Baby Sophia Update!

Back in the middle of September, I asked for your help in this post:  Good Karma Needed.  Sophia, the granddaughter of my friend, colleague and right arm Yenny, had been diagnosed with meningitis shortly after birth.  That is not a nice diagnosis.

Lots of you responded with “Likes” and good wishes in comments.  Thank you.

And it worked!  Because today Sophia is at home with her mom and grandma Yenny.  A beautiful, happy, healthy little baby girl.


It turns out, Sophia got a false-positive reading of meningitis.  She never had it, but it took over a week to be sure.  Sophia was given antibiotics for 14 days, because once you start antibiotics you must keep taking the full course — whether you are a child or an adult — you can’t stop mid-course or antibiotic resistance can develop.  Sophia was released showing no ill effects whatsoever.

Thank you all for your good thoughts.  I am often impressed by the big hearts of my blogging buddies, and you guys really came through this time.  Now it’s my turn; I’m sending good karma your way.


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50 responses to “Baby Sophia Update!

  1. Thanks, Janice! She’s doing well and growing!!\

  2. Sweetness, so glad for the good news xo

  3. She’s a cutie. Glad she’s home where she belongs and in good health.

  4. That’s great news. Hope she continues to be healthy.

  5. GOF

    Wonderful news and I am so happy for Sophia and her family. My own grandson survived a life-threatening arrival into the world earlier this year, so I do understand what a relief this good news must be.

  6. Blessing and congratulations to this new breath of hope.

  7. Yeah! What a beautiful little baby – I’m so glad she’s alright.

  8. When I am falsely positive, it’s because I’m delusional. What you’ve described here is so much better. :-)

  9. Fantastic news, Elyse. It’s so difficult to see anything bad happen to an infant with all that potential ahead of them. So grateful that Sophia did not have meningitis. Glad mom, dad, and the grandparents can put that worry behind them now.

    • Thanks MJ. And while as a parent (and I presume as a grandparent) you never stop worrying, it’s better to worry about unknown things than something KNOWN as really bad. Little Sophia is on her way!

  10. So glad to hear little Sophia is well! May she stay healthy and strong throughout a long and loving life.

  11. What a perfect morning starter. What a beautiful baby. More good karma sent to the new family as they start their time with Sophia at home and healthy!!

  12. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news.

  13. The best kind of news to get! What a gorgeous little one she is :) MJ

  14. Awwww, what a beautiful baby.

  15. She’s gorgeous. Nothing makes me smile like a precious secure sleeping baby.

    • Isn’t she? I am so happy for all involved. She makes me smile too, especially considering, well, I won’t be thinking of that now. She is home and sleeping peacefully.

  16. That’s great news! Thank you for sharing it, Elyse.

  17. She is so beautiful! So glad to hear she’s healthy too!

  18. Thank you, Elyse, for keeping us updated! What a wonderful bit of news! She is a beauty!

  19. What a joyful update. She is absolutely adorable in the soft, pink folds of her clothes. Thank you for the follow-up. Continued prayers, this time of thanksgiving and for good health.

    • It is so nice to be able to give good news. It was very worrying for about a week but then as they looked further they were pretty sure and then quite sure she didn’t have meningitis after all! Phew! Thanks for your good wishes!

  20. What a great way to start a morning! Thanks Elyse!

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