’s almost hard not to laugh.

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  3. Dave

    One of the best responses I’ve seen came in this tweet:

    No one’s being jailed for practicing her religion. Someone’s being jailed for using the government to force others to practice her religion.

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  4. The most perfect of the many analogies I’ve seen on this issue…….
    Seriously. Where is the mighty hand of God to SMITE these idiots?

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  5. I wonder, did she understand the duties of the position when she ran for office. Does her religion allow her to overthrow the U.S. government and begin her own country in KY?

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  6. Dana

    That’s the answer! Only give guns to gays and lesbians! Yes!


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  7. I love Facebook God. The manufactured outrage of those who should know better (and probably do) is incredible. They are betting on the lack of critical thinking skills of the masses, a bet that has become increasingly easy to win, unfortunately.


  8. But didn’t Jesus say that if one slapeth thou on the right cheek, thou shall grab the AR-15 and exercise your 2nd commandment right?

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  9. A perfect example, Elyse!
    Down here in the Bible Belt, the current religious kerfuffle is over the county sheriff placing In God We Trust on all his patrol vehicles. A few have objected. Personally, I think these brave souls should demand equal space for Allah, Buddha and None of The Above. 😉

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    • I just read an article (can’t remember where) about a clerk who denied a license for something or other unrelated to a group of atheists. Seriously.

      We have become a joke.


  10. That is the only God these days with sense. Sad, but true. Have you noticed how frequently those who say God talks to them, seem to only hear what aligns with their own desires.

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  11. Probably true. How sad that it is.

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  12. Glazed

    Facebook God is the only God I follow. It’s uncanny: He/She seems to be all-knowing.

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  13. aFrankAngle

    That’s a good one. I’ll add (and in no way meaning disrespect to those I’m about to mention), imagine a Muslim was the County Clerk and imposed a religious belief. The same people backing Kim Davis would be livid .. and to be fair, my example is just as wrong as Kim Davis’ behavior.


  14. Even I, a mere Canadian far away from Kentucky, can laugh at this. But the real question is: would she have granted a gun license to a gay person?

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  15. LOL! I love God. He is the funniest person on Facebook.

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  16. There would be a run on pitchforks and Fox New ratings would hit another high. No coincidence.


  17. NotAPunkRocker


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  18. Oh, you’re just trying to talk sense. Cut it out.

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  19. You now, of course, with a post title like that, you’re going to get our attention. Clever girl. I wasn’t sure what I might find over here, but I knew one thing for sure; it was likely I would end up chuckling. In that nauseatingly “oh-this-is-too-true” sort of way, but chuckling, nonetheless.

    Thankfully, I can’t remember the name of that show about the duck people, but I can picture them praying about it. God-fearing, gun-toting, homophobic good folks, gathered together in prayer. Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet. Would hate to barf on my keyboard.

    Hope you have a good Monday, and really hope it’s a day off for you. Everyone needs a tiny slice of extra weekend every now and then. So you can clean house and pay the bills and all that other stuff. Or make those big plans to win a bed and breakfast. 🙂

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