So as not to let you down …

I have failed in my mission to keep you up to date on all things poop.  I hang my head in shame.

Perhaps this clip will make up for it:



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33 responses to “So as not to let you down …

  1. So… we are shit outa luck? No shit?

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  2. Good find Poopsie, Queen of Poop Nation! Loved the monologue – but the song was quite the surprise. Hope all is well with you … after all, you missed Opening Night.


    • Sorry Frank. I haven’t been around these parts much. But I couldn’t resist this little ditty.

      I’m fine. Just discouraged by our country. And there’s nothing funny in that. 😔

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  3. So, an interesting thing happened on my way to more regular poopage … I have battled my soda addiction for years. The only caffeine I drink is my lunch-time soda — Coke or Pepsi. I’ve tried to stop for years with little success. But a few weeks ago, I managed to do it. I’ve replaced sodas with fruit flavored carbonated water drinks that have no added sugars and, generally, no calories. And this strange thing happened as I accomplished this. My poop has become more regular and more “normal” than … well in all my time on this planet that I can remember. My poops are so incredibly normal now that I want to take pictures and share.

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  4. Ghost poop is the worst. I think I’ve accomplished something magnificent, and then there is no proof that I did anything. I spend the rest of my day doubting myself. I hate that.


  5. I refuse to donate my poop. I’m greedy, so I’m gonna wait ’til they start paying for it.

    By the way, how has the world of poop been treating you lately? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope you’re in good health.

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  6. Deb

    Hilarious! It has been a shitty day so funny poop is perfect 😀

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  7. What a crazy video! Oddly enough, I have heard of poop transplants and all the good they can do for a person who lacks healthy intestinal bacteria. I’ve never thought about donating my poo though. Just carrying a baggie of poo while walking my dog makes me queasy. How would you get the poop to the transplant center? Mail it? The post office might object, they have rules against most hazardous items and substances. 🙂

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  8. Oh my dear Elyse, you never disappoint. 😄

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  9. OMG! That’s all, just OMG!

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  10. Oh, that’s hilarious ! ! !

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  11. Well, apology accepted but that video should never see the light of day. Ever again. Amusing but rude. Unacceptable.


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