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You guys may remember that I’m not really big on the Holidays.  Not keen on the celebrations.  Crabby about all the hooplah, if you must know.

But still, there are a few traditions I do love.  And I want to pass them on now before life gets too nutty for all of us.  This way, you can possibly adopt them yourself.

Christmas Party Tradition

I’m lucky enough to work in a terrific office, filled with  people I like.  People who like each other.  And I think they like me, too.  But that is all beside the point.

We have the best Christmas tradition at my office.  And we do it at our annual Christmas party.  I wrote about one year’s party here.

About two weeks prior to the party, we choose the name of a co-worker, and bring a gift (priced at under $25) for that person as if he or she were 7 years old.  We each open the gift with our name on it and try to guessing who gave it to us.  Then the toys are collected and given to a local charity.

It is ideal for a small group of folks, it’s fun, and your group makes a terrific donation to charity.

New Year’s Eve Tradition

Most of our family traditions are mine.  But this one is all John’s.

Times Square Ball

Times Square Ball

When the Ball Drops at Midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day, we run to the doors.  I described it here.

Basically, one person needs to be at the front door, and another one at the back door.  At the stroke of midnight, the front door is opened to let in the GOOD LUCK, and the back door is opened to let OUT all the BAD LUCK.

I’ve been doing this for 27 years now, and I’m pretty sure my luck has gotten better since I started it.

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For those of you anxiously awaiting the answers to my Truth and Lies post, I will fess up tomorrow.


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