The Day in a Picture


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14 responses to “The Day in a Picture

  1. Hahahaha! The best part about this presidency are the memes…they get better every day!

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  2. hehehe I have a feeling things are gonna be even more entertaining in the near future…

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  3. Amen. Who’s the only one that SHOULDN’T be locked up? Uh, yeah. 🙂

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  4. Susan from Boston

    I just hope Hilary is printing, “LOCK HIM UP” Bumper Stickers. I will plaster my car with them.

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  5. It is common knowledge among government and military people that the classification system is overused and abused. Thus, such mundane things as VIP travel schedules and meeting agendas are routinely classified. We can’t know the content of HRC’s retroactively-classified emails, but I suspect they did not include war plans for WW III. Nevertheless, these inspired calls to “lock her up.” Compare, then, to the Trump administration’s pro-Russia and pro-Turkey bias. The difference is breath-taking.

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    • Yes! But of course the Hillary Haters don’t see it that way. Nor do those who criticize Obama (I’m talking to you, Trump) — Obama who had 0 investigations in 8 years…

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  6. I’ll have what she’s drinking.

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  7. I think maybe they’re all in the noose for one reason or the other. But, I sure hope that Clinton hasn’t been added to the list.

    I like your poster and the topic.

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    • No, I don’t think they’d even want to swing from the gallows with her — their hatred runs that deep. But she is no where near these turkeys.


  8. There is nothing to add.

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