Memorial Service Details

RIP, Dave.

The Matticus Kingdom

Dave’s (Grayson Queen’s) service is going to be this coming Saturday (May 23, 2015) at the Corpus Christi Church in Corona, California at 10 AM PST.

3760 North McKinley Street
Corona, CA 92879-1956

Please help me spread the word again, so those who might be interested in attending have enough warning to make arrangements.  I’ll be there for sure…

And, an update on Rara’s address:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880

Keep the RawrLove letters headed her direction. Thank you.

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9 responses to “Memorial Service Details

  1. Thank you for sharing this. He is very missed.

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  2. Hey there. I just got a phone call from Rara and she wanted me to pass along a huge thank you for your letter. (Unfortunately the envelope with return address was damaged so she can’t send a letter back to you, but if you send her another letter, and include your address in the letter somewhere, as well as on the envelope, she’ll definitely write back.) So, again, thank you!


    • I’m glad she got it — I was afraid that the card wouldn’t make it. It had some tiny pearl-y things adhered to it, but I only remembered there might be restrictions after I mailed it. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. That is unreal. I am so sorry to hear this.

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  4. I used to follow her, then lost touch. What happened to him?


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