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  1. After the shooting of Republicans I am hearing lately that both sides of the aisle are equally at fault for the extreme rhetoric. I’m not buying it. The Washington Post isn’t either, as I read this morning.

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    • I read that article. Spot on. Everybod has been using the “Both Sides Do It” argument for years and it isn’t true. There is a different level of ferocity on their side. Plus, they have all those guns.

      And frankly, there’s been one mass shooting from someone on the Left and how many from white men on the right?

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  2. I’m on your side. You’ve know that for years. But this is a useless proposition. Basically, it says Trump’s supporters are wrong because they don’t conform to his world view. Make no mistake. They have an understanding. They have their facts and a reality. Their knowledge is as real and valid to them as yours is to you. But it doesn’t conform with your worldview so I guess that makes them misguided or, as the author basically implies, stupid. It’s this kind of liberal pandering that got a jack-off like Trump voted into office. Liberals don’t skim the media for affirmations of their own beliefs? Of course they do. This is so myopic and pompous it’s making me angry.

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    • I know you’re on my side. But I really do think that his followers are the same ones who have decided that ignorance is a-okay. Many don’t think that their kids should advance farther than they did in school, and that God wants them to remain stupid. I have two such people in my family. And you’re right — I will not change them. But these people (with help from the Russians and a weak dem candidate) gave us Donald Trump. And fuck them all. I don’t really care if they think i am elitist. I don’t really care because that is ALL they think — certainly they don’t think about issues, even the ones in their own best interest.

      I don’t know how to breach this divide. I have tried and the ignorance I’ve found has hardened me. But I agree completely with this statement in this reblog. That’s why I reblogged it.

      Sorry it made you mad so early in the morning.

      Steppin’ off the soap box now.


      • Even your answer here drips with haughty indignation. Do you actually think they believe being ignorant is part of God’s plan? You should hear yourself talk. Good thing you don’t care about being perceived as elitist because you and your ilk are textbook cases. Of COURSE they think about the issues. They’ve come to conclusions that are contrary to yours. Is that what makes them ignorant?

        Enjoy the view of the White House from your condescending perch because with attitudes like yours, it’s not going to change for at least another seven years. Oh, and thanks a lot.


        • I’m sorry if I offend/offended you. This is what I believe. Still I agree that somehow I need to get over it. Or modify it. But frankly, I don’t see that happening. What I DO see happening is that folks like me will become activists and get rid of these folks.

          But this is really quite personal to me. What they are planning to do to Obamacare — which will also impact employer-provide healthcare could be fatal for me. This is not hyperbole. loss of healthcare will mean >$200K in drug costs alone for me, which I can’t afford. Without them I will have a long, slow, painful and humiliating death. I know what my life was like before these astronomically and stupidly expensive drugs.

          I am terrified to the marrow of my bones at the prospect of a bunch of rich white men deciding my fate. Because they don’t care whether I shit myself all day long with uncontrollable diarrhea that burns the skin off my backside and prevents me from walking as far as the bathroom. And fistulas that bore their way through my body from my intestines enabling me to shit from 5 or more different parts of my body.

          So I am angry. And terrified. And I feel a personal, deep, visceral hatred for the rich white men who are hiding behind closed doors and deciding my fate. And by the people too stupid to vote in their own interest who elected them.

          Meanwhile this Asshole of a President and the stupid, spineless Congress do one thing after another to destroy the country that I love – the environment, international relations. You name it.

          Sometimes it just helps to get the bile out and vent my deep deep deep frustration with the right. That way when I see the woman down the hall who voted for Trump I can be reasonable. In fact, I am incredibly nice and I even joke about politics with her. I can talk with my brother and my nephew.

          This blog is my outlet. It enables me to vent when I want to.

          I don’t often give the full details of my disease, but you touched a nerve.

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          • Elyse, I love you dearly, but I have to agree with “Exile” that the entire tone of that professor’s screed drips condescension. I believe history will show that President Obama was one of the worst presidents our nation has ever had. Yet I give him props for having the courage of his genuine convictions, and I have and always will offer him the respect due the office. I offer the same courtesy to President Trump, for the same reasons.

            If people who disagree with us are held to do so only because they are either evil or stupid, I despair that we can ever meet anywhere. Except, perhaps, on a baseball diamond where one of the players comes with a gun.

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            • It is condescending. Absolutely. Still I agree with it. I have over these last months tried to find a wise person who believes in Trump. But virtually everyone mouths the talking points. Drain the Swamp. Outsider. Business leader. Yards yada. I never hear real sound reasons — policy reasons– because Trump has none. Trump has made a fortune out of conning people for 70 years. The presidency is the biggest con of all.

              I didn’t like George W either. But I could defend him and his policies.

              There is nothing that Trump has done that I believe is in the best interest of the country. Among the many reasons I voted against him is the fact that he had no experience in government. He is in so far over his head it is terrifying. He has insulted world leaders, even the ones he had decided to work with. He has filled the few offices he has bothered to fill with people who don’t have a clue about the areas the now work in. His main reason for acting often seems to be to undo something his predecessor did. That’s not a leader and he demeans the office.

              We can disagree about Obama. But 0 scandals in 8 years compared to and independent prosecutor investigating charges of obstruction of justice says something to me about the character of the two men. My 3 votes for Obama are my proudest ones.

              I would like to get rid of these feelings. I can actually talk with people who voted for Trump even about politics (but my acting training no doubt helps there). I use my blog as an outlet and being able to say these thoughts even if they are merely in a re blog helps me. Especially with the deep terror I have over what is going on with healthcare. The GOP has no right to hide the fate of millions of Americans under Mitch McConnell’s turtle shell.

              But I am always willing to engage. Because I believe in Free Speech err writing.

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  3. The man has said it exactly right. I like this post very much.

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  4. Truth speakers used to be burned at the stake. We are more kind to them now but I don’t think they should get complacent .

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