Freakin’ Friday Feature! TwinDaddy Does it for Me!

Today I received possibly the best honor since I received my Oscars in 1983.  And I’m pretty sure I didn’t deserve this one, either.

Yes, today, TwinDaddy of Stuph Blog honored me by featuring me, Elyse(!) of on his relatively regular Friday post:  Feature Friday!

Now if you don’t know about TwinDaddy, I must tell you that he and I met over a gun control post I wrote.  He disagreed with my anti-gun stance.  Strongly.  But politely.  Respectfully.  He and I have debated this issue, along with many others on which we disagree with respect, facts and humor.  Of course, I continue to always be right, but TwinDaddy is always — and I mean always — a terrific guy whether we are agreeing or disagreeing.

But TD is more than that.  He is a sensitive, father of three incredible boys that he loves deeply and is not embarrassed to let everybody know.  He’s a fun writer of fiction and other stuph including poetry (even I don’t go there!).  He writes about feelings, deep, sometimes dark and sometimes light, feelings that really point out how alike we all are.  He writes about his struggles with depression, divorce and parenthood.

In short, he writes about life.  And his is worth sharing.

In addition “his” blog is filled with all kinds of stuph by not just TwinDaddy but also by Revis and 1Jaded1!  Three Mints in One! Each of them have their own stories to tell, and they are well worth reading.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that TwinDaddy is an anarchist — which is way far to the left of my socialist tendencies.  He is trying to destroy the world.  You see, most every week, TwinDaddy features one of his bloggin’ buddies in a post, asks them to pick some of their own special favorite posts, and asks his followers to read their stuff and THEN asks them to follow those blogs.  Basically, TwinDaddy shuts down the economy of the United States along with virtually every English-speaking country just about every Friday.

It’s been a busy day for me today, so I couldn’t give TwinDaddy the accolades he deserves until now.  So what I’ll do is carry forth the love.  To prove just what an honor being Featured on a Stuph Blog Feature Friday is, here are the other folks who have been so honored:

The Mercenary Researcher


The Matticus Kingdom

Daises From Dust

Behind the Mask of Abuse


Alice at Wonderland

Knocked Over By A Feather

33 Grams of Blog

So you can see, I’m in good company.

Thank you, TwinDaddy, for featuring me today.  But mostly, thanks for being such a good bloggin’ buddy.  YOU Seriously Rock!

Google Image

Well, I said you rock.
And you write poetry.
You wanna make something out of it?
Google Image









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58 responses to “Freakin’ Friday Feature! TwinDaddy Does it for Me!

  1. I started following TwinDaddy a while back so I got to see your Feature Friday post there already! Great honor! Love his sense of humor & love how he debates topics respectfully!


  2. I have seen TwinDaddy on other blogs and always enjoyed him. Now I guess I will need to go read him. But even more than that, other stuff to read as well. You are so awesome.


  3. Congratulations! TwinDaddy is lucky to have you, on Friday or any day.


  4. Congrats Elyse. I had no idea you won your Oscar even before I was born. 🙂


  5. Congrats Elyse! Although I’m not surprised, what with being a two-time Oscar winner and all….


  6. Thanks… for pointing out that I have not yet made the big time…


  7. Others that don’t mirror our own beliefs with perfect symmetry are the ones that teach us things. Well done. Well awarded and affirming all in the same breath — got to love a three-for-one sale! Dan


  8. Congrats, Elyse. Well deserved!


  9. I’m glad you got featured. This is me going over there to check it (you) out,


  10. You being on that list just made it at least 8 times more impressive, maybe even 9 times more impressive. I won’t get into numerical details because I know how you feel about math, but still… yay! 🙂


  11. The ones I know in that list, bang on, blog luminaries in my humble eyes.


  12. It’s a great series, but it took your presence to class TDs place up!


  13. Luanne

    Woohoo, congrats, Elyse!


  14. Awwww….more bloggy love! You’re amazing, Elyse. I have no more words. Seriously, my thesaurus runneth dry. ((Hugs))


  15. Eva

    TD? Stuphblog? He’s ok. (wink)


  16. You deserve to be featured. TwinDaddy chose wisely!


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