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For the Little People

I’m rich.  Didja know?  Wildly, fabulously wealthy.  Dripping in cash even.  I own more homes than Mitt Romney and John McCain combined.   And I will soon install a car elevator in each and every one of them.

Being so rich, I try to avoid taxes.  Usually, I just make my team of accountants/tax avoiders do them and sign the form on the dotted line.  Then I wash my  hands thoroughly. Really, though, I don’t even like to think about taxes.

You see, I believe in the Leona Helmsley rule:

“Only the little people pay taxes

With all that money, couldn't she afford a bag to put over her head? (Google image)

So I must say I was ticked off when the White House came up with this Widget that lets people know whether I might be paying a lower percentage of my income in taxes than they are.  And just how many of my NASCAR-team-owner-buddies are too.  [I was even more annoyed when, despite my best efforts and all the technological assistance I was willing to pay for, I could not embed it on my blog.]

But I learned something from this Widget, nevertheless.  I learned that I am still paying a higher percentage of my money in taxes than other, lesser mortals.

Here, you try it.


Happy Tax Weekend to all the little people!

(Google Image)

Ummm.  That gold is mine, by the way.


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