The Day in Tweets – #5


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10 responses to “The Day in Tweets – #5

  1. Susan from Boston

    As Forrest Gump says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”


  2. Our co-humans get scarier to be around every damn day!

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  3. That’s a classic … right up there with keep the government out of my Medicare.


  4. one of the late shows asked people on the street which was better; the ACA or Obamacare and most of them very confidently said the ACA was better ….

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  5. It makes me want to weep, the stupidity of it all.

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  6. Mission accomplished, Faux News! Your viewers are so misinformed, they probably wipe their elbows instead of their asses after they take a shit.

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  7. I’d say “it really is stunning, isn’t it?” but there is so much of this it can’t be stunning anymore.

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